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Starting off...though i am a seasoned RPOLer, i am reasonably new to 5.0 (Most of my experience has been 3.5), so while i have a fair grasp of the mechanics, anything i slip up n, please remind me

XP will be awarded for creativity, character development and progression of story. If you are relying on combat only for XP, be prepared to fall behind your team mates.

Regular posts - 2-3 days
Combat posts 2 day maximum

If you do not post, your char will be NPC'd.  This means they do the minimum based on what I think your char would do.  So the better I get to know your chars the better for you. If you fail to post for 6 days (3 regular rounds or 6 combat rounds) without notice, the player will recieve an official warning.  If the same player misses a further 6 days within a 3 month period they will receive a second official warning.  A further failure to respond for another 6 days (or absence from the game for 2 consecutive weeks without notice) will result in your character becoming a GM NPC.

A character who becomes a GM NPC will remain so until such time as the player resumes posting (providing assurances to the GM for their absence.  If the player continues to be absent for a further 2 weeks the GM will either remove the char from the game or make them a permanent NPC.

Any XP earned during non-posting is forfeit (with a few exceptions)

So if you no longer wish to play for whatever reason, tell me.  If you have problems and you can't post for a week or two (RL does happen) let me know in advance. I know sometimes life can throw us a curveball, and i am a fair man

While it's always fun to chat in the OOC thread, remember we're here to play a game so keeping the main thread alive is the priority.  If you only have time to write one post, do it to the IC threads, not the OOC one.  OOC threads to not count to your posting minimum, don't earn you XP and don't keep the game moving.  Also remember that all chat OOC is considered you (the player) while all IC posting is your character.

I run combat at two rounds a post, so please post two respective rounds when in combat. When iniative is called, i will get the order and post it before the first round. This does not mean you have to post In order....just when I post the actual move, the sequence will be in the said order.

Outside of combat a player can roll all active rolls.  This is where you actually choose to use a skill.  If you don't roll for these in a timely manner I will do it for you.

I will roll passive/background rolls as needed.

I like players to roll their own active rolls because it creates an element of excitement and allows you to post based on the result (i.e. wether you succeeded, failed, bombed out miserably, etc).  Of course I will roll for you if you're taking too long.

I want you guys to focus on what you're doing (and keep your posts IC).  Tactics and planning will keep you alive as much as luck, and more than a simple good roll or sheer force. Creativity is encouraged.

When you post, write about what you're trying to do, not what you do as you don't know the outcome.  So don't post "I stab the orc in the belly", go with something like "I lunge forward, my sword reaching for the orc's belly."  That way (based on the role), I can finish the strike for you.

While i know that characters can be at odds with each other, i want to impress that these are strictly IN CHARACTER, and any pointless infighting will not be tolerated. this includes bullying of other players. IF your character has a questionable character flaw, make sure you keep this in game....we are all here for having fun.

While i am open minded, my final decision is final. I am open to questions, but if i say something is like this and it is questioned, this will not be taken.

Finally, and this goes without sayng.

....have fun.

NOTE: As i live in Australia and run on AEST, most of the people who live in the northern hemisphere will be out of sync with times. In saying that, any questions, feel free to whisper me

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Please create your character in DnD Beyond.  You will be sent a campaign link if your character is approved.

Level - Level 1
Sources: open to discussion.
Advancement Type: Select XP
Hit Point Type: Max At level 1. All other levels will be rolled for (If a natural 1 is rolled, reroll)
Use Prerequisets: Select the following: Feats and Multiclass Requirements.
Encumbrance Type: Select Encumbrance
Ignore Coin Weight: Select Ignore Coin Weight
Ability Score/Modifier Display: Select Modifiers Top
Character Privacy: Select Public

Races: Races from the PHB accepted. Other races considered on a case by case basis and must have approval from GM. No UA races
Classes: All classes available (Including Blood Hunter and Artificer
Attributes: Standard 27 point-buy system, no stat higher than 15 before racial bonuses.

Background:  You will start in the city of Neverwinter.  How you arrived there is up to you but try to be creative.  A link to the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker is mandatory in your history.

A detailed history is required...the more detailed the better. Any quirks, flaws, fears that make the character more humanistic will add to the flavor of the game, and i encourage the creativity.

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