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Notes on the Keep and Surroundings
Exchange Rates

10 copper = 1 silver
10 silver = 1 gold
2 electrum = 1 gold
5 gold = 1 platinum

100 cp = 10 sp = 2 ep = 1 gp = 1/5 pp

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Notes on the Keep and Surroundings
The One-Eyed Cat tavern:

The One-Eyed Cat is practically one long room with a beam roof.  The first eight feet of the first-floor walls are stone, wooden from there.  Windows in the upper area can be opened to let in fresh air.  On the North end is a door to the kitchen, which is shared with the Inn.  The board is on the Northern short end of the rectangular room, adjacent to the kitchen, and there are kegs and barrels behind it.  A rectangular hearth is in the center.

The barkeep is round in the belly and has receding brown hair and thick mutton-chops.  With sleeves rolled up and suspenders holding his trousers, he pours the drinks cheerfully.  There is an older woman, by her attitude and commanding presence the mistress of the house, a young man and young woman serving and generally helping both with looks that suggest children of the master; and a scullion with dirty blond hair running about.

Bill of Fare:

ALE 1 e.p.
WINE 1 e.p.
BARK TEA 1 s.p.
BREAD 1 c.p./slice
PUDDING 1 s.p./bowl
SOUP 1 s.p.
STEW 1 e.p.
ROAST JOINT 2 1/2 g.p.
CHEESE 1 s.p./wedge
FRUIT 1 s.p.
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Notes on the Keep and Surroundings
The Green Man Traveler's Inn

This is a two-story building with a stone lower level, half-timbered upper level and a mossy thatched roof.  Half of the ground floor is the common room, used during the day and evenings for meals and gatherings, and it connects to the common room of the One-Eyed Cat.  The other half is the kitchen, entrance and stairway to the private rooms upstairs.  There are 10 private rooms on the second floor.  Attached to the One-Eyed Cat on the South side is a small two-room house which is owned by the Innkeeper and available for rent as well.

Wilf is the the Innkeeper and mans the bar as well.  His wife, Calista cooks and manages the cleaning, largely performed by their daughter Ebb, and Jess the serving girl.

Bill of Fare for The Green Man Inn

Room and Board in a private room at the Inn is 1 gp per day, weekly rate of 6 gp is available.  This includes a simple breakfast and dinner.  Additional food and drink can be purchased at the same rates as the One-Eyed Cat.

The common room can accommodate up to a dozen at 1 sp per night each.  For another 1 sp you get a blanket.  Meals are separate, same rates as The One-Eyed Cat.

The private two-room house (7f) is available for 30 gp per month.