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Sat 10 Sep 2022
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New Game Discussion
Thought maybe we could use this for some discussion as well.  Keep it all in a place where I can find it and not have to rely just on my memory.

I am open to pretty much anything.  I have some general ideas for characters for different genres.  I am not tied to any one game system either.  Not sure I want to do white wolf, but not sure I'd say no either.  I am very meh on the system.  Think the hard no's would be dnd 4th and 5th with a soft no (meaning not sure I want to) for 2nd or 3.x editions.

Always interested in discussing genres, story arc, and game system.
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Sat 10 Sep 2022
at 22:43
New Game Discussion
I think I can be good with most genres.  I am a little more meh on pure modern

Post Apocalyptic (thoughts but not ranked in order)
-Survival, Realistic (meaning more like walking dead than deadlands)
-Hell on Earth...maybe modified into a different world.  ie, the system and powers can be used but with different or divergent history that got us there.
-Fantasy based like the Fragged Kingdom setting for Fragged Empire. (the setting itself can be adapted to almost any generic style game system. Just using that one as an example)

-More pure sci-fi with limited "mystical" powers and more tech
-Science Fantasy style with mystical/magical abilities on top of tech

Steampunk Fantasy
-Victorian Era style
-Other world but steampunk or similar concept

-Colonization effort
-Standard Adventure
-Wartime adventure

There are a lot of options under each of these headings and, hell, you might have some other ideas yourself.  Just trying to get something started.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 08:29
New Game Discussion
Current Update:  Alex has not yet found a new job but it could happen any time.  Spoke with George and he is fine with Discord based game if that works best for you.  If Alex doesn't have to quit either I can run Discord based solo game with you or perhaps arrange something so that you, George, and me can game every other weekend (Friday, or Saturday whichever works best for you).  In this circumstance if you are open to Alex playing with you I'll invite but otherwise both George and I understand we'll limit the game to just us.

I have not looked at Fragged Earth yet so cannot comment as to whether or not I would be interested in running that.  I'll make effort to look into it.

Game Ideas:

I am open to most of the ideas you put out.  I'll just throw out that the previous HOE game with the Mansion might be interesting as a solo game.  However, I can run most of these games.

I like Post Apocalyptic.  Not terribly excited by pure steampunk but I could run it.  I have some hybrid ideas for Science Fantasy but would need to feel you out and gauge your interest level in that verse other ideas on your list before putting more thought into it.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 16:52
New Game Discussion
Alex: Hopefully he will find something soon.

I am open to solo and with George depending on what happens.

Fragged Empire/Kingdom:  Up to you if you want to look at it.  I am not saying I 100% want to do it.  Just brought it up because it was a system I had been reading on.  I am still not certain I fully like ALL of its subsystems.  It has some interesting points to it, but abstracts a lot as well.

Game Ideas:

Mansion: Not certain I find time travel games appealing.  Maybe when I was younger I would have.

I am good with Post Apocalyptic and most of the subsettings for it.

What are the Science Fantasy ideas you have?

Of the ideas I put forth, these two are probably the ones I am most interested in.  The others were things I was just thinking about.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 22:23
New Game Discussion
In reply to Reaper (msg # 4):

Post Apocalyptic Ideas:

Until I read more on Fragged Empire assume all idea utilize Deadlands rule set.  After that depending on my opinion of it we can discuss.  If there are other systems you would prefer I am open.

The Apocalypse is kicked off with the arrival of a comet that impacts the earth.  NASA scientist predict it will impact the most populated regions of the eastern United States.  Analysis of the mass and velocity of the comet indicates that it will likely wipe almost the entirety of the east coast, and larges amount of the population inland. As a hale Mary the US launches nuclear weapons whose trajectory is designed to deflect the comet.  It results in the break up of the comet causing large pieces to impact all the worlds major land masses.  The eastern United States is still badly devastated.  The world wide devastation results in severely limited electrical power, and communications.  Angry, and desperate nations begin to go to battle for resources or to protect their borders.  As a result nuclear and biological war breaks out within 3 weeks of the comets impact.  All major cities, and military sites around the world are largely destroyed.  Within a few days of the war coming to an end their are reports of humans whose behavior emulates zombies. No one knows if these reports are true.  Additionally, the impact of the comet and use of nuclear weapons has begun to plunge the world into a new ice age.  The temperatures are still above freezing now but for how long no one knows.

