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Wed 23 Jun 2021
at 22:43
House Rules
Hi Team,

Starting a new topic to discuss and maintain any house rules we have while playing the game.
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Wed 23 Jun 2021
at 22:48
Stolen Goods
Per our discussion in the Character Generation thread I am going to play this game under the following rules for Stolen Goods:

1. You can claim up to 20 points of karma from Stolen Goods as a negative quality
2. These points are immediately converted into Nuyen at a rate of 10,000/point
3. You may not convert any other karma into Nuyen if you take Stolen Goods
4. Please be aware that if you take this quality I will not ignore the consequences.

I have seen there is an ongoing discussion as to whether this is the correct way to interpret this quality, or if it should be interpreted as an enhanced In Debt. We will assume these rules.
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Wed 23 Jun 2021
at 23:02
Die Roller
I was looking at the abilities of the die roller in terms of Shadowrun 6e. Unfortunately there is no custom rules set for this edition. It appears that the Shadowrun 4e rules will allow for the counting of hits but it misses two important options in regard to 6th edition.

1. The ability to roll a "Wild Die"
3. The ability to explode 6's

For this reason I suggest that we use the Shadowrun 4e rules but be aware that we will to manually explode 6's as necessary and that if a Wild Die is needed it should be rolled as a separate roll. If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know.
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Sun 27 Jun 2021
at 17:56
Firearms - Can purchase a single license to cover all firearms but costs 5 x normal amount
   Pistols - Includes Hold Outs, Light and Heavy Pistols categories
   Automatics - Includes Machine Pistols and Sub Machineguns categories
   Shotguns - Includes Shotguns and Crossbows
   Special - Includes Machine Guns, Special Weapons, Exotics, Martial Arts and other weapons
   Explosives - Includes Special Ammo, Grenades and Launchers

Armor - Includes any type of armor requiring a license

Equipment - Includes any equipment that requires a license.

Cyberware - Includes all types of cyberware, including cyberjacks and rigs

Bioware - Includes all types of bioware

Magical - Includes all magically aware people and magical equipment. More a registration for tracking of active magic users but can be useful in protecting the wielder from prosecution for unlawful magic use.

Vehicle - Can purchase one license for all vehicles but costs 3 x normal amount
  Landcraft - Includes Bikes, Cars, Trucks and Vans
  Watercraft - Includes Boats and Submarines
  Aircraft - Includes Fixed Wing, Rotorcraft and VTOL/VSTOL
  Drones - Includes all Drones

Resonance - More a registration for tracking active resonance users. Can provide some protection from prosecution to a resonance user if they are caught manipulating the matrix.

I'm going to rule that the appropriate firearms license will include the conceal carry license so you don't need a separate license for that.
 GM, 44 posts
Tue 29 Jun 2021
at 20:05
Alternate Stats for Commlinks
Item             Rating     Attributes (D/F)
Meta Link          1             1/2
Sony Emperor       2             2/2
Renraku Sensei     3             2/3
Erika Elite        4             3/4
Hermes Ikon        5             3/5
Transys Avalon     6             4/6