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Rules Reference
Rolls are made using a pool of twelve-sided dice {d12s} equal to the relevant Attribute.
The default Difficulty is 11, which means any die rolling 11 or higher is a Success. If a die rolls a 12, it explodes and can be rolled again.
The default Difficulty is reduced by 1 for each point that a character has in a relevant Skill.
If the player can justify the inclusion of a second Attribute in the roll, half of that Attribute rounded down is added as bonus dice. Characters also receive one or more bonus dice on specific rolls as outlined in their Advantages.

In combat, players declare their actions from the Lowest Initiative to the Highest, which means characters with higher Initiative can interrupt slower characters.
Characters have a Combat Pool of dice that can be used on combat actions. Special maneuvers such as spell-casting reduce this pool by 2. Attacking or defending uses an amount chosen by the player, but if they have no dice left, they can do neither.
A character can attack as many times as they have points in Dexterity. They can defend as long as they have dice left.
If a character has no dice to defend themselves, a successful attack against them receives a free Success.
Difficulty is determined by the difference between the attacker and defender’s Offence and Defence - both start at 9. If there’s a Difference of more than 2 between these values, the higher value character’s Difficulty decreases to 8, and the lower increases to 9.
Damage is reduced by Soak. It is equal to Weapon Damage + Strength + Successes over the enemy’s Successes to defend - Soak. One third, rounded up, of all Damage to Condition is also applied to Health.
At 10 Condition and/or 5 Health a character must roll Willpower not to collapse unconscious or badly wounded.


Demons fuel their infernal powers with Essence. They recover Essence at a rate of their Resonance per ten minutes, but can accelerate this with actions that please their ruling Principle.
Blasphemies are pretty straight-forward powers with specific costs and effects, listed on the character sheets, and are common to all Demons of a particular Circle.