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, welcome to God Game: Tapestry of the Void

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Tue 9 Feb 2021
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To join you only need to provide some basic information a preview post and confirmation that you read all of the rules:

Name of God:
Basic Appearance:
Basic Personality:
Basic Goals/Purviews:
(Gods cannot start as the “God” of anything in particular, they can have an area of interest, but I don’t want to see any “God of Cats” or “Gods of Fire” you’re gods end up becoming “Gods of” things when they actually do something in the Void, not just by declaring it from the start)

Next, please post a sample ACT as if you were posting as your god. This act should include as much Flavor Text as you can manage in order for Ao to understand your writing style and as practice for writing Flavor Text in game.  You don’t need to go crazy here, but in general, god games flourish the more flavor players are willing to put into their posts.

To confirm that you have read the Rules and Courtesy threads in their entirety, please write your RPoL Username here alongside the "code word":

(NOTE: Appearance, personality and goals of the gods are completely changeable as the game progresses, so don't feel like you are making a permanent decision now, this is just for my sake to start the game off!  It is actually recommended that your character change and grow over time to show how they are naturally evolving, so have fun with it!)

Notice: By requesting to join this game, you understand that all concerns you have regarding this game or its adjudications will be sent to The Ao's through PM preferably.  We prefer not making a big fuss in front of everyone, so if you have any issues with something we do in game, please just PM us and we can talk it out in private.  We do our best to address any issues brought to our attention.


Players will be chosen by quality of RTJs and creating a decent mix of deities, it is not first come first serve, so take the time to flesh out your idea rather than throw something together quickly.
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