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House Rules, Character creation, Misc rules
Characters in D&D: Holy War
  1. Material from the Player’s Handbook, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything all have applicable content. UA content isn’t hand-waved in. If you’re desperate for something from UA, please send me links to it first, and I will review it.

  2. Humans only. This campaign is focused on human races. For that reason, the only race allowable for playable characters is human. We’ll be using the Human Variant or the core human (player’s choice)

  3. Characters can use the standard array or point buy for attributes. Characters begin at level 2.
  4. At first level, you gain the maximum number of hitpoints. At each subsequent level, you can roll for hp (rerolling 1's) OR take the average result.
  5. Naming your character - Please take Slavic, Germanic, Romani, Barovian or Norse names for peoples from Nekovka. Flamboyant foreigners (rare in these parts) could take other sorts of names,
  6. Languages - Common is split into several languages
    • Nekovian - Common for the region of Nekovka
    • Larassian - The language of official documents across the Theocratic Empire
    • Chent - A nearby former nation now in the theocratic empire with great animosity towards the Nekovkians.
    • Asgardi - the second tongue of Nekovka, rarely spoken in civilization, but common in remote villages and communities.

  7. Clerics and Paladins work as described in the PHB. The only difference would be that they’re part of the Hundred Gods faith, though they may be champions or scions of one particular god, they will at least have a p[passable knowledge of the other deities within the pantheon.
  8. Clerics, Paladins and Druids all gain a new class feature called ‘Sense Faith’. Details below.
  9. Summoning spells and abilities strangely do not work. This is because the gods have decreed that such spells slow combat to a crawl and the DM has been granted the power of Ultimate Smite™ on any character that tries it. Animal companions and familiars and the like, gained through class features, are still okay. Sadly, this rule does not apply to the Demon-Toads I will bring to the table to eat you...
    • Conjure Animals
    • Conjure Celestials
    • Conjure Elementals
    • Conjure Fey
    • Conjure Minor Elementals
    • Conjure woodland beings
    • Giant Insect

  10. Muskets, pistols and even basic grenades are usable in the setting. Characters are permitted firearms from the DMG from the renaissance level of technological development.
    Note, carrying gunpowder to charge the pan of a musket is a bit dangerous if one is hit with a scorching ray...
  11. Characters gain one of the following traits:
    • “I want revenge for Fridda’s death”: Fridda was slain before Dragoslav’s ritual was stopped. She was a lovely girl a bright light in the town. When she died, something was born in you. The Touch of Hextor, perhaps. Attacks on Dragoslav the Curse gain advantage on damage rolls.
    • “The trail isn’t cold!”: In the months after Dragoslav’s escape, you have tracked down every clue, every hint, every rumour, but he cannot be found. Your thoroughness cannot be denied. You get advantage on any investigation roll to find Dragoslav.
    • “I hear messages from the Gods.”: Your dreams are filled with signs and symbols, and Dragoslav stands as a obstacle in your path. You get to add your proficiency bonus to any roll to resist turning you from following the odd visions you receive.
    • “Hired by the Voka Family.”: The Voka family are the high-born family in Whitebirch. They retain the services of several skilled individuals. And they have charged you with finding and bringing the traitor Dragoslav back in chains. You can call upon the Voka family for financial support, somewhat.
    • “I am a holy scion of the Hundred Gods.”: The High Priest betrayed the people. Your leader betrayed you. It is time to find the perpetrator of this hideous betrayal and bring him back to the temple for judgement. The temple will be willing to provide services for those that hunt the Curse.
    • "I am a special snowflake": Perhaps something has come to mind for your hook into the game. Let me know what you think and we can hash something out!

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House Rules, Character creation, Misc rules
Some of the feats in the PHB suck goblin lips... These have been re-written so that they're a bit more useful...

Skilled at mimicry and dramatic skills, you gain the following benefits:
  • Increase your charisma score by +1 to a maximum of 20
  • You have advantage on all Charisma(Performance) and Charisma(Deception) rolls.
  • You can make a diversion before initiative is rolled, using Charisma(Performance) or Charisma(Deception against a target's rolled (not passive) Wisdom(insight) as long as they are able to see or hear you (depending on how you use this feat). Success means that, when combat begins, the actor's friends may gain surprise on the target.
    This rule is not hard and fast - more mechanics to support some awesome roleplaying!

Keen Mind
You have a keen mind that can track time, direction, and detail with uncanny precision. You gain the following benefits:
  • Increase your intelligence by +1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You always know which way is north.
  • You know the number of hours left before sunrise/sunset.
  • You can recall accurately anything you have seen or hrad in the last month.
  • You have advantage on all saves and checks to resist or detect illusion magic.
  • You add your proficiency bonus to Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature or Religion checks. If you are already proficient in one of these skills, you can instead double your proficiency bonus in that skill.

404 Error: No feat found

Weapon Master
You have practiced extensively with a number of weapons, gaining the following benefits:
  • Increase your Strength or Dexterity by +1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain proficiency with four weapons of your choice - each must be a simple or martial weapon.
  • Choose two weapons from those you've become proficient in with this feat. A ranged weapon ignores partial cover when you use it. A melee weapon adds half your strength or dexterity bonus to damage rolls in close combat.

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House Rules, Character creation, Misc rules
Class Features

Sense Faith
When a divine spell-casting class gains spellcasting capabilities, they can also sense faith as it is practiced in the form of prayers, magic or the presence of powerful divine, fiendish or demonic entities. The information is a sensation in the pit of the stomach or a tingling but does not provide any directional or quantitive information.
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House Rules, Character creation, Misc rules
Spell modifications, clarifications and errata

Magic Stone
Elemental Evil Player's Companion , pg. 160
Regardless of being used in a sling, or thrown, the magic stones have a range of 60/120. When thrown, you use your spell-casting modifier. When using a sling, you can use your ranged attack modifier to hit. As a clarification, the stones deal bludgeoning damage, not magical, for the purpose of damage vulnerabilities and resistances. The spell does not work on musket bullets or weapon ammunition, so can't be used with firearms.