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Heaven In Hell
It’s was a rainy day as I sat in my office with my feet on my desk and a cigarette in my hand. “Seems to be another wasteful day”. I thought to myself as I relaxed in my chair. Soon a client walked into my office. He appeared to be a messager from someone rich. I smiled as he placed a suitcase on my desk and opened it. I was not disappointed to see tens of thousands of dollars inside the suitcase. I blew the smoke from my mouth before I spoke. “So...who’s the target?” I asked as I tapped my cigarette. The man then handed me a folder. I opened it to see all the info about my target. “An angel?” I thought to myself as I looked at multiple blurry photos of a girl with brown hair and with white feathered wings. She wore what appeared to be cat eared headphones a pretty blue mini skirt and a white face mask.

 The messager then spoke to me. “We want her alive. If you could get her without harming her we’re willing to double your pay.” I then had an annoyed look on my face as I glared at the client. “Look,I kill evil people. I don’t capture people. If you want to capture someone,then go to the right person dipshit! Stop wasting my time with petty things.” And with that said, I took another puff out of my cigarette and I threw the folder back at him. “Please! You’ve got to help us. My boss has tried hiring many other people to capture her. But no matter who we send, they alway come back empty handed. No one is as good as you. My boss is even willing to triple your award. So please!” Begged the messager. I raised a eyebrow and a smile appeared on my face as I saw how desperate the man was. “Tell your boss to quadruple it, then we’ll have a deal.” I said to him. A Sweat of worry ran down the mans face as he heard my request. “I’ll call him right now.” Said the client “please excuse me” then he stepped out of my office and closed the door. I smiled as I listened to his boss on the other line of the phone yell out “that’s outrageous!” After a few moments of silence went by the client soon returned to my office. “I’m back” he replied as he walked into my office.

 “My boss is willing to pay you quadruple but don’t disappoint him. He’s putting a lot of trust into you, judging by how you’ve never failed a single mission.” I chuckled at his comment and said “your boss is a wise man. And not to worry, failure is not an option.” The client then smiled at me then he went to walk out of my office. But before he could I called out his name. The man then had a surprised look on his face as he froze in place as he realize that he never gave me his name but yet I knew. “Y-yes..sir “ he said with fear as he turned back and faced me. I took another puff out of my cigarette and blew the smoke from my mouth then I glared at the man and said. “Don’t go telling people about what I look like without my helmet on. You just so happened to walk in when I was having my smoke break. If I hear anything about this I’ll have your head! And trust me there’s nothing I love more than killing people. Get the picture?” I said to him as I glared at him. The messager’s eyes widened in fear and he struggled to answer me.

“Y-yes...yes s-sir!” Studdered the man. Then the client bowed and quickly left my presence. I sighed as I picked up the folder and studied it. “Whoever took these pictures of this girl must really suck at their job. All of these pictures are burry. I mean they couldn’t even get a single picture of her face. How pathetic.” I thought to myself as I tapped my cigarette once more. I then began to read the notes in the folder. — last seen in the Goblock Forest. “That’s my only note of advice?! Are you kidding me!” I almost shouted out loud. I then became very annoyed and angry. “Not only are these people stupid. But they can’t even track her to give me the information I needed! I swear, middle schoolers could have done better than these imbeciles.” I said with rage as I put out my cigarette. After grabbing my helmet and putting it on my head, I then left to capture my target.

Meanwhile in the Goblock Forest...
“It’s got to be somewhere around here.” Said a 18 year old girl with angel wings and a blue skirt as she searched the ground for a certain plant. After some time of searching went by the girl soon began to give up. “I’m never going to be able to go back home at this rate.” She said to herself as she sat under a tree. With the sunlight piercing through the leaves of the forest she then began to rest. “What a beautiful sound” she thought to herself as she listened to the birds of the forest sing their songs through her headphones. Suddenly she heard a cry of pain and suffering deep within the forest.

 Without hesitation she immediately stood up and darted towards the cry deep within the forest. “Hang in there, little one.” She said to herself as she jumped over a fallen tree and continued to quickly run towards the cry. After running past a few more trees she soon arrived at the source of the cry. There laying on the ground was a little brown and white bird with a hurt wing. The bird cried out in pain as it struggled to fly. “Stop little one! Your going to hurt yourself even more by moving around like that.” Said the angel as she showed a lot of concern for the bird. She slowly approached it and she spoke to it with such calm and  gentle tone of voice. “Did you hurt your wing little one?” The bird soon became calm as her voice gave it peace. Using her headphones she was able to talk to the bird telepathically. “What happened little one?” Asked the angel. The bird was quiet for a little bit then it began to telepathically speak. “I was flying through this forest when I was suddenly attacked by a bigger bird who feeds off of us smaller birds. I barley had time to react. He came out of nowhere. He almost got me. I managed to get away somehow.

But my wing. It-it hurts so much. I can’t go on like this. I worry that he’ll be looking for me.” The angel smiled at the injured bird then she said “Don’t worry. I won’t harm you. All I want to do is help you get better. “ then she asked “May I pick you up? I promise to be gentle.” The bird seemed worried at first but then it decided to trusted her. So the angel carefully and gently scooped up the little bird with her hands. “Are you ok?” She asked the little bird in a soft tone. “I’m alright” said the bird as it rested in her hands. “So what’s your name?” The angel asked the bird as she walked around the forest looking for food that the bird could eat. “My name? My friends and family call me by Fee” “That’s a nice name for you. My name is Cosmo. I’m an angel.” Said the girl sweetly. “Nice to meet you Cosmo” chirped the little bird. “Nice to meet you too Fee” said Cosmo with a warm smile.

 “So Fee, what do you enjoy eating?” Asked Cosmo. Fee looked around the forest then he spotted a bush with purple berries as Cosmo carried him around. “Oh those are tasty!” Said Fee. “What are?” Asked Cosmo as she tried looking for what Fee was looking at. “The bush over there. Next to the big rock.” Said Fee. Once Cosmo saw the bush that Fee was talking about she walked over to it and immediately began to pick the berries for Fee. While Cosmo picked and fed Fee, the hawk that once attacked Fee watched and waited for his moment in a distant tree. Then when the time was right the hawk silently left the trees branch and dove towards Fee and Cosmo. “Your mine little one!” Thought the hawk as his talons opened up to kill.

 Then when the hawk was seconds away from Fee, Cosmo Suddenly swatted the hawk out of the sky with one of her large wings. “W-What just happened?!” the hawk asked himself as he hit a nearby tree and fell to the ground. The hawk then went to flee when suddenly Cosmo stretched out her enormous white feathered wings and blocked him from leaving. “I’m going to die.” The hawk thought to himself as Cosmo and Fee towered over him. “Leave Fee alone! Hurt him and you will have to face me! Understand?!” Demanded Cosmo as she glared at the fallen hawk. With the hawk frozen in fear he began to beg for his life. “Please spare me! I swear to you and Fee. You will never see me again! Please don’t kill me!” Cosmos eyes then soften and she lowered her wings and retracted her wings into smaller wings. “ I understand that you have to kill to eat. But this little guys is my friend. And since he’s my friend, I’m going to protect him the best I can. I hope you understand.” Said Cosmo.

The hawk looked up at Cosmos face and asked.
 “Y-Your not going to kill me?” Cosmo shook her head and said “ No. I won’t kill you. But you must promise me to never harm Fee ever again.” The hawk then agreed to never harm Fee again then he quickly flew away. “Cosmo you defended me. Why?” Asked Fee. Cosmo then smiled at Fee then she said “oh you silly little thing. I told you. I want to help you heal. Besides,I like to think of you as my friend. And friends don’t let others harm them.” “How did you hear him coming? Even I didn’t hear him coming.” Asked Fee. “See these on my head?” Cosmo asked fee as she pointed at her cat eared headphones on her head. “These help me hear the softest sounds ever known. So for an example I can hear a single ant walk across the ground as clear as day. These are just a tool to help me hear of course. But I can hear just fine. “Wow! Your amazing Cosmo! Thank you for saving me.” Chirped Fee.

 “Your welcome” said Cosmo. A week latter.......
Early the next morning Cosmo was awoken by Fee lightly pecking her hand. “Err -  w-what’s wrong?” Cosmo asked Fee as she struggled to wake up and register what was going on. “Look Cosmo my wings all better! I’m so happy! It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Said Fee as he happily flew around. “That’s great news! I’m so happy for you...*yawn*” said Cosmo as she tried not to fall back to sleep. “Sleep some more Cosmo. I’m going to go see my family and friends. I’ll be back.” And with that said Fee flew away. “Ok..be safe.” Said Cosmo as she yawned once more. “ I’m going back to sleep.” Whispered Cosmo. Then Cosmo fell back into sleep again. A few more hours passes as Cosmo was suddenly awoken by the sound of birds and animals of the forest fleeing for their lives. “What’s going on?” Thought Cosmo as she was trying to wake up. She sat up and looked around.

 “Run! Cosmo! Death is near! Run!” Squawked Fee as he flew past Cosmo. Soon the entire forest was dead silent and Cosmo was left there confused. While using her headphones hearing power she listened for any kind of moment. For the first time ever she couldn’t hear a single living thing. “Even the insects hide?! Just what in the world is going on?” Thought Cosmo. Then suddenly she felt a dark presence so terrifying and menacing came out of nowhere. “W-What is this?! I can’t move! I’m just so scared! What should I do?! I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack.” Thought Cosmo as she was frozen in place with fear. “Breathe Cosmo.  Breathe. Stay calm.” She whispered to herself as she tried to comfort herself. Cosmo’s heart then almost stopped as she saw a man walking around in front of her in the forest, deep beyond the thickness of the forest trees.

“Who is that?” Cosmo asked herself. Despite of being  terrified Cosmo grew curious about what she saw. So she got the strength she needed and she went over to where the man was. But to her surprise the man was nowhere to be seen. “I thought he was just here” She thought to herself as she poked her head out from behind a pine tree. Just then an unknown voice answered her thought. “ I was just here.” Said the stranger behind her. Cosmo then quickly turned around to see that same man she saw standing there earlier before her. Her heart stopped and she stood there in fear and confusion. There standing in front of her stood a man with what looked to be a mixture of medieval and modern day future armor. His cape was blacker than the night as it blew in the wind. And lastly his helmet. His helmet was worn and old,but still in good condition. The way the helmet was designed made his face unseeable.

He also had a robotic voice. “I c-can’t think! Or speak! I’m so scared!” Thought Cosmo as she slowly backed away from him and she backed herself into a tree by accident. With nowhere to go she froze and her heart raced wildly. The man then went to grab her when she suddenly passed out. Hours latter Cosmo soon woke up to see herself sitting on the back of wagon in a cage. “What?! What’s going on?!” She thought to herself as she felt her hands tied. So naturally she tried to get free. “Hey, stop struggling back there. Or you’ll hurt yourself.” Said the familiarman as he sat in the front of the wagon. “I don’t care! Let me go! I didn’t do anything wrong! Release me!” Shouted Cosmo. “Sorry. Not going to happen.” Said  the man. After a few hours of fighting and struggling she soon gave up and she began to calm down. “Why am I tied up and where are you taking me?” Cosmo asked in a defeated tone.

The man remained quiet but after a while went by he answered her question. “I’m selling you to a very rich man. A client of mine. He’s willing to pay quite the amount of cash for you. I’m sure he’ll treat you well. So don’t worry.” “But I can’t stay there. How will I ever return back to heaven?” Asked Cosmo. The man then glanced back at Cosmo then he focused back onto the road. “I guess you better start praying for heaven to save you then.” Said the man. “Not that that would save you from my grasp anyway.” Whispered the mysterious man. Cosmo then had a annoyed look on her face. “What did heaven ever do to you? Do you not believe that heaven is real? Is that it?” Cosmo asked in annoyed tone.

Suddenly the man laughed. “What’s so funny? Are you mocking me?” She asked with slight anger. Suddenly the man became serious. “Look, I have my reasons to not to care or believe in heaven. And you have your reasons. But no matter how much I want to believe. I will never be welcomed into heaven. That, I can promise you. And nothing can change that.” Answered the man. “And what makes you say that?” Cosmo asked out of curiosity. The man then remained quiet. Then after a long silent pause he finally answered. “I’m not going to continue this conversation. Now please be quiet.”

 “What’s his deal?” Cosmo thought to herself as she stared at him. “Why would he not care about heaven or have a desire to go there. Is he angry at heaven? Why would he not be aloud to go to heaven? What did he do? He must be a really bad person.” Eventually Cosmo silenced her mind and she began to wait patiently for the ride to stop. Before long she soon saw a large village just a few miles ahead. As they approached the village Cosmo could hear people running into their homes and hiding. “Just who is this man?” Cosmo thought to herself as she looked at the mysterious man in armor.

When they finally reached the entrance of the village,the village was dead silent. Not a single person or animal was around. As they passed a bunch of abandoned shops and buildings they soon went down a long gravel road to the entrance of a giant  white mansion. The man then parked his wagon then he got off his wagon and he took Cosmo out of the cage. “I’m scared. What going to happen to me?” Cosmo thought to herself as the man grabbed her by her arm and walked her up the house. After the man knocked on the door two guards answered the door.

“Good job Decimator, we know you could do it. Now we’ll take it from here” said one of the guards. Then the guard went to grab Cosmo but then the mysterious man pushed the guards hand away from Cosmo. The guard then had an annoyed look on his face. “Hey! What’s the deal? We gave you the money now you need to give her to us.” Demanded the guard. “And I will. But first I wish to meet your boss.” Answered Decimator. The guard then got mad and said. “Our boss is far too busy to come to talk to a peasant like you. Now you better hand her over to us before things start getting ugly for you friend.” Suddenly a glowing blood red circle shined brightly in Decimator’s left eye behind his mask.

The guard then went to punch Decimator in the face when Decimator suddenly grabbed his arm and twisted it. Then with one swift move he pulled him in while drawing his gun and shot his head clean off. At that moment Cosmo then covered her mouth as she couldn’t believe what had just happened. After Decimator shot the guard’s head off he then stepped out of the way as he carelessly pushed the dead guard out of his way. Decimator then looked at the other guard and he pointed his gun at his face and said. “Bring me your boss. I won’t ask again.” The terrified guard with his hands in the sky then said “ I will! Just don’t kill me! “

Then the  guard quickly left to go get his boss. Meanwhile Cosmo and Decimator were left there alone in silence. “Oh my gosh! His just killed someone without any remorse! He didn’t even hesitate! If I run, theres no doubt in my mind that he’ll kill me too. Thought Cosmo as she stood there in shock. Soon the boss of the mansion showed up. “Alright Decimator, what seems to be the problem?” Asked a tall man wearing expensive clothes and valuable rings on his fingers as he approached both Decimator and Cosmo.

