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Fri 11 Jun 2021
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Character Creation
Characters will start the Chapter 0 Prologue at PL 8 and 120 PP, but when that wraps up there will be a time skip of about a decade and a jump up to PL 10 and about 150 PP.

Useful Expertises to possess would be Freedom City, which would be useful for recognizing most established villains, or Magic, which will come up often in the game. Other useful skills recommended by the Series Guide include Insight, Investigation, Persuasion, and Technology.

If your character has ties to existing characters like Eldritch or Seven, Benefit (Apprentice Master) would be appropriate, which would give a bonus on some social checks with some mages and magical beings.

I'll allow arcane items of minor use to be taken as Equipment - for example, a communication stone instead of a commlink, a wand that uses the blaster pistol statistics, enchanted clothing that provides the equivalent of standard equipment body protection, or the like.

Due to the focus of the adventure arc on mystic foes and challenges, advantages like Favored Foe (Magical Creatures) and powers like Immunity (Magic) will be too broad for selection. Other powers like Nullify (Magic) might have a cost adjustment.

Let me know if you're interested in complications like Enemy or Phobia so I can work with you to ensure they show up.

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