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Sun 2 May 2021
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The Bullpen (OOC)
My thanks to the Prince of Boredom for listing the available Playbooks.  I will add some notes for how the Playbooks might work in this game.  If you don't yet know about Playbooks, don't worry about it now.  And, again, don't worry about duplicating Playbooks and you can choose whatever powers you want to work with whatever Playbooks you want.

If I don't add anything to these Playbook capsules, that is because they are pretty much as they are written.

Main Book:
THE BEACON - The heart of the team. Low powered, low angst. They’re a hero because they want  to be, and they’re driven always upward.  Fine as written.

THE BULL - The bruiser with a heart of gold. Created to be a weapon. Caught between being a cold, gruff fighter and caring deeply about teammates.  Fine as written.

THE DELINQUENT - The troublemaker and attention-seeker, rabblerouser and rebel. Tricks, deception, and  provocation are their hallmarks.  The Delinquent is one of the hardest Playbooks to play because at times they are actually working against the team.  Also, your Delinquent has chosen to be here so they can't be an utter sociopath.  So the Delinquent player must be aware of when that actually serves the group story and when it doesn't   And, remember, it is part of the teen super genre that a Delinquent's mischief is always discovered.  Always.

THE DOOMED - The dramatic martyr. Cursed to ultimately lose their self to some terrible fate, and up against a terrible nemesis.  A Doomed isn't necessary doomed to a horrible fate, they are just destined to leave forever.  Think of Doctor Manhattan from DC Comics' Watchmen.  He was pretty much fated to transcend and leave humanity forever (effectively dying for those who left behind).

THE JANUS - The hero with a dual life. Required to have a secret identity; they struggle to manage two lives at once.  By the Playbook, your character doesn't start the game having revealed their secret ID to all their teammates.  But you can tell them all once the game begins if you want without compromising the Janus Playbook.  And, you may freely have one person from your normal life know about your super identity.  This person is loyal to you and would never willingly reveal who you are.   Batman needs Alfred to know who he is so they can talk and the audience can follow along.  Not all people with secret identities have to be a Janus.  Janus characters are those who struggle to maintain both identities.

THE LEGACY - The latest in a family of heroes. Part of a larger tradition of heroism with its own enemies, rules, and obligations.  The difference (as I see it) between a Legacy and a Protoge Playbook is that the Legacy was born into their legacy or inherited it.  They might welcome their legacy or reject it.  But at least someone they care about expects them to use it.

THE NOVA - The overpowered conflagration. They can reshape the world—but it’s hard to control so much power, and if they fail, others get hurt.  Fine as written.

THE OUTSIDER - The alien with strange powers. They’re from somewhere else. And they’re trying to decide between staying here or going home.  Fine as written.

THE PROTÉGÉ - The extremely well-trained understudy. Defined by a strong relationship with one adult figure—their mentor.  Unlike a Legacy character, a Protege chooses every day to be a Protege.

THE TRANSFORMED - The monstrous appearance and human mind. They used to be a regular person, but they were changed forever.  Not all heroes changed from normal human to obviously NOT are Transformed.  She-Hulk prefers her green goddess form even though she can switch between both.  And not all Transformed are obviously so.  Rogue of the X-Men looks normal.   What makes the Transformed is that the hero would give up all of their power to just be a normal human.  Some 'Transformed' are born that way.  Nightcrawler was always blue and fuzzy but some versions of him would happily give that up to be like everybody else.  Same for Beast.

From Halcyon City Herald Edition:
The Innocent  – a younger version of a modern-day villain, come forward in time.  Fine as written.

The Joined – a “second-half” connected to and bonded with another hero.  The Joined playbook usually riffs off an existing PC.  And that should be done with that other player's permission.  If you want to be a Joined and no other player is interested in being your 'better half', I will make an NPC partner for you.

The Newborn – a brand new entity, just come into existence. Fine as written.

The Reformed – a former villain, attempting to redeem themselves.  Fine as written.

The Star  – a celebrity with a demanding audience.  Fine as written.

From Unbound:
The Harbinger:  A time traveler  come back to  fix  the  future by  changing the past...but unsure how exactly to do that.  A Harbinger may not be from the future, necessarily, but from somewhere else.  It could be that the Harbinger is from another doomed and lost dimension, trying to save this dimension from the same fate!

The Nomad: An experienced roamer of the cosmos, settling down a bit.  A Nomad probably has every reason to believe that they could leave this dimension one day even if that is not possible at this moment.  They might feel they have to go then, even if they don't want to.

