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 Halaster Blackcloak
Sat 23 Jan 2021
at 09:44
Social contract.
Be kind, supportive, and considerate of the other people in the game. Allow them to shine.

If there are any subjects or themes you don't want in the game at all (draw the line/hard limit), or don't like (veiled/soft limit/fade to black/only okay if discussed beforehand), please tell me in a private message (click the PM link below the DM avatar). You don't have to give any reasons for your lines or veils, and you can add or remove ones at any time as they occur to you.

I personally don't want the games I play in to contain: 
  • line: sexual violence, 
  • veil: broken-one/mongrelfolk-like body-horror, as found in Curse of Strahd,
  • veil: gratuitous torture, or 
  • veil: PC paralysis (mostly for mechanical reasons because losing your turn isn't fun in slow games like PBFs).

Other possible unwanted themes (not for me personally, so they may be in the game until someone asks for it to be removed or veiled), could include: aberrations, bugs, demons, devils, rats, spiders; harm to animals, harm to boardgame components, harm to children; blood, eyeballs, gore; cancer, epidemics, miscarriage; natural disasters; romance; claustrophobia, self-harm; homophobia, sexism, racism, real-world religion, real-world politics, genocide, terrorism...

The goal is for everyone to have fun creating a memorable story together - you shouldn't have to put up with things you don't like while playing a game. However, if the things you like and/or dislike would ruin it for the rest of the group, then it may be best to find another group for now - there are hundreds of other games looking for players on and other sites, including rule systems other than D&D and even freeform story-telling games without any dice or game rules. There are also other genres like steampunk, romance, contemporary horror, superheroes, sci-fi...

Try to post at least once a day during initiative, tho you can take longer on weekends. Family and work comes first, but please post to the current OOC thread if you are going to be away for a few days. If someone can't post within 24 hours of the previous block while in initiative on a week day; I may just skip their turn, have them take the Dodge action, or finish something they started earlier.

Try to post at least once every 2 days, tho you can take longer on weekends. This is especially important if your PC's actions may cause a bottleneck preventing the other PCs from playing. If someone else can't post because of life/work/sleep, feel free to continue where they left off. In a face-to-face game we'd wait for them, and not prevent them from shining using their traits and features; but in a PBF we can keep the game going by taking over what they were busy with.

Quitting. If despite suggesting changes, or if you just don't have the free time or enthusiasm anymore, and want to stop playing; please message me so we can figure out a permanent or temporary exit for your character while keeping the game flow going.

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 Halaster Blackcloak
Sun 24 Jan 2021
at 13:10
Social contract.
2021-01-24 addition: clarified that the big list of possibly unwanted themes are not currently prohibited, so they may be in the game until someone asks for some of them to be removed or veiled.

2021-02-18: edited about how often to post. (Not making a new post, which would bump this thread, because I also posted about it in the OOC 1 thread.)

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