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Time's Arrow
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Sun 25 Jul 2021
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IC - Prelude- Signs and Assignments
The set of buildings in the mountain face was hardly visible if you did not know what you were looking for. Made from various colored rock, they fit in perfectly into their backgrounds,partly covered by the meager vegetation. The rooms extended into the mountain,too. It was, all in all, of a better make and comfort as the hidden City of Grimwall on Orgalos, and there were small hints in the building design and decoration suggesting open mockery of the Black Fleet. Of course, no member of the Black Fleet was likely to ever stumble upon this not-so-humble bastion, because the Hoarfrost Mountains were just not where pirates and their likes were to go. Nor many other people,for that matter,except for the dwarfs the occupants of the complex had a treaty for food and other services with. With the help of science, magic and psionics, there were ways to see from here to many places in the Principalities, but the blank eye view was always the most impressive.

There was no official name for this complex, but unofficial names included The Dump,The school, Palace of Dreamers, The Eye and Prison of Hopes. There were good reasons for all of those names, depending on who was asked. The older man standing in the semicircle alcove overlooking a small valley called it The Hope. It had not exactly been his idea or project to build and run this place, but he was one of the people very closely involved with its implementation. And he was proud of it.

Dressed in a black suit with an equally black cloak, leaning heavily on a cane with a large crystal in his right hand, he glanced at the clock and waited for his class to join him. They did not know it yet, but their lessons were finished, there was nothing more he or the other teachers could pound into them here. It was time for them to go out into the world for good. They had been out, of course, on training trips and excursions. Now they would go out into the world and begin to work to help bring the long time plans of the 6 psionic houses to bloom. They would come back from time to time for new assignments,or to ask for advice, but they would no longer be students.

The doors to the classroom with the spectacular view opened, and they entered. Jhayron the headmaster nodded to them and waited for them to be seated. As usual at the start of the day, he gave them a few minutes to talk among themselves. Their connections to each other were as important as their subjects of study had been. In a few moments, they would learn they were ready to begin their work in earnest.
Meltanir Novar
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Fri 30 Jul 2021
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IC - Prelude- Signs and Assignments
Meltanir was the first to arrive. He stood still and saluted to the old man. "Good morning, Headmaster!" before going to his chair. Meltanir was sure that he would have good scores in his latest exams, so he was rather secure of himself.

In truth, he also missed his family. Meltanir wanted to meet them again. Who knows? Perhaps finally working side by side in the family business. He was a Novar after all.
Caredo Vaymin
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Fri 30 Jul 2021
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IC - Prelude- Signs and Assignments
Caredo enters behind the Novar. He makes a polite smile to Meltanir and looks at Headmaster Jhayron. "Good morning Headmaster Jhaydon!" He smiles at the head of the school and took a seat in front of him.

As a Vaymin, he wasn't very scholarly. However, he was disciplined. Caredo took great pride in the balance he attained. Both wild and civilization dwell inside of him in perfect peace with each other... and that is why he scratched his ear, imitating with his hand the movement of a dog's leg.
Arshalon Adon
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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IC - Prelude- Signs and Assignments
"Good morning Headmaster!"
Arshalon arrives little after Meltanir and Caredo. He waves to the Vaymin and sits right at Meltanir' side, shaking hands and winking at him. Something told him that this was going to be a great day and he firmly believes it. "So... do we have the results of our tests? Can we go on vacations now, Headmaster?"
Canail Celare
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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IC - Prelude- Signs and Assignments
Canail Celare arrives next. "Good morning, Headmaster!" She stands tall, putting her arms behind her in a perfectly rigid pose. One that she breaks once she receives a nod or permission to sit. Canail waves to the others and takes a seat. The Celare is sure that she has passed her test with flying colors. Mainly because she studied with her friend Deigon.

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Alendra Cogitare
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Sun 1 Aug 2021
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IC - Prelude- Signs and Assignments
Alendra is next and the Cogitare stands tall. Her voice is sweet as she makes a curtsey. "Good morning Headmaster Jhaydon. How are you today?" The Cogitare girl doesn't even look at the others. She just sits at a corner, a little away from the group.