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Rules and Setting.

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Fri 30 Apr 2021
at 06:32
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Rules and Setting

It is well-known that the Master Thief responsible for the Thieves Guild in the River Quarter, the busiest and most bustling part of the city and ripe for the picking, was disposed of when they misstepped against a rival. Rumours circulate about the particular trigger for their long-known rivalry to tumble into murder - a few careless words, a love they shared, a heist gone awry. Regardless, one morning a corpse was discovered amidst the docks and it was clearly that of Tomas Ratek.

Less known, is that it is untrue.

That such a rivalry existed betweenn Tomas and Merreck Eight-Finger, the present Master Thief, undoubtedly.

That they fought over the role of the Guild, most certain.

That they each sought the hand of the same unnamed woman, possible.

But that Tomas was killed? If that were true, then who is it that has brought you together in search of reclaiming his turf and seeking revenge?

Seeking 3-6 players for a character-driven city intrigue campaign in a city based on the Free City of Greyhawk from the classic Greyhawk DnD 1e setting; we will be using DnD 5e, with some homebrew content and tracking characters in DnD Beyond.

Presently, our party consists of two Rogues, two Rogue-Wizards and a Paladin. We could accommodate 1-2 more

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Fri 30 Apr 2021
at 06:41
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Free City of Greyhawk

Our campaign will be centred on the Free City of Greyhawk, so-called Gem of the Flanaess, on Oearth in the year CY 591 after the misnamed Greyhawk Wars and the Pact that ended it.

Beneath the heady affairs of the Circle of Eight, our story will be exploring the The Thieves Guild, the Denizens of Coin and Key, and in particular the fall annd rise of Tomas Ratek, the Once-Master of the River Quarter Guild through his agents and envoys against those of his rival, Marreck Eight-Finger

You can see the shape of the Free City in these online maps
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Fri 30 Apr 2021
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Source Material

Beyond the online content, we will be basing the campaign on source material found in The City of Greyhawk supplement for DnD 1e, adapted for DnD 5e.

We may use following Dnd 5e source books (and I will be maintaining this post to indicate any excluded content)We will manage characters through a DnD Beyond campaign and treating Tomas Ratek as a Group Patron and Marreck Eight-Fingers as a Rival.
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Fri 30 Apr 2021
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Character Creation

Your RTJ should provide the following, preferably with a short writing sample:
  • Your character's name or nickname
  • Your preferred cultural background, bearing in mind the setting is predominantly Human with several cultures (most likely Sueloise, or Oeridian, but potentially Rhennee or Flan). With a solid backstory you might pick from Halfling, Gnome (not Rock), Dwarf, Half-Elf (or Half-Drow), Elf (Valley, Snow or Wild) or Half-Orc. You will need to be very convincing for other choices
  • Are you a resident of the city or a newcomer?
  • What are your suggested connections to the Thieves Guild?
  • What kind of thief are you?
  • Who are your friends and family?
  • What is your motive?
Building a character should mechanically follow the Standard build in the DnD Beyond, with the options below:
  • Select only the Homebrew optional sources option
  • Switch on both Optional Class Features and Customise Your Background. We will use a homebrew Feat for the Greyhawk cultures
  • Choose 'Manual' for Hit Points and take the maximum per Level
  • Leave everything else as the defaults
  • You should select Variant Human unless you've cleared it with the GM
  • You may pick any Class, including multi-classing. Any magic users should be cleared with the GM
  • You should use the Standard Array for selecting your Ability Scores
  • You may take one extra starting Feat and optionally take a Feat instead of an Ability Score Increase when Levelling
  • You will begin at 2nd Level
We will begin with a short solo session each, to establish your characters, in the few days leading up to the starting scene. After which, the campaign will be heavily character-driven and sandbox-style with a story arc running in the background - if necessary I can racket that arc up or down to help keep things moving
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Fri 30 Apr 2021
at 08:33
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Stories and Posting

Please keep posts in the IC threads in-character and third-person, from the outsider perspective. You're welcome to include thoughts and inner monologues but please make them clearly internal and use italic. Pick a colour for speech and use quotes - use Orange for OOC remarks and rolls

Please try and post within 48 hours of GM posts and ensure everyone in the thread has had a chance to post once before posting more than a couple of times. Folks may be in different time zones and times remain strange
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Fri 30 Apr 2021
at 09:11
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Mechanics and Rolls

Please roll when requested, using the reason text to explain any modifiers. Given timezones, I plan to roll for passive sense checks and initiative.

Please use your first Biography line for your apparent culture and professed career (typically but not necessarily your Class). For example, Sueloise Stevedore

Please use your second Biography line for any Conditions, i.e. Sleepless, Thirsty, Hungry, Cold or Injured
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Mon 3 May 2021
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House Rules

  • You can use Unarmed Attacks when Dual Wielding, but not for Sneak Attacks
  • You can use thematic improvised weapons for Sneak Attacks, such as thrown tankards or bottles

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