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Wed 3 Mar 2021
at 22:17
Do you have a particular preference for a city or area to use as a "home base?"  Missions will often take you to different areas, sometimes around the globe.  But there will be a city where you have the most influence, the most allies, the most access to your resources.  Where would you like that to be?

Also, I gotta be honest, I'm not super comfortable portraying racism, so our version of the 1920's may be a little censored.  Which I guess is its own form of racism, but we probably won't see much of the N word or direct racism.  We'll likely still see minority groups as the ones targeted often by structures, but that will likely the extent of it.
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Thu 4 Mar 2021
at 00:51
In reply to Bartender (msg # 1):

I agree about the racism part. I was thinking since I would be playing a detective 1930s New York would be cool. The game could take the “peek behind the curtain” type of environment. As for a home base, a private eye office in a run down apartment building would be cool