The  Scion:  The child of a major supervillain, doing everything in their power to prove they’re different. Fine as written.
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Sun 2 May 2021
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The Bullpen (OOC)
There are two other 'official' Masks Playbooks:

From the AEGIS Sourcebook:

Brain:  You've heard of an Evil Genius, you are a Good Genius!  Fine as written.

Soldier:  Technically, most teen supers are considered available deputies or even vigilantes.  But you are a professional soldier, your patron isn't a caped crusader but an organization.  You are likely a legal adult but you can be a minor cadet.  In this game, SHIELD is probably your patron.  Fine as written.

There is a third-party Playbook available on DriveThruRPG.  I have a copy if needed.

Meta:  You 'know' that you are in a comic book (or RPoL game) and sometimes directly address the audience.  Less comically and annoying, you know the secrets of the superhero world you find yourself in better than anyone else.  This is the Deadpool or Gwenpool option and can probably be tolerable for just a few PC heroes.  Otherwise, fine as written.

One Reddit user has made three custom playbooks.  I will consider them on request.

The Link, The Symbiote and The Wielder

If there are any remaining Playbooks out there, I have not found them.
If you don't have access to all Playbooks, let me know and don't worry about it for now.
Again, if you don't know enough about Masks to understand Playbooks, don't worry about it for now.
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Sun 2 May 2021
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The Bullpen (OOC)
In a pinch, here are some formal character templates for most playbooks.  You can cut-and-paste them if you wish.  I will work on getting the other playbooks up...
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Sun 2 May 2021
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The Bullpen (OOC)
Whew!  I have been busy as you can see.

But now I can change tack.

Tomorrow, I will approve all players and get to the mail and the posts I have not yet been able to get to today.  I appreciate the patience of all of you. :-)
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Sun 2 May 2021
at 14:43
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
The Watcher:
Meta:  You 'know' that you are in a comic book (or RPoL game) and sometimes directly address the audience.  Less comically and annoying, you know the secrets of the superhero world you find yourself in better than anyone else.  This is the Deadpool or Gwenpool option and can probably be tolerable for just a few PC heroes.  Otherwise, fine as written.

Bingo.  That is just the droid that I am looking for.

My character's empathic resonance is such that her super-perception and super-intuition can glimpse beyond the fourth wall.

Perfect.  Sign me up for Meta.  :)
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Sun 2 May 2021
at 19:25
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
So I for Callum there will need to be someone he blows off steam with and also someone that he has hurt with his powers.

I also will be handing influence over him to three people on the team.

So guess it's time we started bringing this group of misfit and malcontents together.
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 03:11
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Hi, everyone!

I was thinking of going with the Brain playbook and choosing power armor and robot sidekick. The robot can merge with the armor for a mini-mecha approach.
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 03:15
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Welcome to the new folks!  :)
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 04:08
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
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Mon 3 May 2021
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Re: The Bullpen (OOC)

Hi, Team,

If you check the Recap Page Notice, you should find your name there as a player.  And, if you haven't yet filled out the player form (completely optional but don't hide your light under a bushel)  here it is.

Online Time:
Text Background:
Anything Else:

You might want to fill that out post that into the OOC thread so we all know your brilliance (and then perhaps copy that into your avatar's profile).  I will add the form to the Recap Page.

Now, I don't know why, but I can't add some of you to the group as players in the most TECHNICAL sense.  I am working on this and I hope to get some help from my brainbox players.  Don't be discouraged.  If your name is in the Recap Page, you ARE a player even if I can't yet convince the RPoL server of that yet.  If your name is NOT on the Recap Page, let me know.  It should be.

I am gratified that my three previous players from my last game have decided to chance this one.  They are the reason I stayed on RPoL and offered Masks.  We are all better off for their participation. :-)

OK, I am looking for moderators.  The job is pretty much open to those who want it.

Your first job as moderator is to tell ME how to make you a moderator in RPOL's (to me) non-intuitive way of doing things.  And then your second job will be to make sure that everyone who isn't officially logged as a player gets that way.

I appreciate y'all's patience.  I am trying to catch up with you.  It is just taking some time...
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 07:33
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Quick possibility before I go to bed...

Anyone not yet allowed as a player, if you messaged me using an alias, let me know your true username.  If you messaged me using your true username, let me know your alias (if you have one).
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 07:44
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Friendly instructions sent via private thread.  :)
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 07:51
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Nickname: Kylie
Gender/Pronoun: Female (She/Her)
Nationality/Location: Canada
Online Time: Off and on from 7 PM EST, to 4 AM EST usually.
OS/Browser: Win10 FireFox
Text Background:Default stuff
Anything Else: I'm a big fan of PbtA games. They've been my main games for the past 5 or so years. New to RPol specifically, so a little hazy on how to format things sometimes.