“Holy Heavens! What happened here?!” Shouted the boss as he saw blood everywhere and his dead headless guard lying on the porch patio. “He kept me waiting.” Answer Decimator as he put his gun away. The boss then apologized for his guards mistakes. “Now what did you need to ask me?” Asked the boss as he walked out onto the patio. “What do you plan to do to with the angel?” Asked Decimator. “ oh! I had plans on her being my maid.

She would make an excellent  maid. And don’t worry I’m willing to pay her very well. If your worried about her being mistreated I can assure you that I will take very good care of her. She’ll be treated like a queen.” Replied the boss. “Oh really?” Decimator asked with his left eye still burning brightly. Then suddenly Decimator punched him in the cheek! Cosmo then backed up as she watched Decimator beat the boss furiously and tossed him off of his patio. “Help me! Help me! Please!” Begged the man as he laid on the ground while starred at Cosmo with tears in his eyes.

Cosmo then looked over at Decimator to see him walking back over to beat the man some more. Then without thinking Cosmo darted in front of the beaten up boss and stood in Decimator’s way. “Stop! That’s enough! Why are you hurting him?” Demanded Cosmo as she fearlessly starred Decimator in the face. Decimator then came to a stop as he stared back at Cosmo. “You have no idea how sick and twisted that man is! He deserves everything that is coming his way!” Said Decimator in an angry tone. “Why? What has he done?” Demanded Cosmo “Do you have the slightest idea what this man was going to do to you?” Decimator asked in anger.

 “Of course I can’t! What do I look like? I can’t read...” then her words trailed off. At that moment Cosmo then realized what was going on. She then turned to  the beaten up man lying on the ground and asked “ Is it true you were going to do awful things to me?” With the man covered in bruises and blood he then lied to her. “I would never do such a thing! This man is crazy!” With Cosmo caught in the middle she then had to make an decision.

Then before Cosmo could say or do anything she was suddenly  tackled to the ground by Decimator. And a millisecond latter the entire  mansion ignited and blew up! With a force field protecting both Cosmo and Decimator they both survived the explosion without any harm. With the mansion burning uncontrollably Cosmo and Decimator then got to their feet to see the boss laughing uncontrollably. “They’re all dead! What are you going to do now?” Laughed the boss.

Decimator then furiously picked the boss up by the neck and he began to coke him. “How could you! You fucking piece of shit! You just killed everyone in that goddam building!” Yelled Decimator. “T-Those hoes deserved it for t-trying to escape.” Said the boss as he smiled evilly. Then Decimator broke the boss’s neck. With the mansion falling apart in the fire, Cosmo and Decimator stood there in silence. Then Cosmo broke the silence. “I’m sorry.” She said quietly. “Why are you sorry? You didn’t do anything wrong.” Replied Decimator as he watched the fire continue to burn.

“But I did.” Confessed Cosmo as she hugged her shoulder while staring at the ground. “I misjudged you. I thought you were a bad person. But in reality your not really all that bad. I mean sure you tried selling me to a random guy. But at the same time you tried to give me a place that I can call home for the time being. So...thank you.” “It’s fine. I also must apologize. I was hoping to give you a place to live...but I guess things don’t ever work out the way you want them to.

 I know that your trying to get back to heaven because you were accidentally left here after a celebration. And now nether heaven nor you can open up the gates of heaven until the next celebration. And I’m sorry for what I said to you earlier about heaven. I’m well aware that heaven exists. But unfortunately due to something that I have I cannot ever enter heaven.” Replied Decimator. “Is there any way that I can help?” Asked Cosmo. The Decimator slowly shook his head and said “I’m afraid not. I’ve tried everything known in the universe.

Nobody wants to help me and nobody can.” “Also it’s probably best that you stay away from me like everyone else.” Added Decimator. Then he turned to Cosmo and said “it’s best for you to stay in this village. These are good people. They will take care of you. But I cannot stay here. Not with you. Or anyone.” Then he handed Cosmo the suitcase full of money. “I wish you the best. Good luck.” And with that said Decimator quickly vanished into thin air. With Cosmo left there standing by herself she then decided to go back to the village. When she got back to the village Cosmo then softly knocked on one of the villager’s houses.

 Then suddenly a little boy opened the door. “Hi there.” Greeted Cosmo. The little boy stood there wondering what to do or say. Then his mother suddenly came to the door. “Jack! I thought I told you to never answer the door when that monsters still out there!” Scolded his mother as she went to slam the door. But then she froze in place when she saw Cosmo. “H-Hello” Cosmo said shyly. The woman didn’t know what to do or say as she couldn’t help but stare at Cosmo’s small white feathered wings on her back. Suddenly the woman said “come inside and hurry.” So Cosmo quickly went inside the house. “Thank you for letting me in. It was getting cold out there.”

Cosmo said softly. Cosmo then froze as she saw the entire family kneeling at her feet. “Thank the heavens! For they brought us an angel to save us.” Said the father of the house. With Cosmo left there speechless. She then watched the entire family run around the house getting anything she might need. Soon Cosmo sat near a warm fireplace with the entire family offering different kinds of food and drinks to her. Cosmo then took off her white mask and she thanked them for the food.” Then she began to eat. While she ate the family then began to introduce themselves. “I’m Debbi or you can call me Deb for short.”said the mother “I’m John.” Said the father. “Im jack and I’m 5!” Said the youngest son in a excited tone. “ and lastly my names Mark.” Said the older son who was 16.

Cosmo then took a small break from eating and then she introduced herself to the family. “It’s very nice to meet you all. My names Cosmo.” She said with a sweet smile. Then she took another bite out of a piece of bread. “Miss Cosmo. If I may ask, how did you defeat him?” Asked John out of curiosity. Cosmo finished eating her piece of bread then she asked “who?” “You know, The Reaper.” Said mark. Then suddenly Mark was hit upside of his head by his mother. “Mark what have I told you about speaking that name in this house? His name is forbidden. He brings bad luck!” “But I was just-“ then Debbi cut Mark off. “ No buts about it.” Then Cosmo suddenly spoke up and asked “ who is this person that you speak of?”  The family then seemed surprised. “You’ve really never heard of him?” Asked Debbi. Cosmo slowly shook her head. “He is the God of Death.

His presence alone kills dozens of  innocent people just by being near them. He doesn’t visit our village very often but when he does we’re forced to hide. Sometimes even hiding doesn’t help us. People still die.” Explained Debbi. “About 13 years ago King Vin went to war against him and he lost the war all in one day. The king sent his entire army to kill this man because he was unintentionally killing his citizens. So his army tracked him down and when they found him they did everything they could to kill him. But somehow this one man killed over +260,000 soldiers without any effort. It was a bloodbath. We don’t know where he came from or what he wants. But what we do know is that man is beyond this world.” Said John. “I’ve met him before. He tried to give me a flower but it instantly died the moment he touched it.” Added Jack. “ what did he look like Jack?” Asked Cosmo

Jack then got uncomfortable and said “He wore some strange armor and a black cape and some strange helmet.” At that moment Cosmo had a surprised look on her face as she remembered Decimator. “Cosmo dear? Are you ok? your as pale as a ghost.“ Asked Debbi “yeah I’m fine. I’m just tired from today.” Replied Cosmo. “Well not to worry you can stay here as long as you like.” Said Debbi with a smile.
“Thank you for everything.” Said Cosmo gratefulness in her voice. “No.Thank you! Now that your here,perhaps he’ll leave our village alone.” Said John as he went to take Cosmo’s dishes. “ oh it’s ok I can take them in. Besides you guys have already done so much for me. I wouldn’t feel right not doing anything for you. “ Said Cosmo politely. “Well if you insist.” Said John as he let Cosmo get her own dishes. So Cosmo collected all of her dishes and she took them to a nearby stream.

 “It sure is a beautiful night.” Thought Cosmo as her eyes were fixated on the night sky. Time seemed to stop as she got lost into the night sky. Then after staring at the night sky for half an hour she then remembered to wash the dishes. So after Cosmo washed her dishes she returned back to the house. “I’m back.” She Announced as she walked through the door. “Oh Cosmo. Your so helpful.” Said Debbi as she walked up to Cosmo and took the dishes from her. “Is there anything else that I can do?” Asked Cosmo. “Nope. That’s everything.” Replied Debbi. Cosmo then walked over to the fireplace and she sat down in a chair. Before long she soon fell to sleep.

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Heaven In Hell
Early the next morning Cosmo woke up to see herself lying in a soft bed in a bedroom. “How did I get here?” Thought Cosmo as she sat up in the bed. “I guess Mis Debbi carried me to bed after I feel asleep in the chair.” She whispered to herself.” So Cosmo got up and she walked out of the bedroom to see Debbi and Jack in the family room. “Good morning.” Greeted Cosmo as she walked up to them. “Good morning Cosmo.” Said both Debbi and Jack. “Where’s John and Mark?” Cosmo asked Debbi as she looked around the room. “ oh they went to work at the farm. They shouldn’t be that far. Just follow the road that is next to the big oak tree.” Answered Debbi in a happy tone. Then Debbi handed Cosmo a slice of bread for breakfast. “Oh. Thank you.” Cosmo said happily. So Cosmo then sat down and she began to eat. When she was finished eating she thanked Debbi for breakfast.

“Thank you for breakfast Debbi. I’ll be back. “ said Cosmo as she went to the front door. “Ok. be safe sweetie.” Called Debbie. Then suddenly Mark bursted into the house. He was almost out of breath. “Mom. He was here! He got Mr Zïffer!” Shouted Mark. “What?!” Shouted Debbi in disbelief as she followed and hurried up the gravel road. Soon Debbie,Jack,Mark and Cosmo met the rest of the towns people at a burned down mansion. “What do you think happened?” Asked someone in the crowd. “Why Mr Zïffer’s house? He was the most kindest man. How could someone do this?” Asked another.
“What a shame.” Said a woman.

Then everyone watched the Villages Elder approach Mr Zïffers body and checked his body. The Village Elder then stood up and shook his head. Then the villagers began to talk amongst themselves. “There’s no doubt that HE was here. We all saw him yesterday entering our village. That monster choked him so much that he shattered his neck while choking him. “ said the Elder. “Heavens! How is that even possible?” Asked one of the villagers. Suddenly another villager spoke up “ I’ve had enough!” Shouted a angry villager.

“ what’s the point of even living if he’s just going to kill us all? We need to ether find a new place to live or I say we fight him! I’m tired of leaving in constant fear!” Added the angry villager. Soon the rest of the people began to agree with the angry villager. “ my daughter can’t sleep well at night because of him!” Shouted a woman. “I need to tell them. I can’t have them thinking that he’s truly a bad person. I need to clear his name.” Thought Cosmo. “But how do I tell them? I’m too scared to go up in front of an entire crowd. But I need to try.” So Cosmo gathered her Courage and then she tried to shout the word wait.

But nobody heard her because the crowd was being too loud and she said it too softly. Cosmo then tried again and again and again. But she was being too quiet. So then Cosmo took a breath then Like a boom of thunder her words caught everyone’s attention. The crowd then turned and stared at Cosmo. Cosmo then  blushed greatly out of embarrassment as her face turned beet red. Then after taking a big breath of air  she walked through the crowd and up to Zïffer’s dead body.

Cosmo pointed at his dead body and said “ This man is far from innocent!” The villagers then began to talk amongst themselves again. Then one villager asked “ How could you stand there and say such a thing! What evidence do you have to prove that he wasn’t the victim?” “Do you know what happened?” Asked another. Cosmo then got embarrassed and nervous but then she explained what happened to her yesterday to the crowd. “So you see it was just a big misunderstanding.

I can definitely see where you guys are coming from and why you have reasons why he did it. But I’m telling you. I don’t believe he is that bad of a person.” Said Cosmo. “ I still don’t see your evidence. How do we know your not just making this up?” Shouted a villager. Cosmo then froze.

“I-I’ll prove it to you!” She stuttered shyly. Then Cosmo flew over to the burnt down building and she began to search the ground for any kind of evidence. After a hour went by the villagers began to become impatient. “So where’s your evidence? Do you have it or not?” Shouted a villager. “Come on. I need something,anything to clear his name.” Thought Cosmo as she pushed and lifted debris off of the ground. Then suddenly Cosmo found the evidence she needed. “Come here! How do you explain this?” Asked Cosmo. So the crowd walked into the debris and over to Cosmo.

When the towns people got to where Cosmo was they were shocked to see a burned woman’s body still chained to part of a fallen wall. Everyone was then silent. Then finally John spoke up. “Cosmos right.” He said in disbelief. “ I can’t believe he would do such a disgusting thing.” Said another. “Well the evidence is quite clear. I must admit. Not even I would have expected that Mr Zïffer would do such a crime.” Said the village Elder.

Then Cosmo spoke up. “ Despite how he looks. I really don’t think he is all that bad of a person. Has he ever intentionally killed anyone?” Cosmo asked the crowd. The crowd then became quiet and most of them looked at the ground. “But his presence kills somebody each time he comes to visit our village. How do you explain that?” As a random villager. “Perhaps he can’t control what his presence does. Would that still make him a bad person?” She asked everybody. Cosmo then looked at Jack and she asked him if he felt threatened by him. “Not really. He just seemed scary.” Replied Jack. The crowd then began to talk amongst themselves. “Maybe we wrong about him.” Said a villager.

While the villagers talked amongst themselves Cosmo then decided to go take a bath somewhere. Cosmo then stretched out her wings to their maximum and she then flew off. After flying for a few hours Cosmo then decided to land next to a lake to take a bath. “That was SO stressful. I’m glad that I had the courage to say what I needed to say and prove to them that they were wrong about him.” She said with a sigh “Thank goodness I still have my storage magic.” Thought Cosmo as she pulled a bar of soap and shampoo out of thin air.

Then she got undressed and she walked into the warm lake. As she washed her body she then began to think about Decimator. “He’s such a mysterious man with so many secrets. Secrets that I wish I knew about. I want to know more about him. I want to know why his presence kills people. Is it a curse? Is it his doing? Why is he known to be death?” thought Cosmo.

Meanwhile at a kingdom hundreds of miles away from Cosmo...
“Sorry that i am late my king. I had to deal with something important.” Said Decimator as he bursted into the thrown room. Then Decimator got into his position next to the king. “It’s not very often you are late. If I may ask. What happened?” Asked the king. Decimator then faced the king and bowed. “ I have already wasted more than enough of your valuable time my king. So I will shorten the story. I had a job to go capture an angel and to bring her back to my clients boss. I would have been back on time but I detected evil intentions coming from the guards. So I asked to meet the king.

 That way I could find out immediately what their true intentions were. I was correct and these people where doing indecent things to the women within their mansion. But I wasn’t focused on saving them. For I was once again blinded by my anger. And those women paid the price because of me. The mansion suddenly went up in flames and all i could do was protect that angel. I killed their boss in the most inhumane way   possible. But he deserved it for what he did. After that, I told the angel to stay with the villagers and then I left to meet you. I am ashamed to say that I am still upset about what happened.

Explained Decimator as he did his best to hide his anger and sadness. The king then flicked his hand to signal that everyone were to leave the room immediately. After everyone left the room and closed the doors behind them the king then placed his hand on Decimators left shoulder and then he began to speak to Decimator. “Decimator. Look at me.” So Decimator looked the king in the face and he listened to what the king had to say. “There’s nothing wrong with being upset.

Something happened that you couldn’t control. And that is completely natural to feel useless or upset. I know you struggle to let go of things of the past and that you punish yourself far too harshly. But what you need to do is to learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect. It wasn’t your fault and you need to tell yourself that. I am very grateful to have you as my right hand man.” Said the king with a smile. “Thank you my king! I’m actually feeling a bit better.” Said Decimator as he the lowered his head once more. The king then took his hand off of him then he called everyone to return to the room. Soon everyone got into their positions and the meeting started. “My king, there has been news that an angel has been spotted in Riverside Village.

People from all around have come to that village to see her. I worry that she and the people of that village might possibly be in danger since we’ve had so many attacks already from the Cold Souls Bandits. I fear that the leader of the Cold Souls Bandits will try to attack that village soon. What do you wish that we do?” Asked his scout. The king sat in his throne in silence as he thought. Then he spoke “Send part of our army to protect that village.

 Recruit some guild members as well. If something were to happen to that angel,heaven will surely bring her wrath upon us all. Make that angel top priority. I want her to be brought to my kingdom immediately.” Ordered the king. “ the scout then bowed his head then he left the king’s presence. “Do you wish for me to go with them my king?” Asked Decimator. “No. I wish for you to remain here with me. But please be ready to attack if something were to unexpectedly happen. I don’t expect a small group of 60 Bandits to fight half of an army of soldiers and guild members. So we should be fine. But anything can happen.” Replied the king. “As you wish.” Said Decimator.
Back at Riverside Village....

“My! We haven’t had this many people come to our village for a while. I’m happy to see our village doing so well.” Said Debbi as she Jack and Cosmo all walked together through the town. “And that’s all thanks to you Cosmo!” Said Jack as he smiled at her. Cosmo smiled back at Jack then she said “ I’m happy that I could help this village and everyone.” “Oh my gosh!” She really is an angel!”shouted a 17 year old man as he hurried over to Cosmo followed by two unknown guards.

“Hello! My name is Prince Ezekiel Don. I’m the prince of Hilltop. That would be one of the Seven kingdoms of Sorestrike empire if you didn’t know. When I heard that an angel showed up in this village I immediately left my kingdom to come see if that was true. News about you has spreaded across the kingdoms like wildfire. Wow! Your cute. Do you have a lover?” Asked the 17 year old excitedly and quickly. Cosmo then blushed wildly as she struggled to say Hello back to him. Then she quickly hid behind Debbi. “Dear me! Did I say something wrong?” Asked Prince Ezekiel. But before anyone could respond Prince Ezekiel then bowed and apologized. “Oh Prince Ezekiel don’t worry you didn’t say anything wrong.

Cosmo here is quite incredibly shy. But don’t worry she’ll warm up to you eventually.” Explained Debbi. “Oh thank goodness! I was worried that I said something wrong.” Said Ezekiel as he scratched the back of his head out of nervousness. Soon the afternoon went by quickly and with people leaving the village, people began to start to shut down their shops for the day. With the sun setting in the sky. Cosmo and Prince Ezekiel were saying goodbye to each other. “Please come visit us sometime soon.” Said Ezekiel as he waved at her while getting into his royal chariot. “I will!” called Cosmo as she waved back at him.

“Farewell!” He shouted out the window as the chariot then began to take off. “Bye!” Cosmo shouted back at him while smiling. Once Ezekiel’s chariot disappeared into the horizon,Cosmo then went inside to start dinner. “You two seemed to get along quite well.” Said Debbi as she helped Cosmo cut up vegetables for dinner. “He was so talkative and polite.” Cosmo said with a smile. “He seemed to be a really nice young man. Which is a good thing.

Because a lot of the princess around here can be full of themselves and they can be quite rude and bossy. That’s why its important for you to stick up for yourself. “ replied Debbi. Cosmo smiled at Debbi then she said. “Don’t worry. I will.” Then as She and Debbi made dinner Cosmo then heard what sounded like an army approaching their village from her cat eared headphones. Cosmo then had a worried look on her face as she heard the army getting closer. “Please excuse me Debbi.” Said Cosmo as she suddenly went for the front door. “Is there something wrong sweetie?” Debbi asked Cosmo as she immediately saw how nervously Cosmo was suddenly acting.

 “I don’t know. But stay inside.” Demanded Cosmo as she quickly walked out the door.  Once she was outside she ran to the front of the entrance of the village and she saw an army approaching their village. Soon John came running out of the house with a sword in his right hand and a lit torch in his left. “What’s going on Cosmo?” John asked Cosmo as he walked up beside her. “I’m not quite sure.” Replied Cosmo as she watched the army then light what appeared to be torches.

 Then suddenly Cosmo’s eyes widen as she then realized what was going to happen. “Get down!” Shouted Cosmo as she immediately then brought up a magical barrier shield. Then all at once fireballs and flaming arrows rained down upon the village! “Get out of here John! Evacuate everyone! Run away from this place. I’ll hold them off!” Shouted Cosmo as she continued to hold up her barriers shields as wave after wave of arrows and fireball rained down upon her. John was hesitant at first but then he listened to Cosmo and he hurried off to evacuate everyone. Before long the village was almost empty of villagers.

“Hurry! I can’t hold this barrier for much longer!” Cosmo shouted to the villagers who where still evacuating. Then another wave of arrows and fireballs stuck her barriers and shields and this time she couldn’t hold them back. Time then slowed as she watched her barriers and shields shatter before her eyes as the arrows and fireballs past by her. Cosmo then looked over her shoulder to see some villagers still running for their lives. “Their not going to make it!” The voice in her head screamed out. Cosmo then carelessly dove in and stretched out her wings as far as they would go. Then the arrows and fireballs hit her.

The villagers then froze as they watched her gasp in pain as she took the hit for them. Cosmo then looked at them and she yelled at them to run. So after the last of the villagers got away,Cosmo stood up to see the village around her burning out of control. Cosmo then glared at the army in the distant. Then she quickly flew up into the air and by using her wings she blew powerful winds back at the enemies. “Split up! Yelled the army commander. So the army of men then began to split up and separate. Soon Cosmo was surrounded by all sides. “Shit!” Thought Cosmo as she began to panic.

Cosmo then quickly put up her barriers then she bowed her head and closed her eyes. “Dear mother of angels. Give me the power to destroy my enemies. May they pay with their lives.” Said Cosmo as she prayed to the heavens. Then within an instant, a light as bright as the sun came from her halo that appeared out of thin air. “I can’t see! It’s too bright! My eyes!”shouted the army below. Soon 20 shining bright swords of light appeared behind her in a circle.

 Cosmo then rose her head and opened her eyes then she shouted “ Heavens Judgement!” Suddenly the amount of shining swords of light doubled and then they shot up into the sky only to fall back to earth at supernatural speeds and exploding on impact. “It’s over.” thought Cosmo as she watched the dust clear. There before Cosmo stood craters dents in the ground as big as 50 feet from each holy sword. “I didn’t want to kill you. But you guys left me no choice.” Whispered Cosmo. Then suddenly Cosmo gasped as she felt an arrow hit her from behind! “What?! But how?” Cosmo thought to herself as she struggled to stay in the sky.

But the pain was too much for her and she fell out of the sky. As Cosmo fell out of the sky, she then glanced at a nearby hill to see an army of bandits shouting and cheering. “I...didn’t see them.” She thought to herself as she closed her eyes. She then hit the ground hard. With the village burning brightly around her, Cosmo   then watched the smoke from the burning buildings rise towards the sky above her. “I guess this is it.” Thought Cosmo as she stared at the twinkling stars in the sky. Then suddenly Cosmo’s eyes widened as she could hear the stars talking to her. “Don’t give up! Fight with all you got! Never surrender! Get up!” Shouted all the stars in the sky. A twinkle sparked in her eyes as she knew what she needed to do.

 She thanked the stars above. Then Cosmo gathered all of her strength and she slowly got to her feet. “I refuse to die like this. If I am to die. Then I mind as well give everything I got.” Thought Cosmo. Soon the army of 450 bandits arrived at the burning village. “I’ve got to say. I’m actually surprised your still alive.” Said the bandits leader as they and Cosmo had a stand off.

 “What are you planing to gain from killing me?” Demanded Cosmo. The bandit leader then smiled evilly at her than he said “Don’t you see? Your going to be the reason why heaven will kill all of humanity! And when heaven sends her punishment upon humanity. Me and my men will take shelter in a cave. And when everyone is dead or nearly dead,we will then rebuild the 7 kingdoms. And for anyone who survives...They will serve us! We will rule this world!” “Your fools to even think that!” Shouted Cosmo “The mother of heaven will come for your heads! Not for the innocent. For she is the symbol of Justice! So really all your going to do is destroy yourselves.”

The bandit leader then drew his sword and said “I’m willing to take the chances.” Then he rose his sword and his army of bandits went charging at Cosmo. Cosmo then glared at the army of bandits then she drew her two dual Heavenly katanas out of her storage magic. “As you wish.” Said Cosmo. Then Cosmo swung her katanas with such great speed that she shattered any weapon or shield that made contact with her twin blades. “She is quite powerful. But eventually she’ll get tired. And when she does”...then the leader of the bandits smiled evilly...”she WILL die!” He thought to himself.

After killing 137 bandits, Cosmo’s attacks and movements began to slow by a lot. “I-I can’t keep up! The pain! It’s hurts!” Thought Cosmo as she continued to fight her best. Soon she got overwhelmed by the amount of soldiers and she couldn’t keep up. Then she was stabbed in the stomach by a bandit. Once she was stabbed by the bandit the bandit then drove his sword deeper into her. Cosmo then screamed out in pain as she felt the blade pierce through her body. The bandit then kicked her down as he ripped his sword out of her body.

With Cosmo left in shock she then fell to the ground. “I’m dead. I’m going to die.” Thought Cosmo as she hit the ground.
After she hit the ground the army of bandits then began to back away from her as their leader took their place. “Don’t even bother trying to get away. You can’t escape your fate!” Said the bandit leader as he watched Cosmo scoot away from him. Then he took out his sword and he stabbed her several more times in the gut. “Stop! Stop!” Screamed Cosmo as she hugged her stomach and rolled around on the ground. The bandit leader then began to laugh at her as he watched her hug herself in pain as she bled out. Suddenly hundreds of Yelling and shouts came from behind the bandits.

The army of bandits then turned around to see hundreds of soldiers and adventurers charging fearlessly towards them. “It’s the imperials and theres a lot of adventures coming towards us too! We’re going to be out numbered. What do we do? Asked one of the bandits as he and his army looked at their leader for an answer. The bandit leader then answered them. “Fight them! Remember! Even if we are to die here. Our fellow brothers back at home will finish our jobs for us.

The world is already ours!”  So the bandits then shouted their war cry and they went into battle. With a battle happening behind the bandit leader he then began to talk to Cosmo. “Don’t worry. You’ll be dead soon. So try not to resist.” Then he once again stabbed Cosmo with his sword and left it in her stomach. “I can’t give up. I don’t want to die.” Cosmo thought to herself as she then grabbed the swords blade and struggled to slowly pull it out of her stomach. Then right when Cosmo almost had the sword out that’s when the bandits leader’s foot stepped onto the handle.

 “We win.” Said the leader as he looked down onto Cosmo. “Please...stop.” Whispered Cosmo as tears ran down her face. “Sorry. But not sorry.” Said the bandit leader then he laughed as he kicked the sword back into her stomach. With Cosmo screaming in pain she soon began to give up. “I can’t win. The pain is far too much. I can’t go on. Somebody! Anybody! Please help me!”Thought Cosmo as she slowly closed her eyes. Then when all hope seemed lost, everyone then felt the presence of death itself.

Everyone then froze as they turned their attention to the core of the source. There a foot away from Cosmo stood a mysterious creepy portal. Cosmo then opened her eyes to see Decimator walk out of the portal. With his left eye once again glowing blood red behind his mask, he stood there in anger. As pressurized air fled from his mask he then looked at the army of bandits and their leader.

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Heaven In Hell
“Shit! That’s the Reaper! Run for your lives!” Shouted a bandit as he went to run away. Then suddenly his presence became so intense that some of the bandits began to have heart attacks! While others were so scared that they ether killed themselves or each other. “W-Who the H-Hell are you.” Said the bandit leader as he pissed himself as he shook in fear. Decimator then looked at him and then suddenly without explanation the bandit leader’s head immediately exploded.

After the bandit leader hit the ground dead, Decimator then looked at one of the imperial soldiers and he pointed at someone and said to them. “Your responsible to recover the injured and to report back to the kingdom. “ Decimator then turned his attention to Cosmo. “Decimator, the pain hurts so much.” Cried Cosmo as she laid there almost lifeless. “Shit, she’s lost a lot blood. This isn’t good.” Thought Decimator as he looked at her wounds. “ I know it hurts. But I need you to stay awake. Okay? I’m going to help.” Said Decimator. Then he gave her his hand and he said to her “Hold my hand. Squeeze it as much as you like. I’m going to start healing you now.” “His hand is warm but his hand is as hard as metal.

 Is it because of his glove?” Thought Cosmo as she starred at his hand. Then she looked and studied Decimator’s armor and his helmet. Decimator then placed his hand on her stomach. Then within a few seconds the pain from her wounds suddenly vanished. “I don’t hurt anymore.” Said Cosmo as she felt her stomach. Then Suddenly Decimator picked up Cosmo and he carried her in his arms. “Wait! W-Why are you carrying me for?” Cosmo asked as she blushed greatly. Decimator looked at her then he said “ I’m carrying you because despite you being mostly healed. You forget that you still have arrows in you. Those arrows can cause more damage if you try to move. That is why I am carrying you.” “Oh ok.” Whispered Cosmo as she blushed wildly. Then she shielded herself with her wings.

Decimator then carefully carried Cosmo through the portal. When Decimator walked out of the portal he found himself before the king of the empire. “We’re here.” Said Decimator as he looked down at Cosmo. Cosmo then removed her wings to see Decimator starring at her. She then blushed greatly. Then Decimator helped her stand on her own. “My king. I brought you the angel that you requested.” Said Decimator as he knelt before the king who sat on his throne. The king then thanked Decimator for his services. “Decimator you may return to your post.” Said the king. So Decimator listened to his king. Then he walked up to the king and stood next to him on his right side. The king then stood up then he introduced himself.

 “I am King Kenneth the 1st. Ruler of the seven kingdoms. What may your name be?”
“M-My names Cosmo” replied Cosmo as she tried to fight her shyness. “Cosmo please forgive me. For my army couldn’t get to you in time by the looks of it.” Said the King as he bowed his head to Cosmo. “Oh it’s ok. Really! Please don’t worry about it , my king.” Said Cosmo as she smiled at him. The king then sat down on his throne and sighed. King Kenneth then ordered the best of his staff and doctors to serve Cosmo. “Decimator will you please show Cosmo to her room.” Asked the king. “Of course!” Said Decimator as he bowed at the kings request. Then Decimator began to walk Cosmo to her room.

“This place is huge!” Thought Cosmo as she looked around to see each and every room to be quite big and filled with royal objects and paintings. Soon Cosmo and Decimator arrived at Cosmo’s royal bedroom. “This is your room. I hope everything is to your taste.” Said Decimator as he opened her bedroom door for her. Cosmo then walked into her bedroom to see a giant fancy royal bed,Hardwood floors,beautiful furniture,a  Library,royal rugs, and her very own master bathroom.

 “This bedroom is so big and beautiful. I couldn’t ask for anything else.” Then suddenly Cosmo got behind Decimator as she saw 5 maids and 2 doctors waiting patiently in front of them. Decimator then began to introduce the maids and doctors to Cosmo. “Cosmo, these fine ladies are Jan,Sarah,April,Mary and Jess. They are your maids. If you want anything, they will immediately bring it to you. You can order them to do anything you like. Next, we have the best and most experienced doctors in the land. Mr and Ms Wells. They will be the ones removing the arrows in your body.”

“H-Hello.” Greeted Cosmo in a very quiet and shy tone. Her maids and doctors then sweetly greeted her back. “Well. I’m off then. Please excuse me.” Said Decimator. Then Decimator went to leave the room but then suddenly Cosmo gently grabbed his arm. “ umm Decimator c-could you possibly. I mean if you want to- But before Cosmo could even begin to ask, Decimator then read her mind and answered her. “Yes Cosmo. I can remove those arrows for you.”

Cosmo then had a surprised look on her face as she realized that he once again read her mind. “Umm t-thank you.” She said with a blush. “Your welcome.” Replied Decimator. Soon Mr and Ms Wills left the room. “C-Could you please also leave. I wish to be alone as he takes out the arrows.” Requested Cosmo. Cosmo then thanked her maids for understanding. So the 5 maids took a small bow then they immediately left the room and they closed the door behind them. Soon all that was left in the room was Cosmo and Decimator. “May I begin?” Decimator asked Cosmo as he sat down next to her on her royal bed.

 “Is it going to hurt?” Cosmo asked nervously. “Nope.” Replied Decimator as he then showed her all 6 of the arrows that hit her.
Cosmo then felt the spots of where the arrow once were,only to feel them gone. “I didn’t feel a thing.” Cosmo said out of shock. “I used teleportation to retrieve the arrows. I didn’t want to hurt you. That and  I also figured you didn’t want to feel any pain. So I decided to make it as painless as possible.” Explained Decimator as he healed Cosmo’s wounds.

 “ I also highly recommend for you to get plenty of rest. Your body may be fully healed. But the trauma your body has suffered is going to be under great amounts of stress. You did almost die after all. And make sure you drink plenty of water.” Cosmo then blushed uncontrollably as she struggled to find the words to thank him. “Umm uhh
 D-Decimator....thank you...for..ummm everything.

 I-I’m very grateful.” Said Cosmo softly. “Your welcome.” Replied Decimator. Decimator then stood up and bowed towards Cosmo then he asked her if she needed anything else. Cosmo then shook her head. “Very well.” Said Decimator as he then respectfully left Cosmo’s presence. Soon after Decimator left her room Cosmo’s Maids then returned. “Thank you again for waiting.” Said Cosmo as she walked up to them. “Of course. It wasn’t a problem.” Replied Jess with a smile.

 “May I get you something to eat and drink?” Asked Jess. “That’s would be great! I was just thinking about that actually.” Answered Cosmo. So Jess then bowed then she left the room.
“Lady Cosmo. If you allow it, would you like me to fetch you some more comfortable clothes for you to wear?” Asked April. “Yes please.”replied Cosmo. So then April then went over to her dresser to get the clothes. “Do any of you know how to sew clothes?” Cosmo asked politely. “We all know how to sew lady Cosmo.
Did you want us to clean and repair your old clothes?” Asked May.

 “If you could. I would be very grateful.” Replied Cosmo. A few hours latter after Cosmo was fed and dressed for bed. She then went to her library. “No..... no! No! NO! It’s not here!” Cosmo said loudly as she failed to find the book she wanted. “Lady Cosmo. Is there a curtain book that you are looking for?” Asked Sarah as she watched Cosmo read the books again from alphabetical order. Cosmo then stopped looking then she looked at Sarah and said “I cant find Decimator’s name anywhere in these books.” Explained Cosmo. Sarah was silent for a moment but then she spoke.

 “I’m afraid that there isn’t a book about him.” Said Sarah. “What? But how can that be? He’s been with this kingdom for a while now right?” Asked Cosmo in confusion. “Yes he has. For three thousands of years to be exact. But the reason why there’s isn’t any documents about him is because he wishes for no one to know anything about him. He’s very much to himself.” Explained Sarah. “So he doesn’t age?” Asked Cosmo. “Correct. But I only know that because he told me that some time ago.” Said Sarah. “Wow. So he’s like immortal?” Asked Cosmo. Sarah nodded her head.

 “That’s amazing!” Shouted Cosmo with excitement. “Man I wish I knew more about him. He’s always such a mystery.” Said Cosmo as she laid down onto the floor and relaxed. There was some silence in the room as both Cosmo and Sarah remained quiet. “Perhaps you should ask him yourself. He may open up to you.” Said Sarah. Cosmo then suddenly sat up and asked. “Does he have trust issues or something?” Asked Cosmo. “I’m not sure. But I’m sure that is quite possible. Judging by how he struggles to bond with people.” Answered Sarah. Cosmo then sighed then she stood up.

 “Thank you for telling me what you knew. At least I know something about him.” Said Cosmo with gratitude. “Anytime,Lady Cosmo.” Replied Sarah. “Ok. I’m going to head to bed now. I’m exhausted. Thank you for all you guys do. I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning.” Said Cosmo. And with that said Cosmo crawled into bed and soon fell to sleep.

Meanwhile Decimator was talking to King Kenneth on their way to the kings bedroom. “So what did Cosmo think of her bedroom?” Asked the King. “She was quite pleased. She also requested me to pull out her arrows because she was afraid that it would hurt a lot pulling them out.” Replied Decimator. The king then smiled and said “that’s wonderful! I hope she enjoys her stay.” When Kenneth reached his bedroom he then asked Decimator if he was going to his safe room.

 “Yeah I will. Don’t worry my king I promise. I will tame the beast inside.” Replied Decimator. The king then wished Decimator a good night then the king entered his room and he closed his bedroom door. “I should get back to my safe room now. I don’t want to things to go wrong.” Thought Decimator. So then Decimator then walked back through the castle and soon he went to the basement where his safe room was. “Decimator.” The two guard greeted as Decimator walked past them.

 “Hey guys.” Decimator then greeted back to them as he then walked into his safe room. After Decimator shut the thick metal door he then locked it. And he began to light the room. “I’ve got this. I can do this.” He thought to himself as he lit another candle. When all of the candles were lit he then sat on his mat and he began to meditate.

After a few hours went by a dark evil voice suddenly entered Decimator’s mind.The dark evil voice then began to speak.   “murder....I crave...it.” Decimator then shook his head and said in a threatening tone “Get out of my mind!” Decimator’s mind then grew quiet. Then suddenly all of the candles blew out at once and the voice in his head boomed “Death! Kill everyone! KILL!” “NO! I WONT!” Shouted Decimator as he grabbed his helmet and squeeze it. “You killed your comrades....” said the voice in his head.

 Then a memory played in Decimators mind. “STOP! STOP! It wasn’t my fault!” Shouted Decimator as he was forced to rewatch the memory. “But it was....you killed those innocent people....along with your comrades.” Said the dark voice in his mind. “They depended on you...and yet you let them die.” “SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Shouted Decimator as tears ran down his face.

Then suddenly a new memory played in his head. It was the memory of the burning mansion. Then the evil voice spoke again. “You let all of those suffering women die!.... Your pathetic!” Then suddenly Decimator broke. “I...can’t fight you..” thought Decimator as he then relaxed. “You killed them...” repeated the voice in his head. “I killed them...” whispered Decimator. Decimator then began to laugh uncontrollably. “I killed them! I killed them all!” He laughed “Guilt! Pain! Suffering! Rage! Let it all flow!” Screamed the voice in his head.

 Then Decimator blacked out. The next morning soon came and with the sun in the sky,everyone was seated in the dining room except for Decimator. “King Kenneth aren’t you going to eat?” Cosmo asked him as she sat across from him. With a worried look on his face he continued to stare at Decimator’s plate with food still on it. “No I will not. Not until Decimator shows up.” Said King Kenneth. Then after some time passed by a guard soon came rushing up to the king. King Kenneth! It’s Decimator. He’s gone mad!” Said the guard as he was clearly worried. “Please hurry! We can hold him for much longer!”

 King Kenneth then quickly ran towards the  basement where Decimators safe room was. Cosmo then followed the king. Half way down to the basement the king and Cosmo then heard roars, banging,screaming and sounds of sharp claws tearing at the thick steel. “What’s going on!” Demanded the king as he and Cosmo met up with five soldier mages at Decimator’s safe room. “We don’t know my king! He’s never been like this before. He’s acting like a wild animal!” Explained the soldier mage. “He sounds like one too!” Added another guard mage as he held up a barrier. Then suddenly a terrifying blood curdling roar came from inside the safe room. Cosmo then froze in fear as she got very scared.

“Decimator! What’s wrong with you?” Shouted the king. Suddenly the safe room went dead silent to the point where it was eerie. Then the sound of claws scratched up against the steel door and a dark evil voice answered him. “When I get out....I’m going to kill you all....” suddenly a shiver of discomfort ran down everyone’s spine. “That’s not Decimator....” the king spoke in a shaky tone as he backed away from the door. The king then turned to Cosmo and her ordered her to go fetch his documents book in his bedroom drawer. “Go straight until you see the glass vase. Then take a left and my bedroom should be straight ahead.” Explained king Kenneth. With Cosmo terrified she then ran as fast as she could and she listened to the kings directions. When she got to the king Kenneth’s bedroom she then opened his drawer and immediately grabbed a big thick book that said documents on it.

Once Cosmo returned to the basement she then quickly handed the book to king Kenneth. King Kenneth then began to flip through the pages for hints or answers. “There’s nothing here! After thousands of years of documents. My ancestors left me with nothing!” Said the king as he began to panic. With the evil dark voice and Decimator swapping voices, he then suddenly spoke as he banged on the steel relentlessly. “It wasn’t my fault!” He shouted. With Cosmo still terrified she then somehow understood what he was talking about. “Y-Your right Decimator! It wasn’t your fault that those women died
 You didn’t know about the trap or the explosion. But yet you did what you could and you saved me!” Said Cosmo as she walked up to the steel door.

 “I’m a monster! I can’t do anything right! All I do is destroy! I’m worthless!” Shouted Decimator as he then attacked himself. Cosmo then had empathy for him then she said in a soft tone “ No. your not a monster. Your a suffering person with a lot of guilt,pain,anger,mistreatment,and
sadness on your shoulders.

You’ve been bundling up those feelings for far too long.” Then Cosmo placed her hand on the metal door. “I know your suffering,but you don’t have to carry it all by yourself anymore. We’re here for you.” Then for the first time ever Cosmo and everyone then heard Decimator cry. Cosmo then opened the steel door. With the light shining into the darkness of the room,Cosmo then saw Decimator on his knees with his hands in his face, while crying uncontrollably in the darkness of the torn up room. With tears running down Cosmo’s face she then walked up to him and then she got down on her knees.

 She then hugged him. Soon after Cosmo hugged him Decimator then hugged her back as he continued to cry. “I’m so sorry.” Cosmo whispered to Decimator as she cried while she  stretched out her wings and wrapped them around him. Latter that same day Cosmo spent her day comforting and helping Decimator. “I’m sorry for the trouble that I caused.” Apologized Decimator as he sat next to Cosmo at the dining room table. “My dear boy you did nothing wrong. It’s ok.” Assured king Kenneth. “But I made everyone’s food cold.” Said Decimator. “Nonsense! Food can always be remade. I’m just glad to see you feeling better. “ replied the king. Decimator then nodded his head and said “I’m definitely feeling better. Thank you.”

The king then smiled at him and said “no. Thank you. For everything you do for me and my kingdom.” Then the king said “now let us eat!” King Kenneth then clapped his hands twice and then multiple  chefs came out of the kitchen holding silver platters. Once the platters were placed in front of the king,Cosmo and Decimator the chefs then took off the silver tops to reveal two delicious fluffy pancakes,with sausage and eggs. Nobody could see it through his helmet but when Decimator saw the pancakes he was greatly surprised to see them. “My pancakes! He said with shock.

