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Sat 13 Feb 2021
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Game Rules

♦ Try to be kind and considerate to your fellow players. If you have any problems that are ruining the game for you, bring the issue to me before starting conflicts with other players. If you consistently stir the drama pot, you will be removed from the game.

♦ No godmodding. It goes without saying, you can only control the thoughts, voice and actions of your own character. Of course, if you have another player's explicit consent, you may control their character in your posts.


♦ Try to post at least 4 times per week, or every other day. If you cannot maintain this pace for any reason, please send me a message to let me know you're still alive.


♦ As it states in the game information, this will be a largely free-form RPG. That means that roughly 95% or more of gameplay will be narrative-based and focused on character-building, relationship-building, world-building, and the stories that we tell together.

♦ Having said that, there will be situations when random chance must be observed while resolving a conflict. I feel that a very rules-lite approach is best when resolving these types of conflicts. Your character's Abilities & Flaws will determine which activities you are the most (and least) skilled at.

♦ If you feel like your character is approaching such an encounter, end your post with an OOC note to the GM. In the note, explain what your character wishes to do and why it may require a skill check. I will take your character's abilities into consideration, establish a difficulty for the task, and then let the dice decide.