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 Mercy to him that asketh;
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Thu 25 Mar 2021
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Requests to Join and Character Creation
Herein shall be listed the trials a candidate must overcome in order to prove worthy of joining our merry band.

Since the rulebook is currently out of print and unavailable for purchase (likely due to the expiration of licensing rights), character creation will be handled in OOC chat. Fortunately, it is extremely simple to create a character in Prince Valiant.

When you apply to the game, hopefully, you will come with a character outline or rough idea of what sort of person you'd like to play.

The Basic Game assumes that you will be playing a Knight. However, if you would really prefer to play a different character, the Advanced Game allows for the following character types:

Squires and Men-at-Arms
Escaped Slaves

I will require at least one player to play a Knight. Other players will then have the option of playing other Knights, or of being members of the first player knight's entourage, making things easier for the Storyteller.

It should also be mentioned that while it is unusual for women to be knights, it is not unheard of, and in the dramatic, romantic, and often barbaric world of Prince Valiant, it may happen even more often than it did historically. Likewise, it is not at all necessary for a woman to be a knight in order to go on adventures.

You'll be able to decide whether your knight is a member of the Round Table already, though it may be more gratifying to begin as an outsider yet to be formally recognized by King Arthur, so that we can play out your character's exploits that led them to the attention of the court at Camelot. After all, even Prince Valiant began the comic strip as an exile living in the marshes.
*Requires Storyteller permission. As this is meant to be a heroic game of chivalry and romantic high adventure, engaging in skullduggery and theft can cause problems for Knights who wish to retain their honorable standing in society.

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 Mercy to him that asketh;
 Succor unto her in need
Wed 31 Mar 2021
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Requests to Join and Character Creation
Each player should select up to three Traits to begin play with. You'll have opportunities to earn new Traits through your characters' experiences in gameplay.

Your character sheets should only be visible to you and the Storyteller, not to each other, so you may list your Traits there. Don't tell the other players what your character's Traits are - reveal them through roleplay!

You may not begin play with an Obsession. That strikes me as something that would be more appropriately "earned" through your character's experiences in the campaign.

Optional Rules
Here are additional rules I plan to use in this campaign:

Increasing Skills with Complete Successes (on a Complete Success, throw coins equal to the Skill value that was used, without modifiers or Brawn/Presence; another Complete Success means an immediate Skill increase of one point)
Specific Brawn and Presence Descriptions (define your Brawn and Presence with descriptive elaboration and earn modifiers to related tasks)
Increasing Brawn and Presence with Fame (increase Brawn or Presence at a threshold of 5,000 Fame)
Partial Combined Numbers (a relevant Skill may be combined with Brawn or Presence, adding half of the less-important attribute to your total throw)