 “How did you know how to make them?” Asked Decimator. “I sometimes watch you cook. And so all I did was write down what you exactly did and give it the chefs.” Replied king Kenneth. “Thank you for this delicious meal!” Said Decimator happily before he poured the syrup onto his pancakes. “Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for. What does he look like without his helmet on?” Thought both Cosmo and king Kenneth.

Then king Kenneth and Cosmo both watched intensely as they waited for him to remove his helmet. But that moment never came because they then watched the food on his fork immediately disappear into thin air. Then both Cosmo and Kenneth thought the same thing. “Instant Teleportation powers” “King Kenneth, if I may ask what’s going to happen to those villagers who lost their homes? Will they be ok?” Cosmo asked as she was clearly worried. The king then answered her. “Not to worry Cosmo. They are working on rebuilding today. I have provided them with tents and anything else they need.”

 “Oh, thank goodness. I was worried about how they would survive with barely anything.” She said with a smile. The king then smiled at Cosmo and said. “Of course. I take care of my people. What kind of a king would I be if I didn’t do that for them.” Then the king looked back at Decimator.  “Decimator, I’ve been thinking and I have decided that you should take a break from work for a little while.” Said king Kenneth. “A break? But why?” Decimator asked as he cut up another piece of pancake.

 “Well you’ve been struggling to hold in your emotions lately. So I want you to take a break to release those feelings of yours. Write about your feelings or talk to someone. I don’t care what you do. Just find a way to release those feelings. While your on your break for a month, I order you to relax and to enjoy yourself.” Ordered the king. Decimator then almost choked on a piece of pancake while eating. “A whole month off work?” Asked Decimator in disbelief after he swallowed his food. “That’s right. In fact,I want Cosmo to watch over you.” Added the king. “What!” Shouted both Cosmo and Decimator.

“King Kenneth please! I don’t need a babysitter. I don’t need a break. I’m happy just to work for you. I don’t need any of this.” Explained Decimator. The king then starred at Decimator then with a serious tone he said “No work what so ever from anywhere. One month. That’s it. Is that clear Decimator?” With Defeat oozing from Decimator’s body language he then finished eating. “After a month, may I return to work?” Asked Decimator as the maids then took his plate. King Kenneth then nodded his head. “But first! Please start your break off by taking Miss Cosmo for a walk around the gardens.” Replied the king.

 Cosmo then blushed as she heard what the king said. Decimator then sighed and said “As you wish my king.” So after breakfast Cosmo waited  patiently outside of Decimators bedroom as Decimator changed into some more comfortable clothing. (Since he wont be working for a while.) Soon Decimator came walking out of his bedroom while wearing a black hoodie with dark blue jeans. “Is there something wrong?” Decimator asked Cosmo as he caught her staring at him. “T-There’s nothing wrong!” She said suddenly as she quickly turned her head away from him. “Okayyy...” Decimator then said to himself as he watched Cosmo’s reaction. Then he walked off. “That was so awkward! Why on earth did I stare at him for that long? No wonder he said “Okay” like that. I probably made him uncomfortable. I’m so embarrassed!” Thought Cosmo as she blushed.

 Then Decimator called her name from down the hall. “ Hey Cosmo! Are you coming or not?” He asked as he looked back at her. “I-Im coming.” She Answered him shyly. After Cosmo caught up with him,he then led Cosmo out of the Castle. “Here we are.” Said Decimator as he open the last and final door to the outside. Cosmo’s eyes then widened with amazement as she saw all different kinds of beautiful looking plants within the garden.

With Cosmo speechless she then walked around the garden and she smelled the flowers. “So what do you think?” Asked Decimator as he sat down on a bench near a koi pond. “This place is so beautiful. I’ve never seen such unique colors before.” Replied Cosmo as she reached out her hand and had a butterfly land on her finger. She then giggled as another butterfly landed on her shoulder. Then for the first time in a long time. Decimator then smiled at Cosmo,even though he was still hiding behind his helmet.

She then looked at Decimator and said with a smile. “Your happy. Theres an emotion I don’t get to see from you very often.” Decimator then asked Cosmo how she knew how he feels. After the two butterflies flew away off she then began to explain how she knew. “All angels have the power of empathy. To feel what someone person or other creatures are feeling inside.
We have no idea why the person or creature feels that way or what caused them to feel that way. But we are capable of reading people’s feelings,very much like a book. Some angels have a lot of empathy and others not so much. I on the other hand was the very first angel to be made from the mother of angels. She made me to be a very gentle and patient angel. Something that most angels lack. But we are all different. With different strengths and weaknesses.” When Cosmo finished talking she then sat down next to Decimator.

“M-May I ask you a question?” She asked shyly as she looked at him. Decimator then got a little nervous then he said “I guess it would be ok. It would only be fair.” “Are you able to control your presence? Because I can’t  feel anything coming from you for right now.” “I can, to a limit.” Explained Decimator “But not really. It tends to have a mind of its own.

Some days it’s can be rather quite powerful and other days it can be none whatsoever. What I do know is my presence is also a weapon. I can easily kill anyone who I find as a threat to me. So I need to be careful about who I am around. It often kills those with evil intentions.But it also kills those who are innocent. I’m still trying to control it. King Kenneth had a special spell casted onto me to prevent me from accidentally killing anybody that is important to me.” “Don’t worry. You’ll learn to control it some day. I’m sure you can!” Said Cosmo in a encouraging tone. “Heh thanks Cosmo.” Decimator said nervously as he looked around. Then there was some silence as they both sat next to each other.

“The weathers nice.” Cosmo said as she tried to break the awkwardness. “Yeah! It is. It’s currently Sunny. With a high of 73 degrees out. Feels like 67 degrees out. Humidity is 13 percent. And the air quality is good.” Said Decimator quickly and suddenly out of nervousness. He then froze up as he then realized what he said. “You are an idiot! You just sounded like a weatherman from Fox12! What the hell is wrong with you! There’s no way in hell that she’s going to respond with something that isn’t going to be a joke.” With a surprised look on Cosmo’s face she then replied and said “Wow! Your so smart! You can really know all that just from the sun and the air around you?” Decimator then began to sweat a little. “Ok dude, she’s about to judge you. Prepare yourself to be insulted.” Thought Decimator as he sat there like a statue. “Y-Yes....” He replied quietly.

Cosmo then smiled and said. “That’s amazing!” A shocked look then appeared on his face. “I can’t believe she didn’t judge me.” Thought Decimator as the nervousness somewhat disappeared. Cosmo then went to ask another question when suddenly the princess’s voice was heard in the distant. “Hi Decimator! How are you doing today?” Asked the princess as she quickly walked up to him. “I’m doing alright.” Replied Decimator as he noticed her presence.

 “Wow. She is so pretty.” Thought Cosmo as she looked at the princess’s long blonde hair. The princess wore a beautiful yellow dress with a pretty designs on it. Decimator then began to introduce Cosmo to the princess.
“Cosmo, this is princess Natalie Grownsworth. She’s the kings daughter.”  Explained Decimator. “It’s so nice to meet you. I Love your dress. It looks really good on you.” Greeted Cosmo with a shy smile.

“Oh thank you! My father had it specially made just for me.” Replied Princess Natalie. Then Natalie starred at Cosmo with a smile on her face. Then things began to get awkward because no one else was talking. “Natalie’s definitely wanting to talk to Cosmo alone. So....I’m just going to go.” Thought Decimator as he watched Natalie stare at Cosmo. “Well! I’m going to go take my smoke break now. So that you guys can talk and get to know each other better.” Said Decimator as he stood up and then walked off.

Once Decimator was out of the picture Natalie then asked “Ok! So what’s your deal? Why are you hanging out with him?” She Demanded. “Oh uhh he was just showing me around. That’s all.” Replied Cosmo in a shy tone. Natalie’s eyes glared. “He’s never taken anybody around the castle like that before.

Are you telling me he wanted to show you around MY castle?” She asked once more. “Well...you see. He didn’t have much of a choice. King Kenneth told him to show me around the garden.” Explained Cosmo as she began to feel uncomfortable.  Natalie then crossed her arms and asked “Are you into him?” Cosmo then blushed greatly and quickly replied “What! No! Why would I ever be interested into him of all people? He’s just a person who I just met.” A smile then formed on Natalie’s face.

 “Ok good! Because he’s going to be my king some day and we’ll rule over this kingdom together.” Boasted Natalie. “Oh...that’s nice. I hope things work out between you too.” Cosmo said politely and respectfully. Natalie then said “Don’t worry, It will work out. Besides I can give him anything and everything he would possibly want. All men want a sexy intelligent woman. Not a child like you. You stand no chance against me. So don’t even think about possibly liking him. And if you try anything funny with him I’ll have you thrown into jail!” And with that said she then pridefully walked off.

“She didn’t have to be so rude.” Thought Cosmo as she sat there alone with her feeling hurt. “I’m not a child. I’m just sensitive.” She whispered to herself as she tried not to cry. She sat there in silence as a butterfly then landed on her leg. At first she was surprised to see the butterfly, but once she saw that butterfly she felt less sad. “Thank you little one.” She said to it as she petted the back of the butterfly. Soon Decimator returned to see Cosmo playing with a butterfly. “I’m back!” Announced Decimator as he approached the garden.

 “Oh where did Natalie go?” He asked Cosmo out of curiosity. “She walked off.” Explained Cosmo as she nervously played with the butterfly. “Oh I see. It’s not usual for her not to say goodbye without talking to me first. But she is the princess after all. So I’m sure she was busy.” Decimator said to himself.  Decimator then looked at Cosmo to see how nervous she was. “Why are you so nervous? Did something happen?” Decimator asked her suddenly. Cosmo then seemed even more nervous than usual by the way she answered him. “No.” She answered softly. “Ok then...” he said with his words faded away.

Then he sat down next to Cosmo in silence. “Hey Decimator....what would you do if you were king?” Cosmo asked suddenly. Decimator then he began to think. “If I were a king I’d probably dream of bringing peace into the world.” Answered Decimator. “That sounds wonderful. I’m sure you’ll be a great king some day.” She said softly. Decimator then stood up and said “That’s just a fantasy of course.” Cosmo then looked up to him and she gave him a weak smile.

 Decimator suddenly then asked Cosmo what she wanted to do. “I don’t know.” Cosmo said in a quieter tone than usual. “Something definitely happened between Natalie and her. She’s obviously upset about something.” Thought Decimator as he watched Cosmo remain quiet. “I wish I knew what to do when someone was upset. What should I do?”  He thought to himself.

 Decimator then looked around and then he saw a bloomed blue flower growing off of a bush. So he picked the flower and with nervousness running through his body he then handed Cosmo the flower. When Cosmo saw the flower she then looked up and smiled at Decimator. “Thank you.” She said to him as she took the dead flower from him. When Decimator noticed that the flower that he picked had died he then told Cosmo to give it back to him.

 “No! I like it!” She argued as she shielded the dead flower with her hands. “But nobody wants a dead plant. So give it back and I’ll pick you a different one.” Urged Decimator. “No! Just because it died doesn’t mean that it can’t be saved.” She said quietly. “What do you mean?” Asked Decimator. “Watch.” Ordered Cosmo.

With the flower laying in Cosmo’s hands she and Decimator then watched the flower. “Nothing going to happen. It’s dead Cosmo.” Decimator said plainly. “Just watch.” She said once more as she continued to watch the dead flower. So Decimator watched the dead flower and he patiently waited. Soon the plant slowly got its color back and it began to grow slightly bigger than before.“Wait what?! How are you doing that?” Decimator asked in shocked as he watched the flower come back to life. “Life is like this plant. It grows and lives. And eventually it dies. But with a little help from someone who cares.

The plant can then be reborn.” Explained Cosmo. Then she placed the flower into her storage magic. “Won’t the flower die without water?” Asked Decimator. Cosmo slowly shook her head. Time doesn’t exist inside storage magic. So as long as I have it in there, it won’t die.” Explained Cosmo. Then she smiled at him.

 “She’s amazing! I never thought that something like that could be done.” He thought to himself as he watched Cosmo stand up and dust off her blue mini skirt. Cosmo then turned to Decimator and she thanked him for the beautiful flower. Decimator then said “your welcome.” In an nervous tone. Then Cosmo and Decimator both got quiet. “S-So Decimator. What do you plan on doing on your vacation?” She asked shyly. “I’m probably going to teleport a month ahead. So that way I can skip this vacation thing and get back to work.” Explained Decimator.

He then looked at Cosmo to see her arms crossed and an annoyed look on her face. Decimator then felt intimidated. “Ok! Ok! I won’t do that. I’ll obey the king and suffer the whole month. Geez just stop glaring at me like that.” Complained Decimator. Cosmo then smiled and said “Good!”

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“So uhhh....what else did you want to do today? Besides hanging out in the garden.” Cosmo asked shyly. Decimator then looked at the sky and said “Honestly I want to go kill something.” Then Decimator got an idea. “Ok I’ve decided.” He said suddenly as he then opened a portal. Then he walked through the portal. “What is that and where is he going?” Thought Cosmo as she stood there in fear. Decimator then poked his head through the portal and asked “hey are you coming or not? Cause if your not I’m going to close this portal. Or you can stay here and play the guessing game of when will I be back and where did I go. It’s your choice.” Then he disappeared back into the portal.

 “I’m scared. What’s on the other end of the portal? Will it hurt me?” She thought to herself as she was hesitant to go. Soon the portal began to wobble as if it was getting ready to close. “Wait!” She shouted then she darted into the portal. Then the portal closed. After going through the portal Cosmo then found herself standing in the middle of a guild hall. As everyone stared at her she then looked around the building and soon found Decimator standing next to the quest board. With whistles and comments flying at Cosmo from other guilds she then blushed out of embarrassment and quickly walked up to Decimator.

Once Decimator felt Cosmo’s presence he then turned to her and asked her if she wanted to do an easy quest or a harder quest. “Your going to break your promise to king Kenneth?” She said in shock. Decimator then got confused. “What are you talking about?” He asked out of confusion. “I-I’m talking about how your going to work and break your promise,” Explained Cosmo as she was still embarrassed about being noticed by everyone in the building.

 “I’m not breaking any orders. I’m doing this because I want to. And! I’m technically not working for anyone but myself.” Argued Decimator. “B-But it is a job! You do quests for them. They pay you. T-That’s what a job is!” Said Cosmo. “Ok fine! I’ll just volunteer then.” Said Decimator. “B-But you cant!” She said shyly. Decimator then sighed loudly then he asked what the difference was if he went somewhere random to kill monsters there, or doing volunteer work.