I was thinking that I'd take The Soldier playbook. In our continuity Mac Gargan (The Scorpion) was created as the result of SHIELD experiments with creating a super soldier. The experiments altered his mind, and he went rogue, becoming a villain closely resembling The Scorpion of the main continuity.

My character would be a result of their later attempts to perfect the process. She possesses super strength and durability, along with a mechanical scorpion tail similar to the original. Here's an image that I'm basing the character on: Although my version's tail has acid spitting properties similar to the original scorpion's design.

Anyway, let me know if our GM likes the sound of the character so far.
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Mon 3 May 2021
at 17:11
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Hello, everyone. You're probably wondering why I gathered you all here today.

It's to introduce myself! :D I'm Nintaku, a long-time RPoLer and one of the GM's aforementioned other players. It's my great pleasure to be here and join a Masks game (one of my favorites), especially with such a creative and friendly set of players. Given how I am, I have several character concepts ready for use and have a hard time deciding between them. Allow me to pitch, and humbly request the group's opinions on which would be most fun to see play out.

Ricochet - A former child movie star and prodigy martial artist, kidnapped by Mysterious Organization (probably Weapon X, Mr. Sinister, or AIM) along with a bunch of other teens, and turned into a nigh invincible fighting machine. Her powers allow her to absorb and redirect kinetic energy, while also giving her amazing kinesthesia, meaning she's even more durable and agile a fighter now. After a failed attempt at leading the other teens in an escape attempt, she ended up one of the few who made it out and now suffers extreme guilt over not having protected the others well enough. Sees herself as a shield to the rest of any team she joins. Definitely the Bull, no doubt about it.

Indigo - A comic book geek with the powers of telekinesis (more construct creation, really) and telepathy, both accompanied by a dark stream of energy that gives him his name. Because his telepathy includes such powers as mind control and memory manipulation, he has this horrible fear that becoming a supervillain is just one flash of anger away. Obviously, those are Designated Evil Powers, so he has to be super careful about everything he does and try to keep himself from hurting anyone. He could work as the Nova or Doomed (with his nemesis being a version of himself that travels the multiverse draining other Indigos of their powers while looking for a version of him that can stand up to the evil counterpart, thus creating the perfect hero).

Chronon - A more or less normal kid who happens to have inherited time-manipulation-related super speed and has joined a Legacy of speedster heroes. The Legacy has a supervillain from the future whose battle with the first of their line brought the two of them into the past to create the Legacy in the first place, and now that villain intends to change the present and prevent them from coming to be so he can conquer the future with impunity. Time travel, man, it's nuts. Chronon can work either as the Legacy (clearly) or the Janus.

PHOTON - A teen found out about a teacher's secret project: a wearable computer system that can control light. He helped perfect it into the PHOTON suit, and now battles evil by shooting lasers and stuff. The pair created a non-super version of the computer system as a new form of optical data transfer and now sell it as the newest and fastest information technology on the market. A rogue military commander wants the suit for making super soldiers, because obviously, and will stop at nothing to get it, because also obviously. I figure he could work well as the Doomed (that nemesis is killer), Nova (new powers, who dis?), Janus (maybe too high powered), Protege (except his teacher has no actual powers), or Star (I mean he's basically Kid Iron Man but flashier).

Cyclops - Let's imagine a timeline in which Scott Summers isn't the worst person in the world. He has some control over his powers (turning them on or off, still needs that visor for fine control), actually has some charisma and strategic skill, and is generally a decent guy. Looking at Protege of a much less slimy Professor X, like the movie version instead of the comic one.

Octopus - Otto Octavius got the mechanical arms as part of a science project while on the fast track to university, things went horribly wrong, and he became a young supervillain. Since then, he's been shown how he could serve the public good like he'd originally intended, and now seeks to redeem himself. Definitely the Reformed.

Also, I'd like to point out that we actually have enough players for two entirely separate teams! If there's no restrictions on the number of playable characters, I could absolutely play multiple. :P

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Mon 3 May 2021
at 17:48
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
I am definitely a fan of time travel plots, temporal knots and paradoxes, etc., so one guess which concept gets my vote.  :)
 player, 8 posts
Mon 3 May 2021
at 20:06
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
just waiting for some of my questions to by our gm then I'll be in the position to post my concept :o)
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 00:21
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Folks, I'm sorry I have been so unexpectedly busy this week.

