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Game Rules
Rolling: D20

under stat = success.
on stat = SUCCESS!
over stat = failure.

Advantages - roll 2, take the better result.
Disadvantages - roll 2, take the worse result.


Rest somewhere safe for a night to recover 1d6 hp

If you reach 0 health for any reason, roll 1d6 to find out what happens -
1: You die
2-3: Youíre unconscious and bleeding out. You die in 1d6 rounds.
4-5: Youíre unconscious but stable. You wake on 1 hit point in 1d6 hours.
6: Youíre still standing and can function as normal, but every time you take damage you roll again.

If you take additional damage while youíre unconscious, you die.

Youíre made of meat and when people poke holes in you you bleed and die. If youíre going to fight you have to be prepared for it to be to the death, and you should be sure youíre going to win before you draw your blade.

**For this story, if you attack a PC, it will automatically be at a disadvantage (it's written in the story but that's all I'm going to say). If you are defending a PC's attack, it will automatically be at an advantage.

Roll under your relevant stat and deal the result of your roll as damage. Rolling exactly your stat temporarily stuns your opponent and allows a second attack immediately. Rolling over is a failed attack.

When being attacked, state how you are evading and roll under. Take the difference between your roll and your stat as damage (or the damage rolled by the attacker if it is less.) Rolling over means you take the roll (or attacker's roll if it is less) as damage. Rolling exactly your stat means no damage AND you get to counter-attack for free.


New Rituals must be discovered in play. When you discover a new Ritual and try to learn it, roll 1d6 and reduce your maximum health or one of your stats by that amount permanently. Then roll under your Cunning on a d20. If the roll succeeds you learn the Ritual. If it fails, that Ritual is forever lost to you - you can never learn it.

To perform a Ritual, roll under your Cunning on a d20. If you succeed, the Ritual takes effect. If you roll your Cunning score exactly it either lasts twice as long, or is twice as effective (your choice). If you roll over your Cunning score, the Ritual fails and I get to decide what happens (probably by rolling using a table, honestly.)  If your Ritual deals damage, it gets rolled like normal combat.

Increase your level by 1 and then either increase your maximum health by 1d6 permanently or roll to improve each of your stats.

If you try to improve your stats, roll 2d20 against each one in turn.

If both dice roll under the stat, increase it by 1.
If only one die rolls over or under the stat, nothing happens.
If both dice roll over the stat, lower it by one.

*Note: Each die that rolls the stat exactly also increases your maximum health by 1d6.

Stat = 12
If roll is...
 = 2, 6 (stat increase by 1)
 = 2, 14 (nothing)
 = 14, 16 (decrease stat by 1)

Any die that comes up 12 (max health increase by 1d6)
eg - roll = 12, 14 (increase health by 1d6 only)
roll = 2, 12 (increase health and stat)
roll = 12,12 (increase health x2 and stat by 1)

Stats canít be increased past 18. (Yet.)


At any point, you may nominate another player for exceptional role-playing and if your reasoning is good enough (or entertains me,) they can get a ST point.

ST points can be used at any point to give an advantage OR disadvantage die to any character, player, or even DM. Didn't like that learning-new-ritual roll that would decrease your health to 1? Spend your ST point! Didn't like that DM roll? ST point!

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Game Rules
Rolling in post?

If you aren't sure if you'll need to roll for what you are trying to do, roll to save time. If I don't think the roll was necessary I'll just ignore it. Critical successes in certain circumstances where a roll was not needed may also result in something minor but beneficial at my whim.

I will never use a failure where a roll was unnecessary.

While it is not required, if you put your roll at the bottom of your post, even as a pm to me, it saves me from having to check the dice roller. This will enable me to post more often and faster because I can more easily use my phone.

Post your favourite fruit in off topic when you've read this please.