 “All I’m going to be doing is making sure nobody gets hurt. Is that so bad?” He asked in confidence. Cosmo then got quiet. Then she answered him. “If that’s you reason. Then I suppose that will be fine. Just remember you aren’t getting ANYTHING from doing this. Ok?” Decimator then agreed with a quick Ok. So then Cosmo and Decimator went up to the desk to register. “Oh! Sir Decimator. Welcome back! It’s been some time since we last saw you.” Said the woman from behind the counter. “Yeah. Same to you. I hope everything’s been going well around here.” He said politely.

 “It’s been doing alright. So,are you looking for a quest today?” Asked the woman. “Nah not today. I was hoping to be a volunteer for the day.” Explained Decimator. “Oh! Of course! That’s sweet of you to volunteer. Not very many people do that kind of job anymore. I’m glad to see you doing so well. Here’s your badge and don’t forget to pick up some potions if your interested.”  “Thanks again Savanna.” Thanked Decimator as he took his badge and left the line. Next Cosmo approached the counter. “Umm Hi.” Greeted Cosmo as she was nervous and shy at the same time.

“Hello! Well, your definitely a new face around here. Welcome to our guild house. I’m the Guild master, Savanna. What can I do for you today?” Greeted Savanna. “I umm was hoping to be a volunteer for today.” Cosmo said shyly. “Ok! Here’s your badge and please sign this form. And when your done just bring it back to me.” Explained Savanna. “Oh ok! T-Thank you Savanna.” Said Cosmo as she took the form and badge from her.

 Soon Cosmo met back up with Decimator at a wooden table. “H-Hey Decimator do you know why we have these badges and what they are for?” Cosmo asked him as she sat down next to him. “It’s quite simple. They are to be used to show people who you are, when they find your dead body.” Explained Decimator as took out his combat knife and began to polish it. Cosmo then had a disgusted look on her face as she stopped writing out the her form.

“What in the world did I get myself into?” She thought to herself. “So what does the color of a badge mean?” She asked out of curiosity. “The colors of the badges represents ranks. The one that you have is Steel. In other words you’re a beginner. Then theres Copper,Bronze,Silver,Gold,Platinum and lastly Diamond. It takes a lot of work to get a new badge. But it’s not impossible.” He said while sitting back in his chair. “Oh....so that’s how it works.” Cosmo said quietly. “This place is so weird. They’re basically recruiting strangers to kill the evil things in this world?” She thought to herself as she continued to fill out her form. When Cosmo finished her form she then got up and returned the form to Savanna.

 “Thank you. May you be safe on your travels.” Savanna said to Cosmo as she took the form from her. After Cosmo thanked Savanna, she then returned to the table where Decimator was. “So what do we do now?” She asked as she sat back down into her chair. “We wait.” Replied Decimator as he waited patiently. With everyone in the room staring at Decimator and Cosmo they talked amongst themselves. Cosmo then got nervous as she could clearly hear what the other guild members were talking about. “Is that girl an angel?” Asked a female mage as she stood next to her guild leader.

 “Probably. But she sure did team up with the wrong person. I almost feel bad for her.” Said a muscular man with a great sword. Then Cosmo turned her hearing to a different guild party. “Who is that guy? He looks weird, but oddly intimidating.” Said a man with with a shield and sword. “ Hey! I remember him from the battle at the village! He’s the one who came from the portal and killed all of the bandits with just his presence alone. I think he was sent by king Kenneth to rescue the very same angel that is next to him right now.” Said a man with brand new armor and spear. “Ha! He doesn’t look too strong. I bet anyone can kick his ass. ” Said a strong bald man as he sat on a stool. Soon Cosmo heard someone approaching them so she turned her attention to that sound.

“Hi! Are you guys volunteers?” Asked a young man as he approached their table. Decimator then answered him. “We are.” The young man then became relieved. “Thank goodness! I thought volunteers didn’t exist anymore.” Said the young man. “My sister and some friends of mine are looking for someone to protect us. As you can already see, we don’t have the best armor or weapons. So we were hoping that we could do a quest that pays really well. But at the same time we don’t want to be killed out there. So could you help us? We’re willing to pay you regardless of you being Volunteers.” Said the young man.

Decimator wiped his combat knife once last time then he looked at the young man and said “I’ll help you. But I have one request.” “What would that be?” Asked the young man. Decimator then smiled behind his helmet and said “Let me kill anything at dares to harm us.” The young man had a surprised look on his face but then he smiled at Decimator and said “Deal!”

 Then they shook hands. “Let’s head out then! My sister and friends are waiting just outside with a wagon.” Said the young man. So Decimator and Cosmo followed the young man until they reached their wagon. “Michael, who are they?” Asked the young mans sister who sat at the front of the wagon. “They are here to protect us sis.” Explained the young man.

 “Are they volunteers?” Asked his sister once more. Michael then folded his arms and nodded. His sister then sighed then she began to introduce herself to Cosmo and Decimator. “My names Ruby. Those three in the back are Gavin,Ivy and Flint.” “Hey! Did you forget someone?” Said the young man. “Oh. And that beside you is Michael my brother.” Said Ruby. Decimator then began to introduce himself and Cosmo. “My name is Decimator and this is Cosmo.” Cosmo then shyly waved at them. “Now that we all know each other. Let hit the road!” Shouted Michael with excitement.

 So after everyone climbed into the wagon they then left for their destination. While everyone was enjoying talking to each other, Decimator rested in the very back of the wagon next to Cosmo. “Too close! Too close!”Thought Cosmo as her shoulder touched Decimator’s shoulder. Meanwhile Decimator was thinking of something different. “This is nice. But this is also bullshit! We could’ve been there by now if we would have used my teleportation powers. Oh well....I guess I’ll just relax until something appears on my radar.” Thought  Decimator.

So Decimator then decided to put his arms around the edges of the wagon and he began to meditate. Then Suddenly a small squeal came from Cosmo. “What the heck was that?” Decimator thought to himself as he lost focus of his meditation. He then looked around only to see Cosmo quietly squealing as her face was bright red from blushing wildly. “Whats her deal?” Thought Decimator. Then suddenly Decimators eyes widened and his heart beated quickly as he saw his shoulder touching hers along with his arms practically around her. “Oh good God!” He thought to himself as he very quickly pulled his arms back.

 “Damn this stupid barrel next to me!” He thought to himself as he quickly stood up and walked over to another nearby seat only to sit by hisself. “Well that was unexpectedly embarrassing.” Whispered Decimator as he couldn’t look at Cosmo. Before long everyone soon arrived at their destination. “Here we are!” Shouted Ruby as she pulled the wagon to a stop.

Then everyone  piled out of the wagon. ”Remember everybody, we’re hunting lizard-men. We only need 5 of them.” Said Michael as he looked at his party. So then everyone stayed together and they looked around the edges of the water  only to see an never ending swamp. “It’s quiet.” Said Flint as he looked around.

 “They’re probably planning an sneak attack. We should get away from the water.” Suggested Ruby. Then right when everyone was backing away from the waters edge that’s when the lizard-men leaped out of the water! Once the lizard-men landed on dry land they then drew their weapons and got ready to fight. Michael’s party then went to draw their weapons when suddenly Decimator stepped in front of them. “Leave them to me. I got this. ” He said to his party as his circular blood red left eye had suddenly appeared.

Compacted air then fled from his mask. Then he suddenly summoned a golden scythe out of thin air. With a dark oozing sound flowing from the scythe, Decimator then threw a ghostly looking fire bomb from his hands at the lizard-men. After the bomb exploded Decimator then charged at them! With the lizard-men caught off guard they then watched as Decimator skillfully slaughtered them quickly.

 “This man is no normal person!” Thought one of the lizard-men as he watched Decimator kill them with rage and enjoyment. Decimator then spun his scythe on the ground only then to let go of it. Everyone then watched as the scythe locked onto the enemy and it chased down many lizard-man and brutally cut through their bodies. Then Decimator quickly summoned another Golden scythe and he threw it into the air. Only to have it spin around in the air while it also chased down the enemy.

With lizard-men dying within seconds they soon began to pile up on the ground as more and more lizard-men leaped from the swamp. And when Decimator became overwhelmed by their numbers, he jumped back and his mask shot out a cloud of black smoke. The lizard-men then screamed out in pain as the black smoke burned them while slowly eating away their skin and scales. As for those who inhaled the smoke they suffered greatly as the smoke ate them from the inside out.

Soon only 3 lizard-men remained as they hid in the water of the swamp. “Retreat! Retreat!” Shouted the lizard-men as they fled from Decimator. “Your not getting away!” Whispered Decimator as he teleported them in front of Him. “You dare try to run from me?” Decimator asked them as his red circular eye shined brightly in the thick smoke. Then he stepped out of the smoke while holding his twin scythes. “Please spare us! We’ll do anything! Have mercy!” Begged the 3 lizard-men as they got on their knees and bowed down to him.

With his red circular eye shining  brightly Decimator then answered them. “Mercy is for the weak!” At that moment the 3 lizard-men knew that they were about to die. The first lizard-man went to run,but he was too slow for Decimator. Right when the lizard-man stood up to run, that’s when Decimator swung his scythe and cut off the lizard-man legs off.

The lizard-man then screamed out in pain as he fell onto his knees. “Please! Don’t kill me! We won’t kill or torture anyone anymore! Please don’t kill me!” Begged the legless lizard-man as he stared up at Decimator. Decimator starred down at him then he chopped the lizard-mans head off while using his twin golden scythes. “You bastard! You’ll pay with you life!” Yelled the second lizard-man as stood up and faced Decimator.

Decimator then froze in place as he looked at the second lizard-man. Decimator then did something unexpected. He placed his twin golden scythes on his back and he took a fighting stance. “Is this a trap? Why would he put away his weapons?”Thought the second lizard-man. “Fool! I will just cut you into pieces with my claws!” He thought to himself as he evilly smiled at Decimator. Suddenly the second lizard-man charged at Decimator with a great speed ,before leaping into the air to attack him from above. Decimator then braced himself as he watched the lizard-man get closer to him.

When the time was perfect, the lizard-man then went to strike Decimator in the face. But Decimator was prepared and he blocked the lizard-man’s arm from hitting him. Then with one swift and quick movement Decimator grabbed the lizard-man’s arms and he used the lizard-man’s momentum to his advantage as he then swung the lizard-man into the ground! “Death to you Scum!” Decimator said to him as he then lifted his leg.

 Then blood splattered everywhere as Decimator stomped onto the lizard-man’s face and shattered the lizard-man’s skull. After taking his foot off of the second lizard-man face he then looked at the final and last lizard-man. The last lizard-man then stood there in fear. “He’s a monster! Nobody should have that kind of power!” Thought the last lizard-man.

 “I’ve got no choice. I have to fight him. If I were to run he would kill me in a flash.” The last lizard-man then darted head on towards Decimator with a great amount of speed. The lizard-man then drew his sword as he ran. With a flash of his blade he quickly struck Decimator’s in his left arm as Decimator once again went to block his attack.  But then suddenly the lizard-man’s eyes widened as the sound of metal clashed and his sword shattered before his eyes.

“But how?! I should have taken his arm clean off!” Thought the last lizard-man as time halted and it seemed to almost stop for him. “I’m going to die!” Thought the lizard-man as time slowed and he watched Decimator take control of his movements. The lizard-man’s then looked into Decimator’s glowing red eye to see his inner demons laughing at his stupidity. Then suddenly Decimator kneed the lizard-man in the gut. The lizard-man then gasped for air as the air was knocked out of him. Decimator then quickly took out his combat knife and he stabbed the lizard-man in the gut.

The lizard-man then fell to his knees as he was left in shock. “I’ll see you in hell!” Decimator said to him. Then Decimator vanished into thin air, only to reappear behind the lizard-man with a futuristic looking shotgun in his hands. Then a loud bang filled the air. With the top part of the lizard-man’s torso now gone, he then collapsed to the ground dead.

Decimator then looked at his party to see everyone horrified. “Why are you guys staring at me like that. Hurry up and pick your five lizard-men and lets go.”  said Decimator in an annoyed tone. His gun then disappeared from his hand as it was replaced it with a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. “I’m taking a smoke break.” Said Decimator while walking off into the forest behind them.
With the party standing there in shock everyone then struggled to talk. “What did I just witness? Was that even a fight?” Thought Michael as he stood there in shock.

Suddenly Ruby puked and everyone slowly snapped out of their state of shock from what they saw. “He was so strong! I’ve never seen such strange magic before.” Said Ivy. “Did anybody else see how he blocked the sword with his arm? How did the sword not cut through him?” Asked Gavin. Meanwhile Cosmo was still horrified. “Debbi was right.” She whispered to herself. Then she remembered what Debbi said to her. “He is the God of Death. His presence alone kills dozens of  innocent people just by being near them. But somehow this one man killed over +260,000 soldiers without any effort. It was a bloodbath. We don’t know where he came from or what he wants. But what we do know is that man is beyond this world.”

 “Are you ok Cosmo? You look pretty shaken up.” Said Michael as he walked up to her. Cosmo nodded her head slowly in silence. “She seems kinda uncomfortable. I should get her mind off of what just happened.” Thought Michael. “So Cosmo, I’m sorry if this is a rude question. But are you an angel?” Asked Michael. “Y-Yes I am.” Said Cosmo quietly. “I knew it! I knew she was an angel the moment I saw her.” Thought Michael.

A sudden thought then came to Michael’s mind. “Wait....did Decimator steal her from heaven?! I mean how else would there be an angel from heaven be here?” Michael then looked at Cosmo. “Should I ask her?” He thought to himself. So Michael made up his mind and he decided to ask her a question.

“Hey Cosmo. Did Decimator steal you from heaven?” He asked. Cosmo remained quiet as she shook her head and said. “No he didn’t. I was left behind by mistake. You see every ten thousand years all of the angels in heaven go to a sacred place in the universe to celebrate our rebirth day. But unfortunately after the celebration was over I was accidentally left behind because I went to be by myself. I’m not a very social type of person.

But by the time I realized that I was left behind, it was already too late. Heavens gates had closed in the sky. So with nothing able to get me back to heaven I went to go create what we call ( a potion of entering). If you get the right  ingredients you can make a potion that opens heavens gates.

