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Sat 6 Mar 2021
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The Basics
TBD, wip via google docs
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Sat 6 Mar 2021
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The Basics
Here are some Google Doc Links, They hold Relevant Rule adjustments for the "2.75" Courtesy of ChozoHuntress. These can also be accessed via the Shared Discord, Invite link may be provided if necessary.
Various House Rules that worked quite well.
The proper 2.75 adjustments themselves.
The link to my Exalted PDF library, includes the above links as well

Further Setting information shall be forthcoming.

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Sat 6 Mar 2021
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The Basics
Somewhere in the infinite chaos of the Wyld there lies a grand array of artifice. A series of hundreds of concentric golden rings that rotate within and through each other in ways that a 3-dimensional mind cannot fully comprehend, implying that higher dimensions are involved. Within the center of this array lies a singularity that shines with black light, giving no hint whatsoever to the near-infinite universe that lies within.

Within this point of reality is a vast void filled with swirls and filaments of light, and nestled in one of the great voids between filaments there lies a familiar structure.
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of rings surround a shining orb, these obeying the law of exclusion. Each ring boggles the mind, with varying sizes and roughly square segments. One particular segment holds a particular world, one with a very familiar layout.
The “North” is a frozen waste, “South” a scorching desert, “West” an endless sea, and “East” an impenetrable jungle. The entire world is cloaked in a thin haze that limits vision to just a dozen kilometers, or a few hundred upon mountains where the haze is thinnest. In the very center lies a great glittering spire of black metal run through with golden runes. Similar spires emerge from the earth halfway between the center and edges/corners, making nine in total. The edges, instead of being hard as an outside view would suggest, actually bleed into the formless wyld.
The sky for most of the year alternates between featureless blue in the day and a black starscape at night, but during five days at the end the facade disappears and the truth is revealed.

Roughly Between Luthe and The Imperial City lies the Central Spire.
The North Central Spire lies in the White Sea.
The South Central Spire lies on the edge of the Burning Sands
East Central Spire lies along the River of Great Forks halfway between the City and the river’s source Lake
West Central Spire emerges from the Ocean, with no nearby landmarks, serving as a useful navigational marker.

The other spires are easily located via relation to the above. All the spires rise up above the haze, being visible from nearly anywhere in their Quadrant of the world. Their tops are only visible during “Calibration”, with their upper halves fading away into invisibility the rest of the year. Estimates put them at 500 miles tall. The material is not indestructible, as evidenced by the existence of Spire-Shards, but no *known* means of damaging or shaping it exists and the spires have clearly been repaired since being damaged.
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Sat 6 Mar 2021
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The Basics
For the most part, the Exalted Modern setting will be used with the exception of the Exalted stuff.

The ones behind the scenes are not monolithic, with major factions operating via both Private and State proxies. Those in the know refer to the secret world as the Abyss (absolutely ripping from a particular webtoon)

These factions will attempt to recruit and/or eliminate new and unaffiliated exalts/abnormals, and such individuals often fall prey to their inexperience. Those who do survive the gauntlet often do so via allies, whether joining a greater organization or forming a fellowship with other supernaturals. Whispers of this secret world exist throughout the normal one, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, cryptids, etc. but they still do their utmost to remain hidden.

Whenever a leak occurs, Men In Black start to appear, erasing evidence, silencing witnesses, etc. Nobody knows who they really are, just that they’re not to be messed with, as a few who have tried in the past came to gruesome ends. More than one organization has attempted to track them down, finding naught but smoke and mirrors.
As long as the impact on *normality* is minimal or at least not seen as unusual, the MIB don’t appear, but disturb the illusion too much without covering yourself, and they’ll come hunting. More than one new supernatural has been terminated by the MIB. A small handful of witnesses is fine as long as it remains isolated, but if the populace starts to become aware that something is amiss, problems start. Those in the Know have yet to figure out the system in place, and simply go by the general principle of “use common sense, keep everything on the down-low, don’t get caught, make it make sense if you can’t keep it hidden”.
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Sun 7 Mar 2021
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The Basics
The following are some extranational organizations that serve as major players on the world stage both alongside and underneath countries. They aren't the only ones, but serve as some examples.

Inogen Corporation: Based out of The Imperial City, but having Branches in every major city, Inogen is on the cutting edge of biotechnology and leads cybernetic development. It is a private company, with no stock on the market, and nobody has a full picture of their asset portfolio, and conspiracy theories abound.

Oaken Oath: Naturalist terrorists mostly originating from the Eastern regions, it is thought that they source most of their forces from unexplored regions of the endless forests and oppose any expansion into natural territory. It is thought that they cooperate to some degree with Luthe and Leviathan, their aquatic counterparts in the West.

Wartech: An advanced arms manufacturer turned PMC, Wartech originates in Nexus and serves as the merchant city’s de facto military. Their service area covers most of the Eastern Realm and pushes into the northern Realm as well. Their weapons are top-quality, and they lead the industry in Combat Automata.

Radeon: The Premier provider of nuclear and heavy-element products of every sort, radeon started in Icehome and runs that and other city’s nuclear power plants as well as providing small-scale atomic charges for industrial uses. Their competitors in the market are mostly state-affiliated firms created to disrupt their de facto monopoly.

Affordable Arms United: A budget weapons manufacturer, AAU provides extremely basic but reliable firearms at affordable prices, and they are pioneers in the field of Disposable Guns.

Archivist’s Association: An international non-profit that coordinates libraries and museums, the AA searches for relics of prior eras and funds expeditions to find and explore ruins. Almost everything they find is locked in undisclosed locations for study, but they auction off unimportant art and trinkets to assist in funding themselves.

Magnificent Myriad Marvels: A travelling troupe of entertainers, their otherworldly performances and costumes sometimes strain belief, and they often make much mischief when not directly performing. Their near constant movement is difficult to predict, and keeps them just ahead of disgruntled authorities, allowing them to act with near impunity most of the time. Cities they visit are often temporarily overcome by a carnival-like atmosphere, as they parade through the streets prior to setting up their show. Few notice or care about the occasional homeless individual that disappears in their wake.
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Fri 12 Mar 2021
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The Basics
I decided to redraw the 'borders' and construct some new countries.

Meru, The Blessed Isle: This one is fine as a US analogue, no changes save for omission of obviously supernatural elements in the public eye.

The River Confederation: A loose alliance between the Cities of Lookshy, Nexus, Great Forks, Sijian, Port Calin, and Thorns, the Confederation is Meru’s primary economic competitor by virtue of their massive population density and highly developed industries. The individual city-states  have split the territory with rough equivalency and have expanded into their own allotments with additional satellite cities to allow for greater development of specialist industries.

The Haslan League: This threshold nation has become the leader in energy and computing industries, taking full advantage of it’s freezing conditions to run faster and hotter than anywhere else. Crystal, Tusk, Icehome, and Diamond Hearth form the heart of this country.

The Union of People’s Republics: Stretching from Grieve and Fortitude all the way to Chanta, the UPR is much akin to China, if China were a series of separate nations bound by mutual defense pacts and a shared economic system rather than a single country. Individual freedoms are few, but the prolific propaganda mills of each state minimize dissent. Nonetheless, crackdowns and purges must happen semi-frequently.

The Burning Coast: With its capitol lying in Chiaroscuro, the BC includes The Lap, Urim, and Kirighast. Paragon remains Independent, and is much akin to Singapore. The BC controls numerous oil reservoirs, and ‘enjoys’ large amounts of ‘support’ from Meru. The Merchant Lords of Chiaroscuro play games of intrigue with their holdings, and expeditions into the endless sands in search of new reservoirs often disappear due to both disaster, sabotage, or even attacks from the forces of Ember, Zoatham, and the Gem Empire.

The Gem Empire: The city of Gem conquered Lock and Daiaz, forming the largest military power in the south. Their expansion has taken them into the mountains, where they’ve begun building subterranean cities with direct access to the cool darkness and massive aquifers of the Southwest ranges.

The Spice Cities: The peoples of the West are largely too separated and variegated to unify under a single banner, instead forming loose trading coalitions to better interact with the rest of Creation. The Cities of the west enjoy a thriving service industry, receiving the most tourists, and also exporting countless exotic goods; Spices, fruits, fabrics, fish, etc. they have largely skipped their industrial revolution and simply purchased the advanced technology that they now have. Governments here are largely stable, as unstable systems scare away customers, and most conflicts are on the corporate or personal level; corporations in the western regions often engage in skirmishes out in international waters as they vie for dominance over trade routes.

Others: Beyond the above, there are several independent cities and nations that lie in reaches either unavailable to or simply unenticing to the major powers. The Eastern Forests in particular are home to myriad communities of a largely Tribal nature, and the south-eastern area around the Dreaming Sea have their own dynamics and are largely isolated from the rest of creation due to geography.