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Player Guidelines/Rules for Setting/House Rules
First off, this is a mature game, and as such will contain content of a serious nature.  Please approach it with maturity.  Joking and humor is perfectly acceptable, but if any player becomes uncomfortable with another player's actions in this regard, I will rectify it by whatever means necessary.  In the same mindset, if you feel uncomfortable about anything in the game, please let me know as soon as possible, so that we can fix it without disrupting the game.

graphically sexual content and overly graphic violence will not be allowed.  While serious, mature content is permissible, situations that lead to sexual acts will be required to fade to black once they pass any possible plot points, and the storyteller WILL NOT be role-playing them out with the players beyond that.  Likewise, graphic violence can be implied and to a limited extent described, but let's stay away from overly violent and brutal descriptions.  Try to aim it more toward an R-rated thriller or drama.

This is a game of mystery, horror, and adventure with a gothic tone.  Despite their varying allegiances, players will be expected to work together when they interact.  Friction is common in a mixed group of vampires, but as players I expect each of you to work so that everyone enjoys the game.  This is the most important guideline I can give.  This game isn't just about you, it isn't just about me, it's an attempt to create a fun experience for all of us.  So making it fun for yourself by ruining it for someone else is not allowed.

Player versus player conflict that goes toward actually permanently damaging or altering another player will only be allowed if both players are OK with it.  If a conflict of this nature arises, you will need to talk to the ST and the other player, to make sure it is an in game thing, not an OOC disagreement, and that it is what both players intended.

If any player attempts to betray or kill other players without my foreknowledge and permission, they will find themselves in the inquisition's sights very quickly.  The point of the game is cooperation and survival, not attempting to eliminate your fellow players.  Save that for the NPCs.

To repeat, this is a game meant for fun.  Players should treat each other with respect and courtesy.  Any arguments, attacks, or rude behavior OOC will not be tolerated.  Every player has a different style and different goals, and hopefully each player can enjoy those things in the game without conflicting with others. You need to give each other, and me, some latitude to learn each other's play styles.  Don't automatically assume the worst.

This game will also attempt to be fairly accurate to the real world, as accurate as can be expected in a game of vampire.  I am not an expert on Venice, but I have studied the medieval period quite extensively as a student, so while I may not know the city well, I know the period and the environment.  So if I describe something unrealistic or unfitting, please just go with it unless it is truly disruptive to the game.  Or I included it because, while it may be a bit anachronistic, it just fits the game setting too well.  If anything, just think to yourself that this isn't the real world, it's a world with vampires, and I should really just relax.

In that same vein, I am not an expert on Vampire or its rule system.  I will attempt to keep to the letter of the V20 books (with the exception of the house rules thread), but you will have to grant leeway for occasional mistakes in that area too.  I will do likewise, I don't expect any of you to be experts on what your player would know or the setting.  If you have questions, shoot me a message or ask in OOC.

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Player Guidelines/Rules for Setting/House Rules
Posting Rate

This game will be at a roughly once a day posting rate.  Some players may post more often, which is more than welcome, and the ST will keep up as best he can.

Make sure you think you will be able to keep up with the posting rate before you apply.  Missing a day every once in a while, or missing every weekend, or every Thursday, is fine.  But if you can not post roughly once a day, there is a good chance your character will be left behind when the players are together.

If you fail to post for roughly a week without notice, then the ST will look into whether or not you are able to continue.  So if you will miss multiple days in a row, it's best to notify the ST ahead of time.

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Player Guidelines/Rules for Setting/House Rules
There were quite a few languages at play in Catalonia in the mid thirteenth century.

-the romance language dialect Venetian was commonly used by the city's natives, and like Italian and other dialects like Tuscan, it is a development of Latin.  Players who speak one of these can understand the others with a difficult 5 intelligence+academics roll.  Venetian and other Italian dialects were just beginning to take their place as the main trade languages of the Mediterranean, so they were growing in usage beyond the peninsula.

-Latin remained the foremost written language among all non-arabic speakers, with Greek being a commonly known academic language as well as being used by many Mediterranean merchants.

-Venice's location means that it had a wealth of other languages entering the city.  German, French, Greek, and the many Slavic languages could all be found to varying degrees within the city.

Other more foreign languages like English, Russian, and Arabic would be known by traders and nobles who may have encountered those groups.  This would also include languages found along the Black Sea, since Venetian trade now ranged that far afield.

make sure you think about this when taking the multilingual merit.