Science Fantasy/Post Apocalyptic:

The time is September 10th, 2008.  In Geneva, Switzerland the Large Hadron Collider is fired up for initial tests but an error in the Collides cryogenics cause resulting in the loss of many of the collides super conducting magnets to cease to function properly.  The resulting uncontrolled collision of particles fundamentally alters the laws of physics and space time.
That day while walking, driving, eating, or just waking up your character is presented with a blue box that says "Welcome to the System. Loading characteristic data.  Prepare yourself player."   Moments later as your recover from the shock of seeing the blue box, and trying to decide whether that drink last night was dosed with something, your going insane, don't know what you begin to hear the sounds of crashing and screaming as cars ram into one another, and planes begin falling out of the air.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 22:32
New Game Discussion
In option 1 there will be little or no magic.  I'll probably allow for some version of mutations, and limited Junker rules (not magic just used for building stuff) but will not allow for the outlandish Junker abilities.

For the second there will be "magic" but there will also be other things including unique edges and hindrances.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 22:37
New Game Discussion
Could you expand on idea 2?  Is this a setting where the players become characters in a game?

Do you have any idea of what system you'd use for the science fantasy/post apoc?
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 22:43
New Game Discussion
In reply to Reaper (msg # 7):

For idea 2 the characters get access to their own character sheet and a system that allows them to purchase abilities.  To a certain extent this would be an arbitrary choice for the character to make.  As they gain experience, and fight they get points that can be distributed to buy things.  Does your character need the Medicine ability but is not a Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic, and never had a first aid course?  No problem so long as you have the points.  You buy the ability and suddenly your mind, and muscles are filled with the necessary knowledge and reflexes.

I am not sold on any specific system for this.  I could use Deadland or White Wolf system.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 22:46
New Game Discussion
In reply to Reckoner (msg # 8):

There will be more magic and fantastical creatures for 2nd option.  There will also be more super science.
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Sun 11 Sep 2022
at 22:56
New Game Discussion
Hmm, not sure what to think...both have interesting points.  I can say that I have more, ready, ideas for the standard post-apocalyptic setting.  But that one is probably going to be easier to conceptualize a character initially. Most of the ideas could be adapted to different systems, if needed and, a lot of the background for it would depend on where we actually start the game.

The Scifan/PA I would probably need to do some thinking on. Not opposed to it, but it isn't a standard setting so I am having to think about things more.  Is the blue box something you open, a small cube like a rubik's?  Just trying to get a clear, am I still in our world but playing a character in another like an mmo, am I transported into some form of mmo (using that for lack of a better term), or, is the world itself the mmo and the box will be what gives options for character creation/advancement?
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Mon 12 Sep 2022
at 04:17
New Game Discussion
In reply to Reaper (msg # 10):


The accident at the Large Hadron Collider altered the fundamental constants of the universe and intertwined earth with places and somehow that gives birth or perhaps gives access to the "The System" which places every human being, and perhaps some of the intelligent non human life that arises afterwards access to a Character Sheet very similar to a video game RPG.

So initially you would define your characters background, and assign statistics and skills based upon this.  Then at the beginning of the game "bam" your character gets access to "The System" and whenever they gain bounty or experience points they can access their character sheet and utilize those points to increase their skills, attributes, and so on.  The characters will find that "The System" can grant them access to knowledge, and abilities without requiring them to study or train.  Their challenge is can they use this to survive and flourish in the new world.  Can they game "The System"?

Many of the old laws of the universe still function more or less the same while others do not.  Higher level pre-system human technology is at best extremely glitchy but most simply do not function.  Basically pre-system electronics cease to work all at once.  That combined with the arise of other changes will bring civilization to an end and kill the majority of people in the world.
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Mon 12 Sep 2022
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New Game Discussion
In reply to Reckoner (msg # 11):

The blue boxes are how the system communicates with characters.

