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Character Creation
The full process of making a 2nd Edition WFRP character is detailed below. You can do just fine with only the core rulebook, but if you have access to them (or would like me to consult my own), here are the books I drew this information from:

WFRP 2nd Edition Core Rules
Expanded Characters Module (ECM)
Liber Fanatica vol. I: The Character Compendium
Liber Fanatica vol. III: The Games Master's Guide
WFRP Character Pack
WFRP Companion
Sigmar's Heirs [for Imperial characters]
Knights of the Grail [for Bretonnian characters]
Spears of the Maiden [for Tilean characters]
Renegade Crowns [for Border Princes characters]
Tome of Corruption [for Norscan characters]
Career Compendium
Old World Armoury
The Book of Imperial Names

1. Choose Race or roll randomly in the Expanded Characters Module (choose Demographic [more representative of the Old World's overall population] or Adventurer [for more diversity]).
    a. Use Racial Features in WFRP p. 19, but Halflings use Starting Skills and Talents table in ECM p. 10.
    b. Humans generate a character Background in Liber Fanatica vol. I p.4 in place of Random Talents; the Trappings mentioned here replace the ones given in the corebook. Halflings roll once more for a background Skill or Talent (player's choice), while Humans roll for one extra background Skill and one extra Talent. If an Elf or Dwarf rolls a number divisible by 10, they go by the Elven/Dwarven background instead of one indicated on the table.
        i. Alternatively, Humans from the Empire can use provincial features in Sigmar's Heirs p. 125.
        ii. Alternatively, characters from the Border Princes can use the rules in Renegade Crowns p. 51.
        iii. Alternatively, characters from Bretonnia can use rules in Knights of the Grail p. 92.
        iv. Alternatively, Norse characters can use rules in Tome of Corruption p. 145.

2. Generate Starting Career from appropriate Background in LF1.
     a. Alternatively, roll twice on Starting Career table in ECM p. 3 and choose one.
     b. Alternatively alternatively, roll D1000 on "Appendix II: Master Starting Career Table" in the Career Compendium.
        i. Character Class determines starting Trappings (in place of those listed in WFRP p. 20).
           1) This includes Purse Contents, Hand Weapons, and Random Trappings, ECM p. 7-8.

3. Generate Characteristics in WFRP p. 17.
     a. Shallya's Mercy allows you to replace one low score with an average roll of 11.
     b. Alternatively, you can purchase Characteristics with a point-buy system in ECM (90 Points) p.24.

4. Take a Free Advance from your Starting Career, as per WFRP p. 20.

5. Determine Age and Birthdate in ECM p. 9.
     a. If desired, use Star Sign to get corresponding Personality from WFRP Companion p.47 onward.
     b. Obtain additional Skills determined by Age in ECM p. 9-10.

6. Determine Handedness, ECM p. 11.

7. If an Imperial Human, determine Birthplace, Character Pack p. 11 or WFRP p. 25.

8. Determine Height and Weight, modified by Build and Gender, ECM p. 11-12.

9. Determine Hair and Eye Color, ECM p. 12.

10. Determine Distinguishing Marks (one for Young characters and two for Mature characters), ECM p. 12-13.

11. Determine Principal Deity, ECM p. 14.

12. Imperial characters receive a Dooming, ECM p. 14-16.

13. If you haven't already, determine a Character Name using either The Book of Imperial Names or Character Pack p. 3-9.

14. Characters may check to see if they have a Spouse and Children on ECM p. 16.
      a. Use Number of Siblings table in WFRP p. 25 to determine number of offspring.

15. Determine Siblings and Birth Order, ECM p. 16.

16. Roll once on Family Characteristics, ECM p. 17.
      a. Determine Parents' Status, ECM p. 17.
      b. Determine Friends and Enemies, ECM p. 18.

17. If you are of the nobility, determine Personal Heraldry with tables and information from Character Pack (p. 10), Old World Armoury (p. 25), and ECM (p. 23).

18. Background details can be generated to answer WFRP's Ten Questions (p. 21-22) using Liber Fanatica vol. III: The Games Master's Guide p. 38-48, though this should be tailored to fit what has already been determined thus far.

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Character Creation

In your character details, there should be a description of what other people can know about you from watching you.
Appearance: (What do you wear, distinguishing marks, what do you wield, any marks of faith not hidden about you, age, hair, eyes, etc.)

Personality: (How do you carry yourself, what hobbies/interests do you peruse in your freetime (publicly), do you pray or visit temples often, Favored hated foods, etc. Simple common knowledge things people would know about you very quickly.)

Other: (do you have an overbearing stench/perfume? Do you have an eerie aura about you from being haunted/hunted? Are your eyes constantly shifting distrustfully towards that damn elf? Anything you think is important and blatant about the character not covered elsewhere.


(A quote from your character goes here. It can be anything from a poem to a simple *snort*. Just for a bitesize chunk of your personality.)

Any other fun things you want below. Additional pictures, a theme song, all are great additions to give your character more flavor. Not required by any means
Companions: If you have a traveling ally, hireling, pet, or mount, please put them here for me to keep track of! A basic description is fine, along with stats if you have them(I will likely give them to you if it's a mount or animal companion.)

You can also post a picture here if you have one in mind.

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Character Creation

Please have your bio related as such:
Bio line 1: Current Career
Bio line 2: 10/10 Wounds, 1 FP

This way you can easily keep track of and track your Wounds and Fate points on the fly. It also lets others note how wounded they should see your character as when they talk to you.