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Wed 24 Feb 2021
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House Rules
The naming system is different in my Werewolf game.  Instead of everybody getting a merit based Native American name each tribe has their own naming system

Black Furies:     named after feminine greek mythological traits like: Athena's Bow, Persephony's tears
Bone Gnawers:     Named after an attribute -- often lightly mocking like:  Trash-boy, Scrapper
Children of Gaia: Often hippie type names like: Rainbow  or Attributes like: Joy
Fianna:           Named by adding an attribute or noun after the first name like: Mack the knife, Joseph the wise.
Get of Fenris:    Named by adding an attribute or noun after the first name like: Sven the mighty, George the claw
Glass Walkers:    Often named like a user handle like: Wyrmkillr97 g30rg3
Red Talons:       Native American like: fights-the-manling, spies-on-the-wyrm
Shadow Lords:     Often retains their born names.
Silent Striders:  Often an African tribal hero name with an action or noun associated with it.: Kalunga's vengance or Ngonda lighting the way
Silver Fangs:     Often retains a haughty sounding name with a lord or whatnot added to it, like: Lord withington the 18th, or Sir Tempest Buxhoeveden
Uktena:           Native American like: Seeks-the-wyrm's-flaw, runs-with-the-wind
Wendigo:          Native American like: Slays-the-Wyrm, Purifies-the-cropland

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Mon 1 Mar 2021
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House Rules
Combat:  First, Initiative is stupid.  Fights don't happen in turns.  When in the combat thread you post your actions private line them to the people who have equal or lower successes to you in initiative.  That reflects rather than who goes first who can react to whom.

Second I am thinking of making combat somewhat of a one roll for the combat until something materially changes (somebody runs, dies, asks for quarter etc.,)  What do you think about this tell me in what do you want thread?

Gifts.  If a gift does not mention a cost ask me -- most will require a cost.  Automatic Persuasion without spending anything seems OP to me.  Especially when compared to "Sharpen Claws"  Exceptions do include any talking to abilities while in the umbra.

Multiple actions:  Hopefully won't be necessary-- I'll figure out when it happens.

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Tue 2 Mar 2021
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House Rules
Stepping sideways:  A pack representative can take the whole pack through, but that representative must pay 1 temp gnosis.

Shifting: If it is done slowly and carefully it's automatic.  If there is a need for haste it needs to be rolled (stamina and primal urge).
Every form is a 6 difficulty and the successes decide how long it takes.  1 success/shift/full action.  So if one shifts from homid to Crinos (man past part wolfman to full wolfman) if they get one success, 1 more success is required for the next action [delirium (the loss of memory) will retroactively set in].  With 2 successes it takes only one action.  With 3 or more successes bonuses may accrue for the next action (or not, depending on the action and target).  1 rage will pre-empt the roll.

Frenzy:  when required to make a frenzy roll three successes with rage as dicepool send a character into frenzy [difficulty depends on various factors].  To leave frenzy requires an expenditure of wp and a wp roll (or series of rolls) with successes equal to those going into frenzy.  Each round that one spends wp, the character can mentally restrain themself from acting upon the frenzy -- however if the wp reaches 0 temp points a wyrm frenzy begins (usually requiring 6 successes)
On the phase of the auspice add 4 dice to the rage roll.  This is very bad for ragabash and Theurge, but given that it was double (originally) this is a boon for Ahroun and some Galliard.  (fundamentally it makes frenzy possible for all characters, but not ridiculous for others)

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Wed 3 Mar 2021
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House Rules
Social,-- feel free to say that your character is lying or whatnot, but let people know if you're obvious enough about it.
Pure breed -- no PC can take pure breed by definition of being outsiders.  However, players are encouraged to act appropriately to NPCs with pure breed.  Giving them more leeway than would be given to them normally.

Totem-- I don't want to foist a totem that you don't want, nor do I want to force your characters into a relationship with a needy totem.   So, here is the rule I'm going by: for each point spent on totem all of the characters get a base freebie point to be spent on the same set of stats (increase of stealth by 1 point for each chatacter = 2 totem points).  This will suffice for an easygoing totem with an easy ban (don't eat rats). For a more difficult ban (never lie) or a more demanding totem the characters get some more freebie points.

Talking in forms all forms can talk  in garou.  This can cause problems for opposing NPCs may know the sounds of garou and thus you may reveal yourself to opposing forces.  In humid and glabro human language is possible.   In hospital and lupus wolf speak is possible, but it lacks subtlety.  Please rp the lack of subtlety if speaking wolf speak.
Any form can understand the others' tongue.

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