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Meiko Shiraki
CSA born, Japanese Descent

Wind: 22
Pace: 10

Cognition: 4d12+2 (4d10)

Scrutinize 3d12+2
Search 2d12+2

Knowledge: 1d12+4 (1d12)
Academia: Occult 1d12+4
Area Knowledge: Wichita Falls 2d12+4
Profession: Business 3d12+4
Profession: Law 3d12+4
Science: Occult Engineering 1d12+4

Mein: 2d12+4 (2d12)
Leadership 3d12+4 (+2)
Persuasion 3d12+4 (+6)
Overawe 3d12+4 (+4)

Smarts: 2d12+2 (2d10)
Bluff 3d12+2
Ridicule 3d12+2 (+2)
Tinkering 3d12+2
Streetwise 3d12+2

Spirit: 2d12
Guts 3d12

Deftness: 1d10

Shooting: SMG 2d10

Nimbleness: 2d10

Flying: VTOL 2d10
Diving: Car 2d10
Sneaking 1d10
Climbing 1d10
Fighting: Whip, Brawling 3d10

Strength: 2d6 (2d8)

Quickness: 3d6

Vigor: 3d8 (3d10)

Obligation: Yanna Raptis -3
Minor Mutation -1
Vengeful -3*
Brig Britches -3
Loyal -3
Randy -3*
Intolerance: Pentacorp -2

Arcane Background: Junker +3
Purty +3
Tough as Nails +1
Super Soldier: Leader option +5
-1 die Vigor and Strength
+1 die Mien and Smarts
Commanding Presence
The Stare
Voice: Soothing, Threatening, Ridiculing
Nerves of Steel
Insane Bravado (Junker book)

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Meiko Shiraki
Junker Powers: