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1: Don't be an ass. This really should go without saying, but I have played with some unique people on this site. Simply put; don't be rude. Your character being rude is perfectly fine; just make sure it's not you yourself being rude and hiding behind the character. If I feel something might need GM intervention, I will chime in. Just please don't make me do so...

2: If your character does not know something, you cannot act like they do. Meta-gaming breaks the immersion for many players. Hypothesizing about a British invasion of occupied France is perfectly fine. Mentioning Operation Overlord by name is probably not. Making tongue-in-cheek comments is perfectly fine, but be general rather than specific.

3: Always speak in a color. It's pretty annoying to read a post when there is no distinction between when your character is speaking and when they are not. Your dialogue should be in a color, but actions should not. If your character is thinking something, but not doing it, use italics. If you don't put your dialogue in a color, I will do so for you in pink.

4: Please put all rolls in orange. It just makes it easier for me to see what is being rolled at a glance. The reasoning for the roll should also be given, to clarify any potential confusion.

5: I don't expect you to have flawless grammar and spelling, but please try. RPoL has a spell-checker built in, and it takes hardly any time to use. It just saves us all the annoyance of seeing 'comon words speld rong'.

6: If you're going to leave the game, please let me know. It's much more polite to me and the other players. Your group could wind up waiting for you otherwise. I'm not gonna be mad if you have to leave the game for personal reasons, or just simply don't have the time. Even if you don't like this game, hate my GMing style, and want to leave, please just let me know.

     6.1: Should you be unable to post for any foreseeable reason (with 'foreseeable' being the key-word), please post as such in the appropriate thread (Planned/Unplanned Absence Thread). It helps me keep track of who is on vacation/in the hospital/lost-at-sea so we don't wait on someone who isn't available.

7: This game is flagged as 'Mature'. This means there will be depictions of violence, misogyny, harsh language, and relationships. Violence will be graphic, though not needlessly so, and relationships will fade to black before turning sexually explicit. Some of these topics can be difficult to work with, so if you would rather avoid a particular topic please let me know. We can work around most things, but some topics are unavoidable due to the nature of the game; we can do our best to minimize them, though.

8: Please only control your own character. Describing the actions of other PCs and named NPCs should only be done with mutual agreement. Feel free to narrate the actions and responses of unnamed NPCs to your heart's content.

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House Rules
Any modifications we make to the Night Witches rules will go here:

1: A 10+ on Repair can be used for +1 to the Mission Pool.

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