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Mon 12 Apr 2021
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We'll be using Masks: A New Generation. It's about teenage superheroes on a team in a world where there are adults around, trying to figure life out. Think Teen Titans, Young Justice, etc.

I want this to be an inclusive space. I'll give warnings, but I will remove you if you're making the game not fun for others. Sometimes it can be hard to tell over text, so please PM me if things seem to be heading in a direction that you don't like and we will stop and/or fix it. And I know I'm not perfect, but I promise to listen and do my best to make the game as welcoming and fun as possible.

I've set this game as mature, so no graphic sex, sexual violence, or gratuitous gore. We may decide to add other content restrictions as well.

Other expectations:
  1. Dialogue in color, OOC in orange when part of an IC thread.
  2. Choose a profile image for your character.
  3. Ideal posting frequency: once a day. I get that life happens and sometimes that will be hard. If you'll be gone for a while, let everyone else know and we'll figure out how to deal with it.
  4. If you ever need anything clarified, don't be afraid to ask in the OOC thread or a PM. Open communication is something I'd like to foster.

For this game in particular:
  1. Powered by the Apocalypse games are fiction-first (which I think is pretty cool). That means you don't just name-drop a move and roll dice. Instead, you should describe what your character is trying to do in the fiction, and if that matches a move description, we'll roll dice.
  2. Since this is pbp, if it seems like you're triggering a move, go ahead and roll it in that post.
  3. Actions can happen simultaneously, and we will work together to figure out exact timing if that ever becomes important.
  4. I like the shared-creation aspect of PbtA, so I will be asking questions about the state of the fictional world and incorporating answers.
  5. Looking to keep the group at about 4 PCs.
  6. All experience/familiarity levels welcome!

If that sounds good, please RTJ.

For the RTJ, I'd like from you:
  1. Playbooks you'd be interested in using. We'll stick to the main book. (If you don't know the rules, either you can tell me a teen superhero concept you're interested in or I could give you the list of playbooks to choose from).
  2. Describe a situation that would be exciting to address as a teen with extraordinary abilities that they are still coming to terms with.
  3. Do you have any questions for me? Hopes or expectations for the game or the people playing it?

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