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Sat 6 Mar 2021
at 13:16
Character Creation
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Sun 7 Mar 2021
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Character Creation
Exalted Modern Shard Rules shall be used for the most part, questions/requests are chill.

Use base character creation instructions including Errata, Dragonbloods start with 10 charms instead of 7. The Breeding background for DBs will be allowed, even if one doesn’t have DB parentage, simply reflavouring as need be.

If alternative rules for Abyssal and Infernal limits exist, feel free to bring them up, usage of normal Solar limit would also be permissible.

Sidereals will not be allowed.

The general public knows not of exaltations, or the supernatural for that matter, such things are merely stories or conspiracy. The kinds of supernatural being are as varied as the conspiracies suggesting their existence, this too goes for the Exalted, those individuals who have had something more enkindled within and are thus thrust into the unforgiving underworld.

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Fri 12 Mar 2021
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Character Creation
After considering a request and flipping a metaphorical coin, Players shall be allowed to pick two free non-combat charms.
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Sun 11 Apr 2021
at 09:52
Character Creation
After realizing that I had forgotten to state it, I am announcing the following:

"All Exalted receive every first, second, and third excellency they qualify for free of charge (and alchemical exalted do not need to install them). Buying excellencies is boring, and spending essence to empower yourself should always be an option."

I apologize for the oversight.

"Here are some Google Doc Links, They hold Relevant Rule adjustments for the "2.75" Courtesy of ChozoHuntress. These can also be accessed via the Shared Discord, Invite link may be provided if necessary.
Various House Rules that worked quite well.
The proper 2.75 adjustments themselves.
The link to my Exalted PDF library, includes the above links as well" -from The Basics

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