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The Rules (Read First)
I am the One Who is Ao.  My Wrath is swift, but fair.

New Players should read these RULES in their entirety, and if possible the ACTs of the current AEON.


#1. All players are allowed three sentences per week with which to ACT. The week begins at 12:00 am midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on Sunday. ACTs will be generated at 12:01am, Eastern Standard Time, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will keep track of these ACTs in a separate thread. It is a safe bet to never ACT unless you see an open ACT in that thread. Watch the time, since I will treat any premature ACT as invalid, even if it is only a few minutes too early.

#2. All players are allowed to save up 2 or 3 ACTs (which would take a week) if they so choose, and then use them all at the same time. ACTs beyond 3 are "burned" off.

#3. All players are bound by the dictates of all previous ACTs by all players.

*No actions can be 'taken back', 're-done', or disputed. What's done is done.


*If for some reason you will absent from play, you can enter STASIS where you will not receive turns as the days pass (as if you were saving them) but you will not be destroyed either.

#5. STASIS is available for those who have real world concerns that prevent them from signing online and making a one-sentence post for periods of longer than 3 days.

*STASIS turns you, a GOD or GODDESS, into some tangible object or ARTIFACT (see ITEMS OF POWER below) that cannot be destroyed but is none-the-less real to the beings and things of Creation. You may define the appearance of this artifact (it has only the POWER to PRESERVE your deity; it simply IS), but I will decide where it is located at the beginning of your STASIS. It can be moved, stolen, whatever. This impacts none of the gods per say, but will affect all mortals who perceive it. It will ALWAYS appear very special and may draw the interest of beings, especially those who worship you. This artifact however ceases to exist as a reliquary once you have re-entered play, but perhaps the hollow-chamber that once housed your essence may remain... it's your call.

WARNING: If you are absent from play for more than 5 days without notification and STASIS, you will be destroyed by PARADOX. You cannot exist and not-exist at the same time.


#6. When posting your Action, please limit your post to a singular ACT or suffer the Wrath of Ao. No god can pre-empt his 3 days; the moves must be saved up.

*If the Wrath of Ao involves your post being deleted ENTIRELY, you get your turn again the next day as if you had saved it.

I will be keeping track; if you can fool me, by all means try. If caught, you will not be destroyed but you will suffer the Wrath of Ao, which means I get to make a move (and of course when Ao makes a move, it can be compound, or whatever). I may not undo whatever you have done, but I can make it much more complicated.


#7. When posting, please describe your ACT in as much detail (or as little) as you deem neccessary, but be aware that, if clarification seems needed, I will put an italicized byline at the bottom summarizing it.

*QUITE OFTEN I WILL SUMMARIZE SIMPLY TO ADD UNFORSEEN DETAILS. These details will never alter the spirit (as detailed by you in a private line or message if necessary) of your intended action, they will only add flavor.


#8. Feel free to use the Echoes of the Void topic as a way of communicating IC (in-character) with other players. Out of character conversations should be private, so as not to confuse the others. Feel free to make alliances, coordinate your turns to accomplish greater things, and generally be social with the other gods.


#9. There are two kinds of ARTIFACTS; the first has already been explained (see #5. STASIS). The second kind is a NON-STASIS ARTIFACT also known as an ITEM OF POWER (which can become a STASIS ARTIFACT as well).

*An ITEM OF POWER not merely a magic item (which are subject to the laws of magic as defined by whatever the Gods will it to be).

WARNING: In exchange for divine level power, there is an equal chance of backlash against the god who created it. This will be exactly 50/50 and I, Ao, will determine the outcome upon its use EVERY TIME ITS power is USED, and let ALL DEITIES KNOW WHAT THE BACKLASH WAS in the AEON.

The power can be anything (but is essentially one of the three types listed below) but counts as one of your moves for a day. Up to three POWERS can be invested, and this works just like your ACTs; in fact it counts as however many ACTs are converted into POWERS.

ARTIFACTS can be used by mortals and ultimately their use is out of your control. However, you can certainly send portents and dreams to mortals (such a message is an ACT) telling them what you want them to do with it. They don't have to do it (unless you spend a whole ACT making them) but will probably. Destruction of ARTIFACTS is impossible except by the deity who made it (or by BACKLASH and hence the Wrath of Ao).

All powers must conform to one of the following IN ESSENCE (that is they can be described cosmetically, but they are still essentially the same):

ALTER (nothing damaging, but can warp things dramatically)
DESTROY (full on entropy, this power does exactly what it says)
PRESERVE (this one is usually for a STASIS ARTIFACT but can be used for preservation of something else besides a deity)


#10. The DOMINO effect is a term used to describe some action that could be construed as more than one ACT (by Ao) and runs the risk of the Wrath of Ao, but essentially accomplishes ONE ACT and therefore evades my direct intervention.
Such ACTS test the limits of what is allowed and are subject to my interpretation as per the WRATH OF AO


#11. PANTHEONS- At least three gods who pledge to share their works openly with one another will be called a PANTHEON. There are two advantages to being in a PANTHEON. First, you can create ARTIFACTS together. Second, each AEON following the 1st, a PANTHEON will gain PANTHEON ACTs equal to its total membership. These can be used by any member of a PANTHEON, although discussion would seem to be advisable.

