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the Storyteller
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Wed 24 Feb 2021
at 15:42
What do you want from the game?
This is a team based story creating game.  I'm part of that team -- My part is to provide background and challenges, yours is to deal with the main characters.
As a team based game, I want to know how to make that story interesting.  Your characters have desires and goals.  So might you.

Do you want to open a flower shop.  Become wealthy.  Kill all the banes?
Should I challenge your (for example) shop [your employee steals from the till] or leave it alone as a safe haven now that you've built it?

Also maybe you don't want certain issues.  Like dealing with issues of dealing with rape or racism.

Let me know and I'll try to work your goals into the story.  Some of this will be known other stuff unknown, so feel free to put a private line in.

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