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21:23, 12th April 2024 (GMT+0)

New Elysium: Hotel Floor.

Posted by MaxAstroFor group 0
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Mon 5 Apr 2021
at 16:53
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New Elysium: Hotel Floor

The upper floor of New Elysium is an almost maze-like warren of similarly decorated hallways; without the ever-present guidance of Keys, it would be difficult to navigate. Still, the decor is elaborate and trendy and the rooms themselves are second-to-none in both quality and convenience.
player, 16 posts
The Legend
Thu 8 Apr 2021
at 00:57
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New Elysium: Hotel Floor

Borais will head to his room and spend about an hour settling in and relaxing, at which point he will head for the main floor of the resort. He seems, if anything, broodier than ever, and spends a lot of time in various corners giving people scrupulous looks.  he seems intent to wander the premises for the first night, spending a little time in each of the most populated rooms.
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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 04:14
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New Elysium: Hotel Floor

In reply to MaxAstro (msg # 1):

Tytva uses Yazeloya's moment of self-awareness to make a smooth transition into a getaway exit.  She nods to the Yazeloya and then says to her boarding party, "We must get together again to discuss pirates and ghosts.  Don't forget about the gala!" and with that said she turns to the entrance.
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