The pledge of a PANTHEON is essential and lasts until one of the Gods breaks the agreement, at which time the Wrath of Ao comes to pass. And how!


AND FINALLY, a better idea of what exactly the Wrath of AO is... it is essentially DM's fiat, that is whatever gets -me- going (and more often than not even if it is damaging to whatever long term plans you might have it is at least interesting). Don't complain! Anyone who suffers the Wrath of Ao (no matter how little or how much) took a -risk- WILLINGLY.


AEONS are like chapters.  At some point, Ao will call for a vote to initiate a new AEON, for which a majority wins.  If the AEON does NOT pass, then Ao will begin to intervene directly in the affairs of creation more often (and his WRATH will become more CHAOTIC and UNPREDICTABLE).  Eventually, Ao will call for another vote by the same rules, and with the same outcome if it is not passed.

When a new AEON is opened, the last one is closed.  A lengthy undisclosed amount of time passes for which the cosmos to develop unmolested by the gods.  A short description by Ao, much like a State of the Union address, will head each AEON and set-the-stage so to speak.

At the beginning of the new AEON (that is after the first) each deity is required to declare a portfolio (and therefore their intentions).  Portfolios are one word (or sentence) describing what element, race, thing, etc. that your god wants to be associated with.  Gods may share portfolios, and they need not be concrete things, they may be abstract ideas.


As Rule #1 says, you have ONE SENTENCE per day with which you may ACT. If you wish to write more than one sentence, please make your actual ACT stand out in some way (underlined, emboldened, differently colored or something of that nature).

Here is an example:

Lord sees that the Void is empty, and creates a small, hard object, dubbing it a rock. The rock is gray and covered in fine cracks. If you stare at it long enough, it kind of looks like a picture of Thomas Jefferson.

Lord creates a rock.

And the rock floats in the void, being an object of no interest whatsoever. For some reason, Lord feels very pleased with himself.

The italicized portion represents Ao's recap of the ACT and its effects on Creation (in this case, not many).


Ao retains the right to change any names or other details that he feels threaten the individuality of this game over others that may or may not have come before.


No GOD may make an ACT containing a law that adjusts, removes, or restricts the power of another GOD.

Gods may also never create a 'hands off' area for specific gods. All creation is open for all gods.


Technology in this game will be progressive. In other words, a chronological order in the way technology forms will be used. One cannot develop "robots" or "computers" if reading, writing, math, etc. have not even yet developed. If we reach a point where technology seems like it will advance forward beyond Renaissance time, I will accommodate for this change to occur. In other words, don't jump to beyond the Renaissance time unless I dictate it is okay to do so.

Addendum VIII: Ao has the right to add or subtract addendums between Aeons. He may also propose new laws during Aeons, but these may be voted on. Also, any time Ao wishes to add new players will fall under this addendum.

Addendum IX: DOMAINS

A domain is created at the start of an AEON when a god declares their portfolio. AS with POSTFOLIOS, DOMAINs can change from AEON to AEON. When a god ACTs within the definition of their DOMAIN, they will be granted one extra ACT at the end of an AEON as long as 50% of their ACTs within the AEON contributed to the development or interacted with their DOMAIN.

To track this, an ACT adjudicated to be aligned with a DOMAIN will be noted with a "*" in the ACT tracker. If you wish to contest such an adjudication, please do so in a PM.

Addendum X: Ao will grant each god a title when he feels they earned one and this title will be how he is known to mortals. Ao has the right to alter titles as he chooses. Titles are also the only part of a God affectable by other gods. Do with that what you will or think reasonable

Addendum XI: Elements

For the purposes of this game, we will use the Elements System to gently nudge creation in certain directions. First, all elements and concepts mentioned in the image exist. Additionally, each god will be associated to three elements. This means that some elements may be shared and some may not be represented. No god may chose the Void element. Each Aeon each god will be given three bonus ACTs from their elements, on from each element there are associated to. Thus a god of Fire, Air, and Metal would have a bonus FIRE ACT< AIR ACT< and METAL ACT. They may use these element ACTs anytime during the AEON but ACTs made with ELEMENT ACTs must use the terms associated with that element. Thus, a god with the fire ELEMENT who choses to use their FIRE ACT must create earth, melt metal, or disrupt air as part of the ACT. Alternatively, a god may expend all three of the ELEMENT ACTs at once to perform a VOID ACT. Only a VOID ACT may create sentience. This does not mean that sentient life might not arise if left to AO's whim or time, but attempts to create sentience outside of a VOID ACT will result in WRATH. But, AO encourage you to be creative and find ways to encourage sentience to arise rather than it being directly created.

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