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OOC - Infamous Institutions of Evil.

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Fri 22 Jan 2021
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OOC - Infamous Institutions of Evil

This thread is to provide some context to the game's setting in describing some of the campaign's legendary villains. There is more than one organization dedicated to the black market trade of murder and other blood works. Two are mentioned below -

1. The Syndicate - An Illuminati like assassin's union facilitating the elimination of high value targets. The organization is real, that much is known about it and very little else, except membership is made up of the elite at killing. The Syndicate is said to be governed by the Board of Seven and known members include the Black Marble Crew, a team of heavy-hitters hired for a target with very strong defensive capabilities.

2. The Left-Handed Guild -  is one of many names this loose confederation of practitioners in the dark arts and black magic are known. The guild is less well known to the general public than the Syndicate, but those with ties to the mystical arts, the guild is just as notorious. Where the Syndicate expects money / currency as payment, members of the Left-Handed Guild may ask for something much stranger. There are rumors the necromancer Angerboda once demanded a first born child as payment.
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Fri 22 Jan 2021
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OOC - Infamous Institutions of Evil

The Cult of Chaos is a terrorist organization made up of those with special powers and abilities. The organization's main goal is to destroy the current world order they believe to be cruel and insane. In the chaos from the destruction of the old order, a better world will be born.

Their attacks are usually with the intention of leaving a massive amount of causalities. The Cult of Chaos is one of the most feared terrorists groups on the planet. The cult's spokesman and spiritual leader is a charismatic firebrand with a god complex known as Anarchy Jesus. His generals are each known to be very powerful and are called the Prophets of the Apocalypse.
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Wed 27 Jan 2021
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OOC - Infamous Institutions of Evil

Prometheus is a mad android similar to Ultron in his goals, intent on forcing human beings to accelerate their 'evolution'  to its logically conclusion of becoming one with the machine. No more frailty of the biological body. Prometheus was catastrophically defeated by the Guardians under two years ago in a climatic battle in the Guardian's own space station rendering the base inoperable. The mad android was discovered after a multi-state investigation conducted by Night Hunter into the disappearances of a large number of terminally ill patients led back to a robotics laboratory secretly owned by Donald Gray.

Prometheus was a creation of Guardian member and robotics wizard Donald Gray aka Machine-Mind. Gray was obsessed with living forever and thought robotics the key to becoming immortal. He attempted to transfer his consciousness into his robot creation. His success in doing so remains unresolved. Either he succeeded in transferring his being into the android and it drove him mad or he failed and a deeply flawed AI pretending to be Machine-Mind possessed the android body instead.

Donald Gray murdered his wife and fellow Guardian Snow Owl while forcefully attempting to transfer her consciousness into an android he specifically designed for her. Neither Snow Owl or the android version of Snow Owl woke up from the process. Prometheus murdered his wife Snow Owl a week before the confrontation with the Guardians. The team found her body in a freezer in the lab. Gray told them she was in Berlin running down a lead to keep them from discovering the truth.
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Tue 9 Mar 2021
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OOC - Infamous Institutions of Evil

The Hellions is a team of mostly magically inclined supervillains formed by the powerful necromancer Angrboda. The Hellion's purpose is to bring about the apocalypse, well Ragnarok to be more precise. Angrboda believes her destiny is too summon the Goddess of Death Hel to rule over earth. The Hellions plan to rule with her. Angrboda believes she will fulfill her destiny through accomplishing a series of tasks.

Hati and Skoll are said to be brother and sister, possibly twins. They are trained combatants and wielders of enchanted battle axes. Skoll's Axe gives him the additional power of Control Elemental Force Fire, while Hati possesses the power Sub-Zero. The two claim their battle axes were crafted by the Dark Elves of Norse mythology.

Grogaldr is a witch. She identifies herself as a Volva and is all in on Angrboda's world tree view. Grogaldr draws her magical powers from her enchanted staff. The staff's magical powers is primarily focused on summoning and controlling monsters and the undead. Balor is a powerful master psychic, known for the evil eye. He seems to buy into the Norse stuff too, despite taking his name from Irish mythology.

Hemlock is another witch identifying herself as a Volva. She is said to draw her magical power from a wand. The two Volvas are particularly loyal to Angrboda supposedly. Torn is a Shadow Beast summoned by Agrboda a long time ago. Torn liked doing Angrboda's wet works enough to stick around long after the spell that summoned it had worn out.

This is the current iteration of the core team formed by Angrboda. They don't always work together, except for Hati and Skoll and their membership does increase dependent on what they are trying to accomplish. Angrboda has apprentices that can supplement the Hellions, but Angrboda's apprentices don't always live long enough to remember. The witches aren't afraid to supplement the force with demons and the undead.

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