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The Catalog
This will be updated as the Curators go about their work. Realize this is a public thread, so keep it PG.

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The Catalog
The Treatise of Elements and their Natures

Observed and Recorded by Artregon the-many-faced, Curator #3

  As we record the observations of elemental combination even those which are immaterial, we notice many new and varied materials, forces, and an ooze as seen in figure one...

Elemental Combinations and resulting Secondary Elements and their associated properties
ElementDefinition/what it does.Things in Creation linked to it
EarthBears metal, smothers fire, blocks air. The Back-up Planet, Blue Moon, Rhombohedron Moon, Earth fruits of the World Tree and many more.
WaterRusts(corrodes?) metal, quenches fire, nourishes wood. Water fruits of the World Tree, Seas of Back-Up World and many more.
WoodAbsorbs water, binds earth, creates air. The Wood fruits of the World Tree and many more
AirEvaporates water, brings down wood, supports fire. The Air fruits of the World Tree, and many more.
MetalCuts Wood, breaks up earth, carries air. The Metal fruits of the World Tree and many more.
FireFire melts metal, creates earth, disrupts air. The Fire fruits of the World Tree, Origin Star, Back-Up Sun and many more.
LightningIts current state is Immaterial and undefined.(Air + Fire) No analog
Attractionmoving or reshaping space in specific directions. Attachment-force.(Air + Earth) No analog
Soundtiny waves of special energy.(Air + Metal) Nothing has been shown to use sound except to control the Wind Chariots?
MistA harmless vapor that acutely obstructs.(Air + Water) No analog
LightBright and energetic?(Air + Wood) Several things exhibit this quality.
OozeSlime?(Fire + Earth) The Hairball planet?
ExplosionObtuse damage.(Fire + Metal) No analog
CorrosionAn attachment force that affects things differently depending on their constitution. Attachment-Force(Fire + Water) The Rust interaction between water and metal.
SmokeA harmful vapor that obtusely obstructs.(Fire + Wood) no analog
SensationHunger is the first sensation. An attachment-force.(Earth + Metal) The Study exhibits a sensation of hunger.
ToxinPoison?(Earth + Water) Exists on the Corruption of the World Tree and the Hairball Planet.
DecayBreakdown and disassembling?(Earth + Wood) Exists on the Corruption of the World Tree and the Hairball Planet.
IceA solid which acts unlike fire.(Metal + Water) no analog
LacerationAcute damage.(Metal + Wood) Some creatures channel this elemental force.
GrowthEnergy that quickens existing magical/elemental processes. It is an attachment-force.(Water + Wood) Many things appear to grow in creation.

Attachment-forces(domninoed?): A quality of energy forces within the secondary elements. It seems to signify that it can attach the elemental force to a material element.

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