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Dungeon Master
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Sat 16 Oct 2021
at 22:38
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
The party moves among the clumps of trees with the menacing birds towards the lowest cave that is close to the entrance.  The cave mouth is small, about five and half feet high and only three feet wide.  Inside is darkness.  However, the passage beyond quickly doubles in height and breadth allowing everyone to stand up and move two abreast if desired.  In the flickering light of the torch it is clear the walls and ceiling are natural or cut from the rock, the surfaces are rough.

Marching order?
Gyp Toogood
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Sun 17 Oct 2021
at 09:08
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
With his lit torch in hand Gyp took a position in the middle of the band of adventurers. There was something fearful about entering the caves of chaos which made the fool go silent and walk with a careful stillness. His face was serious and all his earlier cheeriness was gone.
Falco Mugwort
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Tue 19 Oct 2021
at 00:38
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
Falco slowly and cautiously moves into the cave entrance, taking a moment to look above and around before passing though the threshold just in case there is something lurking there by chance, or a trap, alarm, or natural danger present. He looks for the glint of trip wires, the seams of concealed pits, or anything suggesting a possible concealed passageway. He keeps quite and alert, listening to his surroundings for any sounds that might suggest nearby creatures or natural dangers.

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Tue 19 Oct 2021
at 01:27
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
Simon quietly steps up beside Gyp, his own torch in his left hand and his dagger in his right. Having never been in such a wilderness environment before, he's not sure of what to expect, but he keeps alert for danger.
Gyp Toogood
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Tue 19 Oct 2021
at 06:42
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
Talented as an entertainer Gyp knew a certain about of stagecraft, with wires, false doors and other tricks. Gyp followed behind Reea, on alert for anything suspicious.
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Tue 19 Oct 2021
at 08:51
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
Following his habit Faldal stays at the back of the group, always alert to any potential danger. His weapon is at the ready.
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Tue 19 Oct 2021
at 19:54
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
Jori follows in the back with Faldal, her mace ready for action, if needed.
Dungeon Master
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Fri 22 Oct 2021
at 19:13
Caves of Chaos - Part 1
The group moves into the gloom of the cave system cautiously, Falco and Reea in lead.  Falco carefully searches for any danger or concealed traps as Reea covers him, and it is a good thing he is careful, stopping her before she steps on a suspicious-looking patch of ground.  The area in question is almost the width of the passage and nearly 10 feet across, and begins roughly 10 feet into the tunnel.  It covers the intersection area where another passage crosses the end of the entrance passage, forming a T.

From the edge of the (still covered) pit to the right there is a nook of sorts where six humanoid creatures are lounging about.  They are small, dog-like men with scaly rust-brown skin and no hair.  They are wearing rude clothing and have spears.  They look disturbed by the light of the torch and seem unprepared.

They rolled a 1 for initiative.  Unless you guys also roll a 1 you have the initiative.  They are not surprised, largely because of the torch light.