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Sat 13 Feb 2021
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Character Creation [RTJ]
If you are interested in taking part in Broken Empire, please fill out the form below. There is no need to include your character's history or background, as that will be determined OOC with other players.

There are 5 abilities to choose from when creating a character:
STRENGTH - Brawn, raw power, melee combat damage, overall health, etc.
DEXTERITY - Speed, balance, acrobatics, ranged combat accuracy, etc.
INTELLECT - Book smarts, memory, etc.
WISDOM - Street smarts, perception, etc.
CHARISMA - Social skills, beauty, etc.

You should sort each ability on a scale of greatest strength to greatest weakness. Yes, this is a free-form RPG, but I still like to get an idea of a character's strengths and weaknesses with numerical data. This information will not be shared with your fellow players, unless you decide to tell them yourself.

Age: (18 years minimum)
Gender: (Optional)

Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

ABILITIES & FLAWS (Not visible to other players.)
Primary Ability (+6 aptitude):
Secondary Ability (+4 aptitude):
Tertiary Ability (+2 aptitude):
Minor Flaw (-2 aptitude):
Major Flaw (-4 aptitude):

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