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Fri 12 Feb 2021
at 16:56
System Info
Using Ars Magica as basics for dice rolling otherwise mechanics.

Magic is replaced with an Edict system representing completely mundane commands and edicts your Dwarves are using to direct their kin.
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Tue 16 Feb 2021
at 12:37
System Info
The four C's of Dwarfdom

Combat, Craft, Commerce, and Creed

Combat- Fighting people
Craft- Building things
Commerce- Buying and selling stuff
Creed- Influencing people, traditions, and law

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Tue 23 Feb 2021
at 22:04
System Info
Your C will be combined with an Ability to create a total for an Edict.

An Edict consists of a Base Effect, such as "Dig a short tunnel through Dirt".
A Range, such as "Within my own Keep"
A Target, such as "Individual" or "Group"
A Duration, such as "Indefinite" or "Season"
It may also have other components such as Size (for longer tunnels) and Intricacy (for a maze of tunnels)