If it helps, I have made a Discord server for this game.

Using the Discord server will always be OPTIONAL for this forum-based game.  But it is an option for those who want it and may speed the game up.

For myself, I keep Discord on in the background and will be notified of text messages left in the server.  I will drop in if I can but I am off and on the PC usually.  With a little notice, I can usually schedule showing up for myself.
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 00:22
Re: The Bullpen (OOC)
Tonight, I am a little busy and there is a tornado watch in the area so I won't likely be available for Discord chat.
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 00:27
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
Good News!

OakMaster has volunteered to and be promoted to GM!  Which I have done.  I have seen some of what OakMaster has done on this board and consider us to very lucky indeed.

So we both now wield the Power Cosmic!

If anyone else wants to be promoted to superpowered status, let me know.
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 01:55
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
I have to admit the rewards being a GM/Editor/Moderator in this game are mostly intangible.  But there is one for those that want it.

You can GM your own game in this forum if you want.  It is not like we are running out of 'forum' or 'Marvel Universe'.  You can carve your own little section of threads and start a game if you wish.  This is more or less how Marvel started, a bunch of separate stories in a shared universe.  In fact, one of the reasons early Marvel Comics so outdid its other competitors was that one title would sometimes reference another.  It made the young readers feel that they were a part of an ever-changing and growing world.  And, if you were the tyke that bought both titles, you knew more than your other friends and thus felt closer to your heroes.  Stan Lee was originally in sales, which is another word for applied psychologist.  And he learned his lessons well.

In any case, I can't run every story in this wide universe.  The offer remains open and we still welcome more GMs and moderators if you are so moved.
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 02:00
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
OK, again, my apologies for how slow this game has been to take off and for me to respond.  I will try and rectify some of that tonight.

For those wondering about their character ideas, I like ALL of the ideas that have been presented.  There are details to fill out and time to get those details.  Your characters are about as far along as they CAN be at this stage.  Y'see, Masks is a collaborative game.  All of the players work together to make not just the game world but also to help make other characters.

Masks mavens (those familiar with the game) know that vital parts of character creation, such as Influcence Relationships, When Our Team First Came Together..., etc, are group efforts and I want to get all players onboard before that gets nailed down.

In the meantime, there is much I can do and I will get started.  Thank you all for your patience...
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 02:23
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
REAL NAME - Cam Turner
Code name - Steel Ninja
Look - White, tight and trim body, robotic exo-suit
❑ Take another move from your playbook
 ❑ Take another move from your playbook
 ❑ Take another move from your playbook
 ❑ Take a Sanctuary from the Doomed playbook
 ❑ Take Drives from the Beacon playbook
 ❑ Someone permanently loses Influence over you; add +1 to a Label
 ❑ Rearrange your Labels as you choose, and add +1 to a Label
 ❑ Unlock your Moment of Truth
 ❑ Unlock your Moment of Truth after it’s been used once
 ❑ Confront your Shame on your terms; if you survive, change playbooks
 ❑ Take an adult move
 ❑ Take an adult move
 ❑ Lock a Label, and add +1 to a Label of your choice
 ❑ Become a paragon of the city for however long you have left
 ❑ power armor
 ❑ robotic sidekick

(at character creation, add +1 wherever you choose)
(Choose three)
-2 -1 -2 -1 -2 -1 -2 -1 -2 -1
0 +1 +2 +3 0 +1 +2 +3 0 +1 +2 +3 0 +1 +2 +3 0 +1 +2 +3
❑ Above the fray: When you enter battle as a Team against a dangerous foe, if you have Influence over the leader and provide tactical input, add 1 Team to the pool. When you contradict the leader during the battle, you may return Influence over the leader to add an additional 1 Team to the pool.
   ❑ Mission debrief: During a debrief, when you downplay your role in helping a teammate during the mission, mark potential and shift Superior down and any other Label up. When you exaggerate your role in helping a teammate during the mission, clear a condition and either give them Influence or lose Influence over them
❑ Always prepared: When you have a chance to restock your supplies, hold up to 2-gadgets. When you unleash your powers by producing a brand new minor invention or gadget from your supply, spend 1-gadget and roll + Superior. When you reach 0-gadgets, mark a condition.
  ❑ Tactical genius: When you point out the obvious flaw in a known foe’s plan, roll + Savior. On a hit, you’re right, and another teammate (your choice) can take advantage; they get +1 ongoing to act on your information. On a 7-9, pick one:
❑ Afraid
❑ Angry
❑ Guilty
❑ Hopeless
❑ Insecure
(-2 to directly engage a threat)
(-2 to comfort or support or pierce the mask)
(-2 to provoke someone or assess the situation) (-2 to unleash your powers)
(-2 to defend someone or reject others’ influence)
- You missed something important. The GM will tell you what.
 - You look like a showoff. Your chosen teammate takes Influence over you, and you lose Influence over them.
 - You make your teammates feel like little more than pawns. Your chosen teammate marks a condition.
 On a miss, you’ve played into your enemy’s hands; watch the trap spring.
 ❑ Logical angle: When you comfort or support someone by rationally pointing out their mistakes so they can do better next time, roll + Superior
 instead of + Mundane. If they do not open up to you, mark a condition.