But unfortunately I didn’t find many of the ingredients that I needed. So I gave up.” Explained Cosmo. “I see. That makes more sense. I was worried that Decimator kidnapped you or something like that.” Said Michael. Cosmo then smiled and said “In a way, he did kidnap me. He was originally going to sell me to a rich man named Mr Zïffer. But Decimator somehow read their minds and he protected me when things went wrong. Now you can look at him in two different ways. You can focus on the negatives in him. Or you can look at him as if he was trying to give me a home. I know he has some flaws but all in all he is a pretty good guy. And I’m grateful to have him save my life twice now. If he wasn’t there I would be suffering or dead.”

“So you trust him?” Asked Michael. Cosmo then got a little nervous and said “ I’m starting to trust him. Though I wish he would open up to me more about him and his life. He’s such a mysterious man.” Michael then smiled at Cosmo and said “I’m grateful to have him on our adventure. He’s pretty cool guy.” After Flint and Gavin gathered the five dead Lizard-men that they chose they then signaled to Michael that they were good to go. “Alright! We’re heading out now!” Michael called out to everyone as he climbed up onto him wagon.

Soon everyone got into the wagon and then they left for the guild. It was a long quiet ride back to the guild as the sun slowly fell from the sky. As the air around them grew colder Cosmo watched Decimator as he sat in silence, on the opposite side of the wagon. “H-How’s your arm?” Cosmo asked him softly as she stared at his left arm.

Decimator looked at Cosmo then he looked away from her. “It’s fine.” He said quietly. “He’s pushing me away.” Cosmo thought to herself. Cosmo shivered a little bit as the coldness of the air started to effect her. “Are you cold?” Decimator asked Cosmo as he began to notice her hugging herself.

She then slowly nodded her head in silence. Decimator then got up and he walked over to Cosmo. “Here.” Said Decimator as he looked at Cosmo while handing her a warm,thick, blanket. A surprised look appeared on Cosmo’s face as she looked back at him. “T-Thank you.” She said quietly as she took the blanket from him.

 “He may be pushing me away but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about me.” Thought Cosmo as she wrapped the warm blanket around herself.  Soon Cosmo got warm and she no longer felt cold. “Aren’t you cold Decimator?” She asked him as she looked at him. Decimator looked at Cosmo then he looked away only to reply with the word “no.” “Oh, ok.” Whispered Cosmo. Soon everyone in the wagon finally reached the guild.

 “Here’s your pay Decimator and thank you so much for the help.” Said Michael as he handed Decimator a small bag of money. Decimator looked at the small bag of money then he handed the money back to him. “I’m just a volunteer. Besides that I already got my award for the day.” Said Decimator.

Decimator then went to walk away when he froze in place. He then looked back at Michael,Ruby,Flint,Gavin,and Ivy to see a confused look on their faces. Decimator turned back to them then he approached Michael. “Oh gosh did I do something to piss him off?” Michael Thought to himself as sweat ran down his face.

Decimator then stared at Michael then he teleported 10 fifty pound bags and 5 large chests out of nowhere. “This is all the money I ever made during my days of adventuring. Use it as you wish. I don’t need it.” Then Decimator went to walk away when Michael called out his name. “That is nice of you. But we can’t accept this. You worked hard for this money.” Said Michael. “You won’t accept it?” Decimator asked as his left eye began to flicker on. Everyone then began to get scared.

 “We’ll accept it! We’ll accept it!” Shouted Michael. Decimator eye then disappeared and then he gave them a thumbs up. “Take care guys and stay safe out there. Monsters don’t rest.” Decimator said to them before turning his attention to Cosmo who was standing beside him. Cosmo smiled at him as she stared at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Decimator asked as he opened the portal. Cosmo blushed then she said “no reason.”  “Ok....” Thought Decimator as he and Cosmo both walked into the portal.

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Heaven In Hell
Chapter 5

It was around midnight as Cosmo awoke from her sleep to see Decimator standing in her room while looking out her window. At first she was a little frightened but when she realized it was just Decimator,she sat up and asked him if he was ok. “I’m fine.” He said quietly as he continued to look out the window.

Cosmo then got a little confused. “So why is he in my room? I hope he wasn’t watching me sleep.” Thought Cosmo. “D-Did you have a nightmare?” Cosmo asked him softly. Decimator was quiet for some time before he answered her. “No.” He whispered. Cosmo then got a bit more confused.

“M-May I ask you what you are doing in my bedroom at this time of night?” She asked shyly as she wrapped her blanket around her chest. Decimator then looked at the moon then he replied to Cosmo’s question. “I can’t sleep and I don’t want to sleep. So I often spend my time walking around the kingdom making sure that everyone is ok.” That’s sweet of him.” Cosmo thought to herself. “Why umm can’t you sleep?” She asked him in a soft comforting tone.

As she waited for Decimator to respond she could feel a great amount of sadness,guilt, and I little bit of anger coming from him. But despite those feelings Decimator’s left eye did not light up. Decimator then answered Cosmo with a question. “Cosmo, if someone you cared about were to die before your eyes. Would you be able to sleep?” Cosmo had a surprised look on her face.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know how to respond to that.” Apologized Cosmo. He then looked at Cosmo to see her reaction. “Its ok. I’m not expecting you to understand.” He said as he then went to leave her room. Decimator then walked over to her doorway and stopped.  “Tomorrow I need to go somewhere and since the king required that you were to be with me, you must follow me.” He told her before he attempted to leave her room.

“Oh...ok.” Cosmo said quietly. “Sorry for waking you and confusing you with such a question. Good night.” Then he left her room and closed the door behind him. With Cosmo left there in silence she thought about Decimator and what he said to her. “He was so sad. I wonder what happened to him in his past?” She thought to herself.

After brainstorming for a little while she then came up with a possible reason why Decimator told her that. “Maybe he can’t sleep because he has constant nightmares or maybe it he has memory dreams.” she whispered to herself. “Ether way, if I weren’t having good dreams and I was constantly having the same dream, I guess I wouldn’t want to sleep ether.” Thought Cosmo. “I want to understand you and help you. But I don’t know what to say or do to help you.” She whispered to herself.

Before long Cosmo soon fell back to sleep. The next morning soon came and with the sun in the sky Cosmo awoke from her sleep. “Good morning! Lady Cosmo.” Greeted her maids as they smiled at her. “Good morning Jan,Sarah,April,Mary and Jess.” Greeted Cosmo with a kind smile. After Cosmo got changed she made her way to the breakfast table. “Good morning King Kenneth!” Greeted Cosmo as she sat down at the big long wooden dinner table.

 “Good morning Miss Cosmo. How are you doing today on this fine morning?” Asked king Kenneth with a smile. Cosmo smiled back at him and said “I’m doing well this morning. How are you?” “I’m feeling great this morning.” He said proudly. Soon Cosmo’s and king Kenneth’s food came to the table.

Then Cosmo noticed Decimator’s plate missing from the table. “Why is Decimator’s plate missing?” She asked king Kenneth before she began to eat. King Kenneth swallowed his food then he said “Every day around this time of the year he tends to disappear through a portal to unknown lands. No one knows where he goes or why. But I’m not worried about him. He always comes back after about a week.” “I wonder if that’s what he was talking about last night.” Thought Cosmo. “You better hurry up and eat. Decimator doesn’t like to wait on others.” Said king Kenneth. “O-Oh ok! I’ll hurry up then.” Said Cosmo.

So after Cosmo quickly ate her breakfast she hurried off to meet up with Decimator. “He didn’t even tell me where to meet him at.” Thought Cosmo as she ran around the castle looking for him. Soon Cosmo saw her maid Mary, walking down one of the halls of the castle. “E-Excuse me Mary!” She shyly called out to her.

Mary then turned to the call to see Cosmo approaching her. “Is there something you need Lady Cosmo?” Asked Mary. Cosmo nodded her head shyly and she asked her if she has seen Decimator anywhere. Mary then began to think. “I saw him in the garden earlier this morning. Which is a bit strange. He use to hate that garden.” Said Mary as she seemed a little confused. “Thank you Mary I’ll go there right now.” Said Cosmo as she quickly hurried off.

 “My! She must have a lot of energy to run around the castle like that.” Thought Mary as she watched Cosmo hurry off. After Cosmo ran around the castle she soon arrived outside. “What took you so long?” Decimator asked in an annoyed tone as he saw Cosmo approaching him. “Y-You didn’t tell me where to meet you at.” She said softly. Decimator got quiet and looked away. “She’s right. I didn’t.” Thought Decimator as he stood there in silence.

Decimator then turned his attention back to Cosmo. “Sorry.” He said quietly while he struggled to look at her. “It’s ok.” She said with a blush. She then noticed a silver scythe on Decimator’s back. “May I ask why you have your scythe on your back?” Cosmo asked out of curiosity. Decimator looked over his shoulder to see his scythe on his back then he looked at Cosmo and said. “It’s my favorite weapon and the most dangerous. I use to have this weapon on my back all the time. But then I stopped after I retired from adventuring.” “It looks good on you.” She said with a sweet smile.

Decimator quickly then looked away from Cosmo and said “I-It’s a weapon. Not a decoration.” “I know that.” She said with confidence. “Why is she so damn kind?” Thought Decimator as he turned away from her to open a portal. Once the portal was opened he and Cosmo then walked through it. When Cosmo walked out of the other side of the portal she was shocked to see buildings that reached the sky. “Where are we?”

She thought to herself as she followed Decimator out of a dark alleyway. Once out of the dark alleyway Cosmo saw many futuristic shops,buildings and hovering vehicles as she and Decimator walked on the sidewalks. “It’s a city.” She said to herself quietly as she looked around. She then looked up to see vehicles flying in the sky’s above. While passing some shops something caught Cosmo’s eyes. “Wow! What pretty clothes.” She said to herself as she looked through the glass of a shop to see different kinds of dresses and clothes.

 “I want to go home. But I guess we could do some sightseeing. Despite me seeing this place over a trillion times....” thought Decimator as he saw how excited Cosmo was. “Do you want to go inside and look around?” Asked Decimator as he looked at her. Cosmo then blushed and said quietly “No. We don’t have to. Besides I’m sure that your already busy with something else. I mean I’m pretty sure you didn’t come here just for me to look around the shops.”

“Well your right about that.” He thought to himself. Decimator then sighed and said “You got 3 hours before it starts to rain. It would be a waste to not enjoy the shops while you still can. So why not?” “Y-You really don’t mind?” She asked shyly as she looked at him. “I don’t mind.” Said Decimator as he looked back at her.

Cosmo then smiled and her little white angel lightly flapped softly. “Ok then!” She said softly with excitement. Then she and Decimator went into the shop. “Welcome!” Said the person behind the counter as they walked through the doors of the shop. “All of these clothes are so pretty.” Cosmo said excitedly as she looked around.

“They’re ok.” Decimator said to himself as he too looked around. Suddenly Cosmo froze as she stood in front of a beautiful white and blue dress with silver trim. With Cosmo’s eyes fixated onto the dress she stood there in silence. “It’s so beautiful.” Thought Cosmo as she continued to stare at the dress. “Do you want to try it on?” Decimator asked her as he stood beside her, while staring at the dress.

“Cosmo quickly turned to Decimator with a flustered face and she said “Oh no. I couldn’t. It wouldn’t  look good on me anyway.” Decimator put his hands into his sweatshirt pockets and then he said “I don’t think so. You should at least try it on for the fun of it. What’s the worst that could happen?” Cosmo then looked back at the dress. “Ok! I’ll try it on. Just for fun.” She said with excitement and nervousness. So after Cosmo took the dress down, she went to go get changed.

Within 10 minutes Cosmo soon came out of the changing room to see Decimator looking at other dresses. “So...umm how do I look?” Cosmo asked out of nervousness as she walked up to him. Decimator took a break from looking around and he turned his attention to Cosmo. “Woah! She looks like a normal human with her wings tucked away like that.” Thought Decimator as he looked at her. “I think it looks good on you. You look very cute.” Said Decimator.

Cosmo then blushed wildly. With her face red from blushing she stood there shyly. “Did I say something wrong?” Decimator asked her as he noticed how Cosmo was acting. She slowly shook her head. “How’s your wings?” He asked her. “They’re squished and uncomfortable but other than that, it fits me perfectly.” Replied Cosmo. “Well, the dress was originally made for humans after all.” Thought Decimator.

“Don’t worry.
I should be able to fix that when we get to my house.” Said Decimator as he walked over to the person behind the counter. It took Cosmo a little bit before she realized what Decimator was going to do for her. “Decimator wait! I thought I was just trying it on for fun. You don’t have to buy it for me. I don’t need this dress. Besides it’s really expensive.” Said Cosmo quickly.

“I know that. I just wanted to do something nice for you. Besides what’s wrong with doing a little shopping?” Said Decimator as he looked at her.
“O-Ok. Well thank you then...” stuttered Cosmo as she turn around to hid her excited smile. “I can’t believe he’s buying me this dress! He’s so thoughtful.” Thought Cosmo. After Decimator bought the dress they spent their day walking around and visiting other shops. “It looks like you were right. It’s raining out.” Said Cosmo as she and Decimator walked out of a candy shop.

 “I really don’t feel like getting wet. So I guess I’m just going to have to teleport to my house.” Said Decimator as he watched the rain fall. “You can do that?” Cosmo asked in a surprised tone. Decimator nodded his head and he told her to grab his sweatshirt. So Cosmo did so. She blushed as she touched his coat.

Then within an instant the surroundings around them turned from a busy city into a dark entrance of a house. “Where here.” Announced Decimator as he began to take off his shoes. “It’s so dark in here. I can barely make anything out.” Thought Cosmo as she still held onto his sweatshirt. “Ok, wait here Cosmo. I’m going to go turn on the lights.” Said Decimator. So Cosmo let go of him and Decimator left to go turn on the lights.

Then suddenly the lights from the lights on the ceiling lit up part of the house. After climbing some stairs Decimator and Cosmo reached to first floor of his two story house. “His house is quite cozy. But it’s kinda strange how his house is far older then the other buildings in the city.” She thought to herself as she stood at the top of the stairs.

To Cosmo’s right was a hallway leading to three other small bedrooms. In front of her was the kitchen and to her left was the living room,which then connected into the dining room. “Your house is so homey.” Cosmo said to Decimator as she sat down on the couch. “I’m glad to hear that. It wasn’t easy fixing up a old house like this.” Replied Decimator as he carried her stuff to her room.

