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Fri 11 Jun 2021
at 14:20
Request to Join (RTJ)
Request to join should be a character concept. For this adventure arc, it is recommended that the character have some sort of occult or mystic element to their character, though concepts without such a tie will still be considered - just keep in mind your character might be a bit out of their element if accepted, which isn't always a bad thing!

I don't need a full bio at this point - a paragraph or so is probably enough. If necessary, we can work out more details as you go through character creation.

As the adventure arc begins, most characters will be relatively inexperienced, but with great potential for growth. Characters just finishing membership in Next-Gen, the Freedom City equivalent of the Teen Titans or the like, would be appropriate, though older heroes who have simply gained their power later in life are also acceptable.

Try to consider a possible connection to either the previous Adrian Eldritch, the recently disappeared Master Mage, or his apprentice and recently ascended Master Mage, the young witch Seven.

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