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Wed 23 Jun 2021
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00: Game overview and RTJ
Star Wars Infinities: The world of endless Star Wars possibilities.

Much in the vein of What If...? by Marvel Comics or the Elseworlds stories by DC comics, the above was the tag line on a series of alternate takes on the original trilogy of Star Wars films, each showing how alterations to key events, key lives, in the original trilogy could have changed the very course of the movies we know and love, and changed the history of a galaxy far, far away...

This game is done in the vein of those stories.

So imagine what if...

What if, while facing the Emperor on the second Death Star above the forest moon of Endor, Luke felt the crashing weight of the death of Leia and Han his shoulders as the Emperor taunted him, as the old Sith lord goaded him towards the dark side?

Would Luke rise above the weight threatening to bury him?  Refuse to give into the emotions that crashed over him and try to sweep him away?

Or, would he turn to his father and give into the elder Skywalker's dreams of overthrowing the Emperor and ruling the galaxy as father and son?

In this reality, Vader tapped into his master of the Force, the light learned during his times with the order, the Dark during his tutelage with Palpatine.  He let his anger and hatred bubble forth - his frustration at failing to save the woman he loved, his anger at being used as a tool of death and destruction when, in his heart, he had always wanted to be the hero - for yes, there was still good in him, as Luke had sensed.

He also tapped into the love he felt for his son and daughter, their lives a mystery for him.  Luke's words, his actions, his very presence had done more to undermine Sheev Palpatine's influence over the former Jedi than anything in the twenty-plus years prior.

Vader lashed out with the Force, tapping the darkness that surrounded his master.  He pressed the sensation of death and loss upon his son.  He remembered what he felt when Palpatine had told him Padmé was dead and he used that to make Luke think his new family had suffered the same fate of his old.

Owen and Beru.  Obi Wan.  Yoda.  All of them gone - and now Han and Leia were lost, too.

Grief overwhelmed the young Jedi Knight and he reached out, summoning his saber to his hand.  He ignored the pleading cries that echoed through the room - those of Obi Wan and Yoda, of voices he did not know did not recognize.

Together he and his father turned the Emperor.  Together they moved forward and struck the man down, ending his reign of terror over the galaxy.

The emperor was dead.  Long live the emperor.

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Wed 14 Jul 2021
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00: Game overview and RTJ
What this game IS...

Simply put, this game is like any other fan-written fiction piece: It is a personal love letter to Star Wars.  In this case, we happen to be using the REUP variation of the Star Wars 2nd edition rules by West End Games.

It dwells within an alternate reality from the canon movies and films, specifically breaking during the climax of the third act of Return of the Jedi.  The Emperor is dead, Vader as stepped into his place as 'Emperor Skywalker' with his son, 'Lord Skywalker' at his side.

Does this mean the galaxy is a better place?  Or, as always, are there hints of terrible things to come, just around the corner?

This game is listed as 'Mature', and will follow all of RPoL's rules governing such.  It will be dealing with concepts of good and evil, of death and war and violence and the consequences of these topics.

It also has laser swords and space wizards!

Within this game you will find the Canon of Star Wars intermingled with the tales of Legends.  Lore from Rebels and the formation of the Alliance there will intermingle with The Force Unleashed (okay, story-wise, not necessarily Force Push incinerating Storm Troopers) while dealing the repercussions of the last season of Clone Wars and how that fed into The Bad Batch.  You will see things brought up in the books set after RotJ are brought into this game...

What I HOPE you will find is an entertaining story that you can be a part of, in a world that you help create, to populate, to expand and explore...

What this game is NOT...

Meant to be divisive.

Star Wars is no different from any other intellectual property that has been shared with the world.  It talks to us.  It speaks to us.  It has become a special thing to us, an old friend and family member that we love and cherish and support.

It also has things that people like.  It has things that people hate.  It has things they just shrug their shoulders at while goin 'Eh, I guess that makes sense?'.

What I love about Star Wars may not be what YOU love about Star Wars.  And you know what?  I think that is wonderful.  If we all liked exactly the same things then the world is a less bright and vibrant place.

Do you want to talk about the things you love and hate about Star Wars?  That's great - I applaud it.  I support it.  I'll be a part of it!  Discussion and discourse are beautiful!

What will NOT be allowed is the loss of basic decency and respect to the GM and fellow players.  When the discussion of what we love and hate turns into insults, flaming, and trolling - that is when it will not be tolerated and allowed.

I will work my hardest to respect every single one of you and your love for the Star Wars universe at large.  All I ask is that you do the same.