Example:  Character just kills zombie.

"Congratulations Player! You have killed 1 zombie.  Hope it didn't bit you.  You know what happens if it did don't you?  Oh you don't well don't let it worry you.  You'll find out.  Receive 1 bounty."
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Mon 19 Sep 2022
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Name: Wolfe Archer Savage
Race/Culture: Caucasian, English ancestry, USA
Birth Year:
Birthplace: Sibley Memorial Hospital, Arlington, Va
Parents: Morgan Balfour Savage, Laci Jae Savage nee Kynaston


Disfigured [3 point Flaw]
Your appearance is 0 and cannot be raised (either during character creation or later using experience).  This may be due to a birth defect, injury, disease or another cause you and your ST agree on.  You automatically fail Appearance rolls and any Social rolls based on Appearance (Except Intimidation)

Overconfidence [l point Flaw]
You tend to overestimate your abilities (a common failing among novas). In any situation where an assessment of your abilities is a factor, the Storyteller will tend to exaggerate them (“He doesn’t look so tough to you,” or “You’ve seen this kind of security system before, and they’re easy,” for example). You must also make a Willpower roll at +1 difficulty to back down from a direct challenge to your abilities. You can spend a Willpower point to ignore this Flaw for one scene.

Flashbacks [3 point Flaw]
You have some traumatic experience in your past that you sometimes recall with terrifying clarity. Whenever you are in a situation similar to that experience, you must make a Willpower roll at +1 difficulty to avoid being overwhelmed by memories of it. You tend to mistake people, places and things for similar things in your memory and may act on those erroneous conclusions. If you botch the Willpower roll, you become almost catatonic, entirely lost in your recollections. You can spend a point of Willpower to ignore the effects of this Flaw for one scene.

Bad Vibe [ 1 point Flaw] There’s just something not right about you. It may be a lack of personal hygiene, a personality quirk or just a “strange vibe,” but something about you makes people uncomfortable. You suffer a +1 difficulty on all Social rolls for every point in this Flaw, and people are increasingly uncomfortable around you.

Phobia [2 point Flaw] There is something you are morbidly and irrationally afraid of, from darkness, to spiders, to circus clowns. Whenever you are confronted with the object of your fear, you must make a Willpower roll at +1 difficulty to avoid retreating from it as quickly as you can. If you botch the roll, you collapse from fear and become virtually catatonic for the scene or until the object of your terror is removed, whichever comes first. Some phobias can be particularly troublesome for novas, such as acrophobia (a fear of heights) for a nova gifted with Flight. Novas may also suffer from phobias baselines do not, such as a nova teleporter with a fear of teleporting blind.
Pyrophobia, primarily in the form of out of control, raging fires...but even smaller fires give him pause.

Merits (10 points)
Quantum 1 7 pts
Concentration [l point Merit] Your powers of concentration are greater than normal, allowing you to ignore difficulty penalties for distractions other than wounds and giving you an extra die for Meditation rolls. 1f you’re involved with an extended task, the Storyteller may require a Perception roll for you to even notice certain distractions.

Internal Compass [l point Merit] You have an excellent sense of direction. You can always find north (even indoors or underground) by making an Awareness or Navigation roll. You can retrace your steps with an Awareness or Navigation roll at +l difficulty. This Merit is very useful for novas with movement powers such as Flight or Teleportation.

Time Sense [l point Merit] Your internal clock is extremely accurate. You can estimate what time it is down to a minute or two. If you were sleeping or knocked out, you know roughly how long you’ve been out. You can also execute very accurate countdowns. This Merit is similar to the Temporal Manipulation technique lnternal Clock (although not quite as accurate). Characters with Temporal Manipulation cannot take (and do not need) this Merit.

Strength 3+1
Dexterity 3+2
Stamina 2+3

Perception 2+3
Intelligence 5
Mega Intelligence 1
Wits 3+2

Appearance 0
Manipulation 3+1
Charisma 3

Nova 4
Tainted Attributes x2
Tainted Mega Intelligence

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