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Character Creation Guidelines
Upon being admitted to the game Players will follow the following process for Character Creation.  Each step should be completed individually in a separate post in your character creation thread.

Character Creation will be conducted using the Career Based Point Buy system in the Traveller Companion, found on page 22.  Players have 300 points with which to build a character.

1: Declare concept & receive approval to build the character.  Approval will result in the creation of a private character creation thread to provide discrete space to work on the character.

Provide two to three solid paragraphs of concept description and/or background material here.

2: Apply racial statistic modifications to a base of 1.

3: Select Background Skills.  All characters receive five selections from the Background Skills list in Traveller Core, page 8.

Provide a paragraph describing why the choices made here are appropriate for the character and what they reflect about them.

4: Provide rough draft of Character Build with itemized accounting of build point expenditures, following the point buy procedures.

- Provide one or two paragraphs describing your thoughts about the build and how you feel it executes the original concept.

-- Remember that you must spend build points on career rewards and starting funds, so save some points for this in your character build.

4a: Contacts, Allies, Rivals, & Enemies:

The expanded rules for these types of NPCs in the Traveller Companion are in use.

Each such NPC should have two to three paragraphs of description both describing them as an NPC, their play relevance, and the nature of their relationship with the PC.

All characters begin with three Contacts for free.  These may not be traded in for additional build points.

Affinity, Enmity, Power, & Influence are all rolled randomly as stipulated in RAW however they may be further modified with Build Points.  Each stat may be increased or decreased as desired costing 1 build point for the first shift up or down, each additional shift up or down costing +1 points per shift.  (For Example, three shifts up would increase a given score by three points but cost an additional 6 build points.)

5: Spend Equipment Allowance, providing an itemized accounting of expenditures and full intended gear list.

6: Write at least a paragraph of character description (meaning physical appearance) and upload it into the character description field (in Character Details).

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Character Creation Guidelines
Skill Rating Scale

Skill LevelTitleDefinition
No Skill Untrained The character is completely untrained in the skill.  They might still be able to attempt it, if the task is simple enough, but complex and demanding feats are completely beyond them.
Zero Trainee The character can carry out simple routine tasks with the skill and has at least a chance of managing more difficult feats.
1 Professional The character has a normal professional skill in the field and can perform most ordinary tasks with little chance of failure.
2 Expert The character is noticeably superior to most practitioners of the skill and even difficult feats have a good chance of success.
3 Master This level of expertise is normally reserved for true specialists.  There is probably not a better practitioner of the skill in the star system.
4 Legendary There is probably no better practitioner of the skill in the entire stellar sector.

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Character Creation Guidelines
Exceptional Ratings

Truly exceptional ratings in either skills or attributes are much more attainable via point-buy than via traditional Traveller character creation.  In some ways this is intentional/by design in that it allows you to build a character concept that you are aiming for and be able to execute it.  However it also can be somewhat distorting of the setting given how meaningful every simple +1 to a given type of check can be in Traveller.

At my discretion any rating identified as significant enough will be required to be explained with two to three paragraphs describing where this exceptional rating came from and how it has impacted the character in their life.

This is not intended to be punitive (the higher power level isn't something I find disturbing) but instead to prevent such exceptional ratings from feeling common place and reinforce that they are genuinely out of the ordinary.