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NPC Thread
NPCs Enemy
Harold Parker - Before he awakened, Harold was a tall, but skinning picked on nerd. While in a frenzy desperately working out while using steroids he flew into a rage and woke up over seven feet tall and had insanely massive muscles. Since then he has become much more confident and now thinks of himself as God's gift to women. He has been insisting that, in a past life, Alicia was his wife, but she doesn’t remember that.

Jeanette Lecroix - Another rich girl, one who is used to being the centre of attention. She can be quite vicious in her social maneuvering, helped by her mastery of illusions and skill with daggers. She’s clearly looking to become the face of the awakened and considers Alicia a rival.

NPCs Friendly
Luisa Morales - A shy girl that Alicia got close to as she was worried about approaching the more outgoing awakened. The two became fast friends and they spent a lot of time together reading or listening to music. Luisa is an archer with great senses and can hide like no one else.

Rosa Nguyen - A girl that Alicia feels a strange connection to from the ancient past. She’s charismatic and a great singer. Rosa really doesn’t like to sit still and helps keep Alicia and Luisa in top fighting shape. She fights with a sword and has great speed.