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Mon 24 May 2021
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Character Creation
 Character creation follows normal rules for Lancer, with the exception of starting at LL6. When applying please use the following format. You will not need to supply a full character sheet right away.

Posting Rate: Please try to post at least twice a week, three times a week during combat scenes, with 2-3 paragraphs per post. Please try to run your post through a spell checker before posting.

RTJ Template:

Name: Your character's name, obviously. Please go in First, Middle, Nickname, Last name order
Gender: Your character's preferred gender and pronouns
Age: Physical body age
Background Archetype: The usual background thing, pick which archetype best fits your idea.

Background: Give me a short background, something that describes how your character became a Lancer and what shaped them to this day. How did they join the UN-FF Events Beyond the Horizon? Where they hired as a mercenary to supplement the ship's Lancer teams? Did they bribe their way on? Were they already in the military? A good paragraph should be about 3-4 paragraphs long.

Psychological Profile: How does your character view the world? What are their fears and things they just are not phased by?
The GM
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Mon 24 May 2021
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 Use COMP/CON to build your character sheet. After you finish, send me a statblock of the character with the mech that you will typically sortie in, along with the pilot share code. Allowed sources are the core book, long rim, No Room for a Wallflower, and field guide to Suldan.