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Sat 1 May 2021
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Recap Page - "Previously in..." (Read This First!)
Modern Marvel Comics have a first page that explains what has gone before; "Previously in...".  This is understandable as the continuity has become more complex and mature over the years.

So this is the one page that newcomers should eventually read.  It will develop over time.  If it doesn't have what you are looking for, go to the Bullpen OOC (Out-Of-Character) thread for now.

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Sat 1 May 2021
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Recap Page - "Previously in..." (Read This First!)
Current Players

The Watcher, Gamemaster
Nickname: GM or Gerry (my real-life name) but I don't really mind.
Gender/Pronoun: In real life, I am male. Online, I might be anything.  But, playing so many characters, they/their is probably the easiest to stick with.
Nationality/Location: I was born in England but have lived in Texas for most of my life.  I am currently just outside Fort Worth.
Online Time: Tuesday nights are usually the best for me but I can usually make anytime with just a little notice.
OS/Browser:  I alternate between Windows 10/Edge browser and iPhone 5 (yes, that old)/Safari browser.
Text Background: I use the default light background and sometimes the dark background.
Anything Else: I start every super game with the Mystery Men soundtrack.  It has been a good luck charm.  I will be playing it first IC reply.

Meta, Co-GM Tech Support
Nickname: Oak
Gender/Pronoun: he (player), she (character)
Nationality/Location: Los Angeles native, but lived in Singapore for a dozen years before returning to LA
Online Time: Varies, relative to Pacific Time (I'm a CS prof, so when I'm not lecturing/grading/etc. :)
OS/Browser: MacOS/Firefox
Text Background: Periwinkle Oops, I misread this.  I use customized styling to force all web pages on all web sites to render in dark mode, so my text background is always dark.  :)
Anything Else: Roleplaying since '78, RPoL-ing since '04

dlantoub, Player
Nickname: dlantoub, or character name.
Gender/Pronoun: Male
Nationality/Location: Dublin, recently moved from the UK.
Online Time: Varies currently any best, but likely to move to evenings only
OS/Browser: Android iPhone/PC
Text Background: default. The only time I hate default is April fools.
Anything Else: A long tradition of female characters. I just feel more at ease with it. I think it comes from hating male designs in video games.

FPSMC, Player
Gender/Pronoun: Female (She/Her)
Nationality/Location: West Coast United States
Online Time: Pacific standard times, various, usually not early in the morning
OS/Browser: Windows 10, Edge.
Text Background: Actually, I had no idea you could change that until just now.

jait, Player
Nickname: jait.  But I prefer to go by my character name.
Gender/pronoun:  I am male.  I don't feel that my gender is relevant to anything.  I don't care if you refer to me as he, she, they or it.  Basaq is female.
Nationality/Location: Canadian.
Online Time: GMT-7,  As I'm unemployed at the moment, I have no set schedule.

jamat, Player
Nickname: jamat or Jason (my real name)
Gender/Pronoun:real life male online can and will play anything
Nationality/Location:born in Wales live in England london
Online Time: about an hour or so a night between 8 ans 9 not usually weekends because of family
OS/Browser:android on phone windows on laptop
Text Background:use default backgrounds
Anything Else: I'm 52 been gaming since I was 10 love superhero games and never ever played masks but have the rules and want to learn
I was also part of the discussion on the games interest post

Kid_Midnite, Player
Nickname:  Probably character name
Gender/Pronoun: Male/He
Nationality/Location: Midwest, USA
Online Time: varies, afternoons are my current sleep cycle
OS/Browser: IPad/Safari
Text Background: default
Anything Else: Thanks for running a superhero game.

KraznyOctobr, Player
Nickname: Krazny is fine though I really do need to see if they'll let me change this name at some point because I don't even speak Russian.
Gender/Pronoun: He/Him
Nationality/Location: United States...currently in New Jersey but originally from New Orleans.
Online Time: varies. My job is unusual and so I have unusual hours. Typically I'm an evening/night person.
OS/Browser: Chrome and use Windows
Text Background: Guess it's a mint color.

