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Sat 6 Mar 2021
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Thu 11 Mar 2021
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Just poking this game.  In terms of wishlist-y items when it comes to character capability, here are the things I'd like to look at.

Gestalt Psion/Psychic Warrior

Gestalt is kind of like what we did with your character in Etoile (Your class progression is a bit lower to accommodate having the Proficiency bonuses added).  You take 2 classes, and you get the best parts of both.  For features that both have (such as BAB/saving throws), you take the higher number.  You get the class features of both, but for general leveling bonuses (such as feats/ability score boosts) you gain only the standard amount.

So what I'd like to do with this character is take features of both psion and psychic warrior.   Here's what that would look like:

3/4 base attack bonus progression.
Good Fort and Will, poor Reflex.
D8 hit die
4 base ranks per level, plus Int.

When it comes to class features, here's how it breaks down:

  Psionic Powers: High number, very versatile, Int based.
  Some bonus feats
  Discipline: The psion picks a specific field to focus on, locking out access to some powers, but gaining some powers that are better than average for their cost.

Psychic Warrior
  Psionic Powers: Low-moderate number, primarily buffing/mobility, Wis based.
  Lots of bonus feats
  Warrior's Stance: Gain bonuses relating to specific roles in combat, and you can switch stances at a certain point.
  Martial Power: Kind of like a Magus, the Psychic Warrior can manifest a power after striking a target.  Limited to the power from current Warrior's Stance.

So ultimately, the character would have a great deal of flexibility.  While he wouldn't be amazingly powerful in any given area compared to a normal character, he would be good at a variety of things.  The one major advantage he would have over most characters is survivability.  There's a particular feat that grants you bonus hp for every psionic feat you take, so with two classes granting bonus feats, I'll have a stupid amount of hp.