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Sat 19 Jun 2021
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Character Creation
All characters will begin at  Second level.  They are young people who completed an apprenticeship or other training and are setting out into the world.  They have one or two previous adventures which got them to alargan, unless they are natives, in which case I and around the city.  No veterans, no old people deciding late in life to begin a second, adventuring career.  Use the Age tables on page 12 of the DMG.  All characters are Young Adult or Mature.  Do not use the ability modifiers on page 13.  You may select a Secondary Skill to reflect your character's background and upbringing, page 12 DMG.

Ability scores generated on 4d6, drop the lowest; except Comeliness, which is rolled on 3d6 with CHA modifier.

Hit Points are rolled per the book, with a minimum hit points of 2 per level.

Allowable books: Player's Handbook and Unearthed Arcana, but no Cavaliers; Paladins as per PHB.  None of the optional rules in the PHB are allowed (no Bards, no Psionics.)

Allowable Races:  Hill Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf, Dark Elf, Gray Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Surface Gnome, Half-Elf, Harfoot Halfling, Stout Halfling, Tallfellow Halfling, Half-Orc and Human.

The origin and starting location will be determined once the character classes and background preferences are decided.

Starting XP is enough o be half way to 3rd level, starting gold is 10% of starting XP.

I will edit this as questions are asked or ruling are needed.

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Character Creation
Choose a character portrait that is as close to your concept as possible.

Do not use anything anime.

In the character sheet I need all the particulars, I will find a template to use, but don't really care that much as long as everything is in there.

Important:  In the description put a physical description of your character, everything that anyone looking at them would see or notice.  Also put in there anything someone can easily deduce by looking at them.  You may link in a more accurate picture, keep it small though (about 400 on a side max) so it doesn't crowd out the text.
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Fri 13 Aug 2021
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Character Creation
Character begin at level 2 with enough XP to be half way to level 3.

Starting gold is 10% of XP.

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