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Character Creation
Get creative! Impress me with your character creation and receive a bonus!

You have three stats that dictate how you interact with the world. Roll 3d6 in order to generate them. You may make all 3 rolls and then determine where to put each total.

Agility: Dodge things, tumble & climb, make ranged attacks, run.
Brawn: Hit things, lift and push, make melee attacks, resist.
Cunning: Spot things, sneak and deceive, wield magic, hide.

HP: 1d6 + half Brawn (round down)

For the purposes of this game system, your class is "adventurer" and race does not matter. However, for the purposes of the story, you are whatever class and race you have chosen to be. This is meant to guide your descriptions, role-playing, and character development. Your character might consider themselves a mage or a druid and should act, speak, and think accordingly.

**You can each have one Ritual directly relating to your character to start, free of charge.
This should represent a power/ability/magic unique to your character but does not have to be directly from the system you created them from. Eg, if you wanted to make a werewolf, consider taking shape-shifting as this Ritual.

All characters can learn magic. For the purposes of this story with its (hopefully) myriad characters, "Rituals" can include what you might consider class abilities. This is the part of character creation that might take the longest because I have to approve Rituals. Don't worry though, this might work out in your favor! If I think your chosen ritual is less powerful than it should be, I'll be ready to suggest improvements and/or flavor.

To "learn" a Ritual (beyond your first freebie,) roll on the Ritual Generator or choose something from another game. Then roll 1d6 and reduce either your maximum health or one of your stats by that amount permanently. Once you have decided to learn a Ritual you canít change your mind - you have to roll and pay the price.

You can start with as many Rituals as you dare to learn. If you overextend yourself and your health or any stat reaches 0, make a new character.

There are three kinds of Ritual: Words, Sigils, and Ceremonies.

Words take no time to cast, occur instantly, and fade as soon as they take effect.

Sigils take a minute to draw, can be triggered at will or when a certain condition is met, and their effects last for ten minutes for each experience level of the caster. (Something like Razor Claws would fit here)

Ceremonies take an hour or more to perform, occur as soon as the ceremony is complete, and their effects last for one day for each experience level of the caster.

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