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Wed 24 Feb 2021
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The Premise
This is a Werewolf the Apocalypse game for all levels of experience.  This post is the premise for the game itself.  The next one(s) will have important details for the world for any newcomers.

In Werewolf the Apocalypse there are tribes the characters fit into.  Your characters for one reason or another don't.  The reason for this is unknown -- maybe Gaia needed help desperately, maybe it is an omen of the apocalypse, maybe it's some other plot of great magnitude, maybe it's just a concept that interests me.

My hope is that eventually the characters will find some acceptance -- whether that be by making their own tribe, finding tribes that fit well enough to settle, or something else.

If you don't have an outsider concept I have some ideas.

Either way, the becoming accepted premise will (likely) loom more personally relevant to the characters than the meta-plot universe bending issues (but if the game goes that way fine).

As a Side note -- technology either is delayed to 1990's level or stagnated there.  Culture has continued either way.

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the Storyteller
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Wed 24 Feb 2021
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The Premise
Werewolves or garou as they call themselves are protectors of the world (spirit)

The forces that create the world generally focus on one or two of 3 camps of spirits with an uber spirit at the head

the Wyld -- chaotic creation  (nature spirits are likely aligned with this one)

the Weaver -- blind organization (technological spirits are likely aligned with this one)

The Wyrm -- change and destruction spirits often driven crazy by their patron (the Wrym itself) being trapped within the weaver's thread (evil spirits are likely aligned [if not always aligned] with this one  [note that destructive and evil are not synonyms.  A storm may be destructive, but it means no malice.])

These spirits often infect humans and become Formori.  But Ecological issues are also a threat -- and they aren't always focused by some shady spirit directly influencing the ecological attacks [just like rl greed and laziness cause individuals and corporations to pollute when they could function in a more eco-friendly manner.]

The Garou fight both on the spiritual and physical plane to protect Gaia (earth spirit) from the craziness of the wyrm.

However, internal politics and external forces keep the garou at a disadvantage.  Eventually, if they cannot gain successes faster than the wyrm does, the world will be destroyed -- thus the Apocalypse in the title.