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The cast of people willing (for one reason or another) to help our protagonist.

Grant Smith, the Veteran
Class: Soldier
Strengths: High damage output, high resiliency, resists minion damage (see mechanics).
Weaknesses: Poor willpower, flashbacks, primarily a single-target striker.

Motivations: Mercenary, wanton destruction.

Renault Armitage, the French Reanimator
Class: Biomancer
Strengths: Solid defenses, wide range of academic skills, healing, and proficiency with explosives.
Weaknesses: Poor damage output, poor physical skills.

Motivations: Rare reagents, esoteric knowledge.

Iris, the Reformed Cultist
Class: Acolyte
Strengths: Ritual magic - highly utilitarian, not well suited for combat, negating enemy magic, knowledge of the occult.
Weaknesses: Slow attack rate, poor defenses if caught unaware.

Motivations: Revenge, healing the damage of cults.

Jenny "Two Guns" Barnes
Class: Sasser
Strenths: High accuracy, capable of targeting 2 units at once.  Good at assisting with skill checks.  Sturdy.
Weaknesses: Not much good without her guns, tends to run her mouth.

Motivations: Money, undermining authority.

<More to come>

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