After Decimator put Cosmo’s stuff/gifts into her bedroom down the hall on the left he walked back out into the living room and he began to make a fire in the fireplace. Cosmo watched as he placed in the logs and sticks along with the newspaper. Then flames of fire fled from his right hand as he lit the newspaper and logs on fire.

But after he lit the fire he continued to sit in front of the fireplace and stare at the burning logs. “Is he ok?” Cosmo thought to herself as she watched Decimator remain quiet and still. “Decimator are you ok?” She asked in a worried tone. Suddenly Decimator seemed to snap out his trance as he heard Cosmo’s voice. “Yeah. I’m fine.” He replied as he stood up.

“Why wouldn’t I be ok?” He asked her as he walked into the kitchen. Cosmo then got shy and said. “I don’t know...you just seemed kinda sad for a moment there.”  Decimator remained quiet as he stood alone in the kitchen. Then the sounds of him preparing food came from the kitchen. Soon the smell of something good flowed from the kitchen. “That smells really good whatever he is making.” Cosmo thought to herself as she smelled the air.

After a little more time passed by, Decimator came out of the kitchen. He set up a table for Cosmo and placed it in front of her. “O-Oh...thank you...but I could always eat at the dinner table. I don’t want to be a burden for you.” Cosmo said to him as she looked at him. “Your not a burden. In fact, I haven’t gotten to do this for anybody for over 38,000 years ago.” Said Decimator as his voice seemed slightly happier. Then he left to go get her food.

Soon Decimator returned to Cosmo with a bowl of stew. “Here.” He said to her as he place the bowl of stew on her table. “Wow! It looks and smells so good!” Said Cosmo as she lowered her mask. “That would be my mom’s beef stew recipe. She would always make this for me on cold wet days like this.” Explained Decimator as he watched Cosmo begin to eat. “It’s really good! Thank you for making this for me.” Cosmo said after she finished chewing and swallowing.

“Your welcome.” Said Decimator. Then he picked up a remote and he turned on the tv. With Tom and Jerry playing on the tv Decimator soon sat down on the couch next to Cosmo. As Cosmo and Decimator watched the show together, Decimator then heard Cosmo laugh softly to herself. “These two are so silly.” She said with a giggle as she continued to watched the show.

When Cosmo was done eating Decimator took in her dishes and he began to wash up the dishes. “Do you need any help?” Cosmo asked him as she sat on the couch. “No thank you. I got it.” Replied Decimator. “Oh..ok.” She said quietly. While Cosmo sat alone in the living room, she began to think about Decimator. “Why is his house so much older and different buildings? Does he live here alone? “Why is he always so distant from everyone?” She thought to herself.

Then suddenly Decimator came walking out of the kitchen. “I’m going to go visit some friends of mine. I wont be back until latter tonight. I left the pot of stew in the fridge.” He said to her as he put his hoodie over his helmet. Then he teleported a bunch of flowers into his arms.” Umm...ok. Have fun.” Said Cosmo as she nervously sat there alone.

“I want to go with him. But I feel like it would be rude to ask. Besides I’m sure he doesn’t want me to be around him and his friends anyway.” Thought Cosmo. Then Decimator went to leave when he stopped in his tracks. He turned to Cosmo and he asked “Do you want to come with me?”  “A surprised look then appeared on Cosmo’s face as she realized that he once again read her mind.

 “I...don’t want to be any trouble for you.” She said while looking at the floor. “Your welcome to come if you want.” He said to her. Then Decimator began to walk down the stairs. When Decimator put on his shoes he then walked outside. By the time Decimator was outside he had already began to walk off.

 “Hey! W-Wait up!” Shouted Cosmo as she darted out of the house after him. Once Decimator noticed Cosmo running up to him, he then stopped and waited for her to catch up. When she finally caught up to him they began to walk together down the long dirt road. “You didn’t bring a jacket or an umbrella?

Are you trying to get yourself sick?” Decimator asked her as he teleported a jacket onto her shoulders. Cosmo then blushed as she wrapped herself up with the warm jacket that Decimator gave her. “T-Thank you for the jacket.” She said quietly as she hid behind her hoodie. “Your welcome.” Whispered Decimator.

After walking past a old town they soon arrived at a very old cemetery. “What is this place? I thought we were going to go hang out with his friends?” Thought Cosmo as she and Decimator walked through an opened rusty old gate. With the rain still pouring down hard Cosmo saw old gravestones as far as the horizon.

As Cosmo walked with Decimator through the graveyard she soon began to understand what this place was. “All of these gravestones are people who died?” Thought Cosmo as she studied different tombstones. She then looked back at Decimator to see him taking his time placing flowers on every single gravestone. Cosmo then walked up to Decimator and she asked if she could also place flowers on the gravestones. He looked at her with a surprised look on his face.

Tears then formed in his eyes. But his mask kept her from seeing his emotions. “Why does she care so much about my comrades of long ago? She’s never met them in her life.” Thought Decimator as he couldn’t stop staring at her. He then handed Cosmo some flowers. “I don’t understand her.

How can she show such empathy for something she never saw? Does she know about me serving in the military?”  He thought to himself as he watched Cosmo take the flowers from his hand and she went to put flowers on the gravestones. While she placed flowers down onto the gravestones,Cosmo began to notice that all of these gravestones where part of the military. “Was Decimator part of the military?” She thought to herself.

When only a few flowers were left,Decimator then placed his fist onto his chest then he bowed to the gravestones. Then he walked off to a different part of the graveyard. “Where is he going?” Thought  Cosmo as she saw him walk further down into the graveyard. After Cosmo placed the last of the flowers at a few more gravestones, she then went to see where Decimator went.

When she finally caught up with Decimator she watched him from a distance as he stood alone in front of 14 old gravestones. In front of each of the 14 gravestones laid a helmet very similar to Decimator’s helmet. Cosmo watched as Decimator took his time placing the flowers on their gravestones,next to their damaged helmets. When the final flower was placed on the last gravestone,Decimator then stared at the 14 gravestones and he remained silent.

After standing there for a hour his feelings were slowly leaking from his presence. Suddenly Cosmo felt his emotions let loose and sadness  flowed out of his presence. “Decimator are you ok?” Cosmo asked him as she walked up to him. “I’m fine.” He said to her while he struggled to hold back the tears. “He doesn’t seem to be ok.” Thought Cosmo.

“Where these people your friends?” Cosmo asked in a soft tone. Decimator nodded his head in silence. “I’m sorry for asking.” Apologized Cosmo as she stood next to him. “It’s fine.” He said while still staring at the 14 gravestones. Then there was some silence as they listened to the rain fall down upon them.

Decimator then looked at Cosmo to see her also sad. “Why are you sad for?” Asked Decimator.
With tears running down her face she then looked at the ground and said “I-I can feel your emotions. I’ve never felt someone so sad and depressed before.

These people before us were your friends and I can feel that you miss them very much. I can’t help but to feel the same way. I can relate to the feeling of loss. I too, miss my friends and family in heaven.” Decimator looked at her as she began to hug her shoulder. Then he spoke to her. “Don’t worry. You’ll see them again.” He patted her on the shoulder then he walked off.

“He’s so strong. He doesn’t let anyone see his emotions. If it wasn’t for my ability to have empathy for others, I would have never have guessed that he was a suffering person.” Thought Cosmo as she stared at him from a distance. When Cosmo and Decimator got back home they got changed into some dry clothes and they relaxed on the couches together. While Cosmo watched tv she noticed Decimator was reading some kind of a book.

 “What book are you reading?” She asked out of curiosity. “It’s just a photo book. Nothing special.” Replied Decimator as he flipped through the page of photos. As the clock on the wall got closer to striking seven, Cosmo started to notice Decimator being a lot more nervous. He walked around the house turning on lights and making sure the fire in the fireplace was well lit.

 “Is there something wrong Decimator?” Cosmo asked him as he seemed ether scared or paranoid. “Nothings wrong.” Decimator said in a panic as he rushed down the hall into his bedroom. After slamming his bedroom door shut and locking it, Cosmo was convinced that something was wrong.

So she turned off the tv and she went to go see Decimator. “D-Decimator are you ok?” She asked in a worried tone as she stood just outside of his bedroom door. “She mustn’t know about my secret! I keep it caged deep within my soul. But I can’t control it. I don’t want to hurt anyone. If she finds out about this she’ll think differently about me.” He thought to hisself as he sat in the corner of his bedroom. “Im fine. So don’t worry about me.” He said to her. “Ok. I’ll be in the living room if you need me.” Replied Cosmo.

Then she went to leave, when suddenly Decimator called out her name. “Yeah?” She answered back to him. It was quiet for a moment before he answered her. “Thank you for understanding.” He said quietly as he looked at his bedroom door. “Of course. Just let me know if you need anything.” Cosmo said in a comforting tone. She then went back into the living room and she sat down on the couch. “He’s hiding something. But what could it be?” Thought Cosmo.

Then she remembered that one morning when Decimator went out of control in the basement of the kingdom. “Is it possible that he’s possessed by a demon and it only attacks at night?” Cosmo then began to hear Decimator talk to hisself or to someone from inside his bedroom. After some time went by Cosmo was almost asleep on the couch, when suddenly the sound of what appeared to be a fight came from Decimator’s bedroom.

Then the sound of something shattering was heard. “I’m coming Decimator! Hang on!” Shouted Cosmo as she ran down the hall and despite the door being locked she kicked the door wide open with one swift kick. When she entered his bedroom she saw his room a mess and him standing in front of a mirror on his dresser.

His fist was bloody from punching the mirror and his left circular red eye was shining brightly. Oddly enough, despite having his left eyes shining brightly he didn’t seem to be angry or upset. Decimator are you ok?” She asked him in a worried tone as she slowly approached him. Decimator looked at Cosmo.

He was calm as he stood there in silence. “Your hurt.” Cosmo said to him as she looked at his bloody right hand. Decimator then lifted his hand to see his torn up hand with pieces of glass was still in his hand. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” Said Cosmo as she left to go get a med kit. After retrieving the med kit from the kitchen table she went to go treat his injuries. When Cosmo returned to his bedroom she sat Decimator down on his bed and she began to treat his hand.

 Decimator watched in silence as Cosmo carefully removed the shards of glass from his hand with tweezers. “She’s so gentle and caring.” Thought Decimator as he watched Cosmo work. Her hands were soft,warm and very gentle. The presence that came from her brought peace and comfort to him. “How did I never notice how comforting her presence is? Was it because I never took the time to relax and really feel the things around me? Then again,I’ve never felt such peace and comfort before.” Decimator thought to himself while staring at her.

Soon his red eye disappeared and Decimator grew very tired. He tipped from side to side while he tried to stay awake. It didn’t take long before he collapsed onto Cosmo’s shoulder. “D-Decimator! W-What are you doing?” She asked him as she blushed greatly, while staring at him. It took her a second before she began to realize that he was asleep. “Oh..he’s asleep.” She thought to herself as she watched him sleep peacefully on her shoulder.

 “Now that I think about it. I remember last night he told me that he doesn’t sleep anymore, due to a memory dream or a nightmare. Poor thing. He must’ve suffered something very tragic for him to not want to sleep ever again.” Thought Cosmo. After cleaning his cuts she then went to wrap up his hand when she suddenly noticed all of the scars on his hand. “He has so many scars.” She whispered to herself as she studied them. He had a lot of scars of cuts.

After she wrapped up his hand she then went to check his arm for possible cuts from the flying glass. Cosmo then saw one small cut on his wrist. But that was the least of her worries. She froze as she stared at his scars that were repeatedly cut vertically on the top of his wrist. Some of his cuts were even recent. “D-Did he do this to himself or did someone else do this?” Thought Cosmo as she couldn’t stop staring at his cuts.

 “It wouldn’t make sense that someone so powerful would allow someone else to harm them. So maybe he did do this to himself.” She thought to herself. “Why would he want to harm himself?” Cosmo then pressed a button on the side of her cat headphones then she spoke to them. “Velix why do humans cut themselves?” She asked her headphones.

Soon a voice came from her headphones and they began to explain her question. “Self-harm can be a way for a person to feel something when experiencing numbness or to distract themselves from depression or anxiety. Some people cut to create a wound that can symbolize their emotional pain, while others use cutting as a way to avoid telling loved ones about their feelings.” Answered Velix.

“That’s so sad.” She whispered to herself as she began to tear up. “Judging by these scars, he must have been suffering for a long time.” Thought Cosmo as she tried her best not to cry for him. “I’m going to have to leave that small cut alone. I don’t want him to know about me seeing these scars of his.

It might bring him more distress than he already has.” Cosmo sat there in silence as she watched him sleep. “I should put him to bed.” She thought to herself. So Cosmo gently picked him up and she carefully tucked him into bed. After she put him to bed she began to clean up his room. While picking up some items off of the floor she accidentally encountered some old photos of what appeared to be Decimator and his friends from the military.

Many of the photos where selfies of him and his 14 friends having fun on their missions. But one photo disturbed Cosmo the most. In her hands she held a slightly burnt photo of what appeared to be an aftermath of a battle. Decimator laid on the ground with his left arm and right leg gone. His helmet was greatly damaged and his part of his face was revealed. Sadness and anger appeared on his face as his right hand reached towards the person who took the photo.

 “I shouldn’t have seen these.” She thought to herself as she quickly placed them back onto his desk. Cosmo was shaken up and she wished that she never saw that photo. When she finished up cleaning his room and putting furniture back where it originally was, she then sat in his desk chair that sat next to his bed.

 “Why can’t I stop thinking about those photos?” She thought to herself was still in shock. “His 14 friends must have died on that exact mission. Someone really evil must have taken that picture of him as he suffered and bled out like that on the ground. Nobody was there to help him as he was in pain.

 How can someone so disgusting and horrible exist?” Thought Cosmo as she held back her tears. After a few hours of thinking went by Cosmo soon calmed herself down and gathered herself. “I’m so sorry that you had to suffer like that Decimator.” She whispered to him as she watched over him.

Every once in a while his head would toss and turn as if he had a nightmare, but then he  would instantly relax and sleep peacefully as Cosmo touched his arm and comforted him. “I don’t want anyone to hurt you anymore. You’ve suffered enough.” It didn’t take long before she too fell to sleep by the side of his bed. While Cosmo and Decimator slept peacefully, a ghostly figure watched them sleep from inside of the darkness of the corner of the bedroom. “She’s....going to be a......problem.” Said the ghostly figure as his jagged teeth formed a evil smile and a bright red light came from his left eye. Then the ghostly figure silently disappeared into the darkness of the room.

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