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Posted by The EditorFor group 0
The Editor
GM, 79 posts
Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 04:12
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Dynasty was a very fancy restaurant, built to look like a small pagoda with as many traditional Chinese decorations as possible. When you arrived, you were rushed in and given a nice table on the first floor.

"I can guess you've never eaten here before," Lois said, looking rather stunning in a very nice red dress.
Leviathan McNaught
player, 186 posts
Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 04:47
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"Nope!" laughed Levi.  "I mostly cook for myself, to be honest.  What's good here?"
Lois Lane
NPC, 48 posts
Lots of Guts
Tue 27 Jul 2021
at 04:52
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"That depends, do you eat a lot of seafood?" Lois asked.
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