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Sat 3 Apr 2021
at 02:43
Game Info
This game will be using the pathfinder system

For this game players will be starting at level 3 with a 20 point ability buy. This is to not make the players feel too underpowered at the start of the adventure.

Think about how you would want your character to be in situations and how to get through encounters. Will they sneak through? Talk their way out of it? Fight through it? This will let me know how to set the encounters up in a way that more dynamic.

You may encounter allies along the way that can help out in situations as well. I can cater the allies around your character.
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Sat 3 Apr 2021
at 03:55
Game Info
So the way Kahtr would choose to approach situations would probably be primarily social, with a heavy leaning on manipulation and subterfuge.  While he would probably not be inclined to "sneaking" exactly, he will tie in deception and disguise in order to go to places he shouldn't be.  He's 100% capable of combat both psionic and martial, but it's rarely his first choice.

In order of choice, it probably goes like this:
  1.  Openly working with willing people to achieve his goal.
  2.  Deceiving people into helping.
  3.  Coercing or manipulating others through mundane or psionic means into helping.
  4.  Manipulating his own appearance or capabilities to blend in with others to reach his goal.
  5.  Fighting subtly (using nonvisible powers, nonlethal capabilities)
  6.  Fighting openly.
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Sat 3 Apr 2021
at 04:00
Game Info
Could you also open up the character sheet menu for me?

GM Menu > Edit Character Sheets > Click the tabs for Fixes Width Sheet and below, pick the

"Lastly, you can toggle whether the character sheets are editable"

Choose the link at the end of that sentence, and select Yes for Player.

Click Set Sheets.

Unless you have a preferred sheet, I'll upload a similar sheet as what Sawyer uses, so you don't have to hunt one down.
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Sat 3 Apr 2021
at 04:27
Game Info
Discipline: Telepath

Powers Known

Psion 1: Crystal Shard, Entangling Ectoplasm, Mind Thrust
Psion 2: Inertial Armor, Empathic Connection
Psion 3: Read Thoughts, Metamorphosis (Minor)

PW 1: Thicken Skin
PW 2: Chameleon
PW 3: Catfall

Since you're not super familiar with powers, here is the condensed version.  From Kahtr's power selection, he has access to:
  Ranged damage targeting touch AC
  Psychic damage targeting Will
  Immobilizing enemies
  Mobility: Climbing, swimming, dropping safely.
  Blending in with surroundings
  Defense buffs
  Charming enemies
  Reading surface thoughts

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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 03:30
Game Info
I can't access the character sheet option yet, but I'm going to start tracking some info here.


Str: 14
Dex: 12
Con: 12
Int: 14+2
Wis: 14
Cha: 11

Race: Psionic Talent (+2 PP)
Level 1: Psionic Body: +2 HP for every psionic feat.
Psion 1: Merciful Power: Expend focus to deal nonlethal damage with power.
PW 1: Psicrystal Affinity: Implant a portion of my personality into a gem, granting it some small amount of sentience.  Hero: +2 Fort
PW 2: Overchannel: Expend HP to boost power.
Level 3: Improved Metamorphosis: Any time using a Metamorphosis power, select an extra menu item.

HP: 2d8+23 (8 base, 3 Con, 12 Psionic Body)
PP: 27 (4 PW + 3 Wis + 11 Psion + 4 Int + 2 race + 3 FC)

Discipline: Telepathy
Warrior's Path: Weaponmaster
Favored Class Bonus: +3 PP

Note to self: Take Autohypnosis for Psionic Meditation at level 4.

What does all this mean for you as a GM?

Kahtr is relatively durable.  He can take a punch with the best.

He can create (or already possesses, depending on your narrative) a small gem endowed the the fragment of his personality oriented towards being a hero.  The gem communicates with him, urging him in that direction, even when such a choice would be rash.  This is a tool that can eventually manifest powers, or act as an infiltration device.

He can use psionic powers to knock out opponents rather than kill them.  This is his preference when possible.

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Fri 9 Apr 2021
at 13:33
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I guess I should also open up a conversation about running a Telepath discipline psion.  As a GM, I understand there can be narrative difficulties around players who choose to run divination or enchantment builds, and the Telepath is both of those things.  Do you feel comfortable running a game around that, or would you prefer that I choose a different discipline?  The other one I might choose would be Metacreativity, which involves the creation and manipulation of matter.  They can make tools, barriers, and even create golem-like entities to protect themselves.