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Fri 12 Mar 2021
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News and Stuff
Today in Creation:
Tensions between Meru and the Threshold have risen following a major disagreement at the latest Gloam Commercial Conference. Threshold entrepreneurs will have to look forward to a 10% increase in the cost of Meruvian Imports as the Imperial City is taking measures to protect its declining manufacturing industry from rising foreign producers.

The Radeon Large Hydrogen Ignition Chamber in Icehome has achieved 1-minute continuous fusion with only a 1% loss of power, putting the Energy Megacorp ahead of all other developers of the coveted technology, their closest competitor, the Meruvian Imperial College and its government funders are still working with millisecond burns. Unfortunately, Radeon refuses to provide details on their latest experiment, leading some to suspect that the results may have been exaggerated.

Oath insurgents have recently attacked the Nexus Industrial sector, bombing several steel foundries. The individual perpetrators have been found and summarily executed, but the organization has claimed that there are thousands more to come. Wartech spokespeople are stating that the merchant city will be ready for any further attacks, as corporate forces begin patrolling the streets and suburbs in force.

A cult worshipping the “Creators” has begun to garner attention in numerous cities including Meru and others, these groups vary a lot, but all of them fixate on the Spires as being a test left behind by said Creators. They point to the Sky during Calibration, saying that not only is it clearly artifice, but that those who made it clearly surpass whatever gods may have possibly existed in the past, and that they are the ultimate beings.

The Gem Empire has begun a new military campaign against the Meru-Backed Burning Coast and its Oil harvesting operations in the Burning Sands, fuel prices have already jumped 10% as companies move to reduce profit losses.

Gloam has begun considering an invitation from the River Confederation, the floating city has, up to this point, remained neutral, playing off both the Confederation and Meruvia, but changes in world economies and rising tensions have caused a marked drop in international trade.

The Archivist Association has begun a study on the Spires and the Spireshards, focusing on acquisition of the latter presumably to study their material properties. Needless to say, learning how to manipulate the enigmatic material would likely lead to a new age of advancement.