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Intro / RTJ
So I am back on a Pokemon kick and thought I'd give a PTU game a go; I have run it a few times many years ago so am familiar with it but am no master. It appears the dev team stopped updating PTU years ago at 1.05 and moved on to creating Pokemon Odyssey, but that looks to be too draft to use. I plan to use 1.05 and all 3 'playtest packs' but the three splat books only if I choose to, not as default acceptance.

For those who do not know the system, it is available freely from  and is a fan-made system based on the game series, with some inspiration from DnD 4e and other RPGs to balance out some of it and cut down on some bookkeeping (e.g. moves don't have PP they can be used at-will, every other turn, once per scene, or daily). Trainers also use the same mechanics as Pokemon (the main difference between PTU and PTA) and can participate in combat - where appropriate, Gyms aren't going to let you go running in and punching a Pokemon in the middle of a battle, but when wild Pokemon attack you sometimes need every advantage you can get.

But telling everyone about the rules wasn't the purpose, as there used to be plenty of PTU games (many) years ago, so hopefully some of those players are still around. The main purpose is to determine if anyone is around that is interested in playing a Pokemon game using PTU. I will be creating and running a game based on what people want, with a few of my own preferences thrown in, likely will be solo (or duo if I can't choose between two), possibly with a support character of my own to interact with and cover off NPC interactions - especially for the longer nature treks.

So the game itself will cover a standard "Become a Master" trainer story, starting with getting your first Pokemon, going around exploring and catching new Pokemon as you go to Gyms, collect badges, likely encounter a criminal organisation and other mysteries and adventures along the way, and take on the champion. As to what happens after that, we'll figure that out when we come to it. You'll be starting level 1 with a level 10 starter.

Given I don't know how popular this will be, I can't really give a defined closure of RTJ. I don't anticipate first come first serve, but if I get something amazing it might be.

This RTJ list is a bit different from normal as it covers both some world building and character details, which is because I want to make a game that fits what you want, that we work together building the game than you applying to play in my world.

Your Familiarity with PTU: Being new to the system is fine, this is for my understanding.

Desired Setting Tweaks: Pokemon on its own has an ever-expanding setting and world, but there are some parts of it I either don't like, or want to change. The key change in my mind is that Trainers are adults who have completed at least a basic post-high school course on being a Pokemon trainer, and the need to pass a test and get a license - as sending young children off out into the world with wildly dangerous weapons is reckless at best.
My other thought, which is more of a clarification really, is that wild Pokemon are just that, wild. Those near cities might be a bit friendlier and more used to people, but most are wild animals and will react as such. Not everything will be feral or anything, but trying to pat that Meowth with giant steel claws you see drinking from a river is not wise.
I do not intend on having Mega-evolutions, Ultra Beasts, or Dynamaxing in the game.
I do have some other ideas, which are more just ideas to spark your thoughts and aren't all compatible with each other. Choose any (or none) that pique your interest, and feel free to add your own requests/suggestions.
  • A proportion of people in the world are connected to a Pokemon type, and are the only people able to command Pokemon. You would get the Elementalist class free at first rank/level as well as Elemental Connection.
  • Akin to Sword/Shield's Galar Pokemon League, I like the idea of Gym challenges being big spectacles with stadiums, crowds, etc. Obviously the scale of these spectacles are dependent on the region, but still a lot more than just you showing up, having a battle, and wandering off with a badge in your pocket.
  • I am open to Pokemorphs (aka anthropomorphic Pokemon-Human hybrids), for those interested, and can consider the setting implications of this, whether it is widespread and long-standing or relatively recent. I would need to consider the mechanics, but initial thoughts are you would gain XP/levels/moves as your base Pokemon and every second level you get a character level for classes/edges/etc.
Desired Region: This one is fairly open to what the players want, though admittedly am much more familiar with the earlier generation regions (though would expand to include more recent Pokemon). Without input, I would probably create a small, 4 gym island region similar to the Orange Islands, to start with, and maybe make some fun regional variants.

Desired Villainous team: Likely based off region, but if you like/want one more than others let me know.

Your Character Bio: So your basic details such as Name, Age, Hometown, Physical Description (pictures welcome), Background, etc and anything else, including Why you wanted to be a trainer. Given setting and other details are not yet set, this doesn't need to be concrete at this point, but you should have a good idea who you are.

Your Class/es: Which classes are you wanting to start with and those likely to take later? I expect some trainer battles, so would recommend at least once being capable of that. If you want to focus even more on trainer combat, we can do, as I will adapt the game toward what you want/enjoy. For both balance and GM headaches, I will say no Oracle or Telepath class and prefer against Warper class. Also no Coordinators, due to that I won't be running Contests.

Your Traveling Companion: Depending on players, I might end up NPCing a traveling partner, so is there anything that would complement your character? E.g. classes, types, certain abilities or capabilities, so you can get the things you want without investing yourself, such as a chef, doctor, researcher, etc. Including trainer combat, such as a tough melee character to cover your ranged character, or vice versa. Could even just be some character traits, as a calming presence to your more excitable nature, whatever you can think of.

Your Pokemon: Desired Starter (any normal fire/grass/water starter is fine, would need to discuss others though those on p459 of the corebook would probably be alright). Otherwise you can list out any other Pokemon (any gen) you might want to encounter, though nothing guaranteed and I don't want you trying to plan a perfect team and instead build it as we go - but will try to include at least a few of your favourites.

Legendaries: Which Legendary Pokemon do you want to encounter/interact/engage with, if any? This may end up taking the form of being Touched from Blessed and the Damned, but may simply be a chat or them sending you on a quest - I'll say up front you won't be capturing them. Depending how things play out, and depending which one, it might trickle in or all come later, but this little section is more for you to highlight if there's a particular Legendary you want as part of your story (or you in theirs).

Your Posting Rate: I'm on daily, hopefully you would be too, though weekends are a bit hit and miss for me. I'm GMT +10 (Australia) so I might not line up cleanly with many of you (but I do note there are more than a few of us here), but that is more for reference than requiring a 'post storm' when we're all online.

Desired Game Rating: I set the game as Mature by default, but can up that to Adult if the player/s want to as my memory of PTU games tended to involve occasional smutty downtime (between trainers of course, nothing with Pokemon). Though I wouldn't expect this it just be instant nor the focus of the game.

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