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Tue 4 Oct 2022
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7. OOC: List of NPCs

Captain Gerhard Schiller (old solider commander of the Untergard town watch)

Granny Moescher (ancient local wisewoman) (deceased)

Father Dietrich (priest of Sigmar) (deceased)

Karl Hauser (innkeeper)

Wolfgang (trapper)

Hans or Jan (shopkeeper)

Jocaim, Hilde & Leopold (members of Untergard town watch)


Corporal Schlitt (gruff watchman)

Luitpold Hause (silversmith)

Lottie (sullen teenage girl who seems eerily familiar to Lukas)

No fixed abode

Luciana (Tilean sexpot and initiate of Ranald) (presumed deceased)

Gunther (Nordland treasure hunter) (presumed deceased)
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Sun 20 Nov 2022
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7. OOC: List of NPCs

Johann (tavernkeeper of the Drowned Rat tavern)

Frau Speight (innkeeper of the Sullen Jester inn)

Gretchen (tavern doxy)

Rolf (local thug)

Hans & Greta (shady halfling brother and sister)

Anastasia Tereskovna (beautiful Kislevite singer)

Doktor Zaitsev (her doctor)