KylieQuinn, Player
Nickname: Kylie
Gender/Pronoun: Female (She/Her)
Nationality/Location: Canada
Online Time: Off and on from 7 PM EST, to 4 AM EST usually.
OS/Browser: Win10 FireFox
Text Background:Default stuff
Anything Else: I'm a big fan of PbtA games. They've been my main games for the past 5 or so years. New to RPol specifically, so a little hazy on how to format things sometimes.

lilbug, Player
Nickname: Well lilbug obviously lol or occasionally DD for Dangerous Dan
Gender/Pronoun: He/Him is good for me
Nationality/Location: I am Canadian, though I now live in Texas in the Dallas area.
Online Time: I work nights, so my online time is limited.  Central Time and definitely not on Wednesday nights.
OS/Browser: I use Windows 10/Firefox
Text Background: Default
Anything Else: Been gaming since I was about sixteen and I'm 54 now.  I have never played Masks before and I'm eager to try :)

Nintaku, Player
Nickname: Nintaku
Gender/Pronoun: He/They
Nationality/Location: American, California
Online Time: Up in the air right now as my schedule is changing.
OS/Browser: Windows 10, Chrome
Text Background: Dark Green

OakMaster, Player
(see entry for "Meta" above... :)

Prince of Boredom, Player
Nickname: Prince or PoB are pretty common ways to shorten my handle
Gender/Pronoun: Male in real life and generally only play males in games
Nationality/Location: Born just outside Fort Worth, Texas, currently live in San Antonio, Texas
Online Time: I routinely check during the day on weekdays; I work from home and have my personal computer sitting next to my work computer
OS/Browser: PC/Android phone; Chrome
Text Background: Default on the Responsive Site
Anything Else: Hmm, been playing RPGs for over 30 years; started with D&D (the old red box Basic set), but Marvel Super Heroes (the old TSR FASERIP version) was the second game I played

scuff, Player
Nickname: I'll probably just want to use my character name here?
Gender/Pronoun: she/her
Nationality/Location: US East Coast
Online Time:  M-F 10a-7p UTC -4 (-5 during daylight savings)
OS/Browser:  Chrome in MacOS/Win 10/Android.  I do sometimes use the classic version of rpol which has trouble resizing large images
Text Background:  White

TDM7, Player

von_das, Player
Nickname: von_das, das, or Daniil (real-life name)
Gender/Pronoun: He/Him, might easily end up playing a character who is otherwise though
Nationality/Location: Russian/Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast (born here, lived in Israel for a few years in my childhood, then came back here). Ask me anything!
Online Time: Variable. What Krazny said, pretty much. Currently, I can make any time work for Discord if need be, provided I have some forward warning. If I get a different job that might be more difficult, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
OS/Browser: Windows 10/Mozilla Firefox
Text Background: I use the green colour scheme, if that's what you mean.
Anything Else: At 31, it looks like I might be one of the younger players this time around. Like I said before, my knowledge of Marvel is very haphazard - I've read a bunch of things, and read about more, but I'm sure there are still lots of holes in what I know. As for Masks, I've played in a few online games by this point and even ran one, though sadly none of them got to a proper conclusion. Hope springs eternal, though!

Yun74, Player
Nickname: Nadine (my real name, or rather one of them)
Gender/Pronoun: female - she/her
Nationality/Location: German / Hannover, Lower Saxony, Germany
Online Time: I usually post in the evenings (GMT+2) but read the board throughout the day
OS/Browser: Win10 / Firefox
Text Background: Default
Anything Else: Got started with the Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans, moved on to Gruenwald's Captain America and got my heart (and wallet) broken by the second Clone Saga.

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Sun 2 May 2021
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Recap Page - "Previously in..." (Read This First!)
Offsite Links

Here are a collection of links that help with this game.

Welcome to the Adventures of the Junior Sentinels -
This is a great example of a Masks game.  It also has the major playbooks in a text format that works for this board.  I would love to thank and credit the creative soul(s) behind this game but I can't find their contact info...