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Tue 22 Jun 2021
at 20:19
Read Me First
Post Standards
I'm not one for picking out mistakes in other's posts.  I do enjoy too read what has been written.  To that end, please...
  • Keep your posts written in past tense, third-person
  • Use speech marks to denote speech
  • Use a colour other than orange to denote speech
  • Use Orange for OOC notes
  • Use italics for thoughts or internal monologue/dialogue. Colour is optional.
  • Post more than a sentence or two.  Please make it interesting to read.
  • Please use punctuation =).

Initiative will be managed by DM, either rolling for you or using his fiat. This does not make your initiative score useless - it is simply easier to post in 'rounds' in this sort of a game. You do not need to post in initiative order.

When a combat begins, each round will be between 24-48 hours, depending on 'things'. If no post is made during that time by a player, I will assume they are holding their action.  This is to ensure that the first combat the game ends up in isn't also the last scene of the game.

When making a combat post, please make a normal, narrative, post first describing your actions, thoughts, feelings, etc.  put a < hr > tag and underneath, in orange, give me the following information:

Action: (standard, swift, free, immediate etc)
Move:  (the grid location on the battle map provided)

If you are attacking, post the enemy's number/letter too.  Just in case I get confused and it isn't obvious. Roll damage on every attack you make as I won't be disclosing the enemy's AC.

If you're casting a spell, please use the full name so I can check it in the book should I need to.  I'm slow.

Please copy and paste any rolls you make, too, to save me a little time.

Note, the most important part of the post is actually the narrative.  If it is amazing - if i can feel real 'Hollywood' quality in it, I'll add a +something to the attack or damage roll - which is why it makes sense to roll damage as well. Again, this is an ad-hoc and inconsistent award that largely depends on how much I liked the post and if the characters are mowing through my baddies or finding them a bit of a match.

There is no XP.  XP is a lie. Characters level up when appropriate and at the DM's discretion.  It is highly likely that everyone will level up at the same time.
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Tue 22 Jun 2021
at 20:30
Read Me First
I am looking for a few things from prospective players who are looking to join this game. I don't think any of these requests are too much to ask, but perhaps my head has gotten a bit swollen with all the power. Who knows.
  • I would really like players who buy-in to the setting, who read the sketchy background information and who use that as their starting point to create a character.
  • I hope to find players who enjoy role-playing, combat, exploration and who won't be put off from my low posting rate when my Real Life gets complicated. I'm a teacher of children who have exams, important ones. Sometimes work consumes my every waking moment. This is unavoidable but I hope not something that destroys the game every time it happens.
  • I would like to find creative players who add things to my game world. Creativity breeds creativity, after all.
  • I would love players who have their characters follow up on plot hooks and get involved in the adventures I write. I write all my own adventures, and this takes time and effort. I really love players who reward my work with actually getting to see me run what I write.
  • I would love players who are social and see a game as the totality of interaction. What I mean is, we can talk in OOC too and have a laugh, share things and talk. Yeah, I know. Lame, huh?

What you can expect from me is...
  • Original adventures unseen anywhere else in the world
  • A keen DM who will do his best to kill your characters give you an exciting game
  • Someone who can improvise when you totally miss the plot hooks
  • Cookies.  Magical tracking cookies.