• How did you first reveal your genius to your friends or family?
• Why did you decide to use your intellect for the benefit of others?
• What accident or misfire taught you some sense of humility or responsibility?
• Who helped you realize you need other people?
• Why do you care about the team?
Once you’ve finished your backstory, introduce your character to the other players, and then determine what happened when your team first came together, the relationships between you and your teammates, and who has Influence over you.
When our team first came together...
I created something lasting and beneficial for the whole team. What was it?
You told ____________________ about your shame and asked them for their confidence. You wish you could be a better hero, more like _____________________.
You need these people as much as they need you. Give Influence to two of your teammates.
Your Shame
You have a deep and abiding sense of guilt for something you have created or had a hand in creating. It could have been something you invented when you first came into your genius, or something you set into motion that you no longer have the power to stop. It may even be something beyond your ability to achieve again, this once-in-a-lifetime creation. Juast as you are a world-class intellect, your shame is a world-class problem. Whatever the case may be, your role in its creation is not publicly known...yet.
What is your shame?
Whenever you are confronted with your shame, either mark a condition or shift Superior down and Danger up. If your shame is an NPC, they can never lose Influence over you.
At the end of every session, answer the question:
• Did you take steps to make amends for your shame?
If the answer is yes, mark potential. If the answer is no, give Influence to one of your teammates.
❑ Scientific insight: You have achieved mastery over a field of science and technology. Name it: Robotics. Whenever you assess the situation and your field of study is directly relevant, you may ask a single follow up question.

 ❑ A cosmic phenomenon

     Moment of Truth
Freedom isn’t free. But not every mission ends in tragedy. When things look bleakest, when your back is against the wall, when it seems like the dawn will never find a way forward without violence. Your enemies lay down their arms and surrender; your allies step back from the brink of chaos. Of course, the people you’ve saved aren’t going to forget what you’ve done here today; they may even come to see you as a symbol of the higher cause you claim to serve...
Team Moves
When you share a triumphant celebration with someone, tell them what they need to do achieve their full potential. If they accept your advice, take Influence over them and add two Team to the pool. If they reject what you have to say, mark a condition.
When you share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, ask them what cause they serve. If you find it to be a worthy cause, tell them how you will fight for it, clear a condition, and add a Team to the pool. If they don’t have a cause (or you find it unworthy), mark a condition.
POTENTIAL >❑ >❑ >❑ >❑ >❑ Every time you roll a miss on a move, mark potential.
When you fill your potential track, you advance. Choose from the list below.
When you’ve taken five advances from the top list, you can take advances from the list below.
Other Moves
A.E.G.I.S. found you before you got full control of your abilities. They helped you master your gifts, maybe even augmented them with some new tech. Now you have an opportunity to do some good, using your powers to protect and serve humanity. Choose any two of the following.

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 which are not seen..."
Tue 4 May 2021
at 02:24
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
Although I have the exalted title of Co-GM, a more accurate title might be "Tech Support".

It is my humble duty to gently take a large baseball bat and beat upon the various RPoL interfaces and databases until they are happy, freeing our actual GM to do all of the creative stuff.  :)

I believe that everyone who was in the queue has now been successfully granted player access.

We now have an impressively populous cast list.

Welcome to all of the newcomers!  :)
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 "We the things
 which are not seen..."
Tue 4 May 2021
at 02:43
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
All received player summaries have now been updated in the Recap Page thread.  Let me know if anything needs changing.  Enjoy.  :)
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Tue 4 May 2021
at 02:44
Welcome to our new Co-GM, OakMaster! :-)
"1 post"?!?  What's up with that?  ;)